Arsene Wenger refuses to join those criticising Unai Emery

Arsene Wenger not getting involved over the future of the man who replaced him as Arsenal manager.

Arsenal have been at the end of some really poor results recently and that heaped the pressure on Unai Emery.
However, Arsene Wenger insists he remains an Arsenal fan has refused to join the band of people who are criticizing Emery.

Emery looks to have lost the trust of the dressing room and most of the fans but Wenger is not going to discuss the manager’s performance and instead wants to remain a fan and hope that their on-field performance gets better.

“I don’t talk a lot about Arsenal, I just support them,” he said.

“I’m a supporter who wants a team to win, so that’s all.

“For me, it’s very difficult to have any assessment on Arsenal because it will be straight away interpreted when you’ve been at the club for such a long time.

“So I’m just a supporter when they don’t win I’m not happy, when they win I’m very happy.”

Wenger knows more than most what it is like to be the subject of fans dissatisfaction. He has taken the right position in not getting involved in criticism of his successor.

Emery needs his team to get a win and avoid humiliation against Leicester City at the weekend. However, another bad day at the office for the Spaniard then his days will surely be numbered at Arsenal.


  1. Restless says:

    I support Arsenal and I try to be positive. However, I am not sure how Unai Emery is going to avoid a defeat at Leicester if he does what he has been doing since the season began. Leicester is hot right now and would like to send a strong message to the other teams that they have arrived. I am really worried about this match.

  2. ken1945 says:

    As always Arsene, the perfect gentleman, diplomat, gooner fan and the best manager we ever had.

    The saying “class is permanent” will always be associated with you sir -thanks for the memories.

    1. counsel says:

      haha @ken1945 blame the mess we are in to those called him all sorts of names like the Ostrich,football dictator,senile fool,deluded, guess who is laughing now.We have the worst coach in EPL so first thing first we need a new manager and mourinho the man

    2. Viju Jacob says:

      The best that there is.

    3. Andrew Elder says:

      He has always been that way Ken, the most classy EPL manager ever. I never understood the vitriol he had to endure from his own so called fans after what he achieved for the club. My own feeling is that he stayed on perhaps a couple of years too long for his own good. But I will always wish him the best in whatever he does in the future. I don’t believe this club will see his like again – a truly legendary manager and gentleman.

      1. Gunnerphilic says:

        Well said Ken and Andrew. To tally agree with you. Thanks Admin. for giving us something positive to read about our former coach and manager. What a breath of fresh air in these times of toxic words and dark thoughts.

        Well done sirs.

        1. Andrew Elder says:

          My thoughts exactly Gunnerphilic, enough of this doom and gloom.

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    OT: really good article I thought on Unai


    (Take out the ee’s in the above link;)

  4. Samdiabi says:

    Nice and true words Ken, but he put us in this situation positvely. Under him our expectations became beautiful football, recording records, like unbeaten, back to back, etc. We all now wish that glory days are back, we cant even win at home against teams we should be beaten, to hope for anything positive on sartuday is very dificult but we will go there with hope, it is football, GOYG

  5. Timie says:

    Leceister 5-1 Arsenal
    Next day, Emery sacked
    Ljunberg takes over till the end of the season

  6. Benjamin says:

    Arsene, the Arsenal.

  7. Uzi Ozil says:

    How about Arsenal wins Leicester but Emery still gets the sack Monday. Oh well, I don’t see any of the two happening

    1. DiDi says:

      This will be Christmas come early for me!

  8. Andrew Elder says:

    If we lose to Leicester the board have a critical choice to make. Move him on now (before the January window), while there are replacements available, or bite the bullet till the end of the season. My own guess is he will survive the season as long as he is in the top 6. Top 4 looks like Mt. Everest in trainers with no oxygen.

  9. Gunnerphilic says:

    I beg to differ with you on that’s one Andrew. I think the Mt. Everest was a bit steeper and higher when we played Liverpool. Many believed and predicted an absolute tonking for us but it wasn’t.

    Leicester might not turn out the way people are expecting. We may or may not win. But I have a feeling we will not be disgraced as many are wont to believe.

    Why do people always think the worst of this team? Why are our own fans so eager for us to be disgraced? Can we take a moment to imagine what the kinds of pains our players are going thru right now?

    Arsenal may have a thing or two to say at the end of the day. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt again. Is tht too much to ask?

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      Gunnerphilic, the point I was making was that IF we loose to Leicester the task of a top 4 finish will become extremely difficult. We will be 9 points behind them and possibly Chelsea who have a home match against Palace with only 12 matches played. Where in my post did I give the impression that I thought the worst of the Arsenal team and was eager for them too be disgraced? Read my post again please. If it was the Mt. Everest analogy that upset you, it was a ‘tongue in cheek’remark not meant to be taken literally just to represent the scale of the task ahead of us!!

      My opinion was also based on our EPL form of late which you have to agree has been quite poor and a win at Leicester will be a tough ask. I hope they upset the odds and get back to winning ways and get into the top 4 (ahead of the Spuds).

  10. ozziegunner says:

    👍 Gunnerphilic

  11. ozziegunner says:

    Arsene Wenger has always exhibited “class”, which was once synonymous with the Arsenal as well. As Ken states above “class is permanent”.
    It is unfortunate that many so called Arsenal supporters fail to follow his example.

  12. Wenger will remain Wenger, full of class and aristocracy. He will not be drawn into unwanted discussions. While on the game on Saturday I feel Emery should deploy three defenders at the back to counter the pace of their pacy forwards. Also our midfield should be strong and resilient. I think given a good performance, Arsenal should be able to win. Cmon Gunners!

  13. Mogunna says:

    He is why Arsenal became a club with great image, look at him! We lost huge and kroenke will soon and already can see it. We are losing so much in term of image, just as our football; he made this brand so special as he is. He is really like a father, so supportive and tied to Arsenal as this club is to him. Everyone thinks Wenger when it comes to Arsenal.

    They are ruining this club for 6 years now, he built & had stadium paid for in July 2013; was promised money when done. Instead, Kroenke ruined Suarez deal who wanted to join because of Arsene, agreed on terms, Kroenke ruined deal, year later same for Kante.

    He had it all right, looking forward to a new journey of trophies but was jerked by Kroenke in that very two years transition period! Year later we had Reds and Man City passing us for good!

    He had CL and EPL titles on target as of that year and indeed we would have won EPL several times since with those two players signed then! Then it was just desperate moves with usual limited 40M budget, bit more with sales of players. It is our average budget per window for over a decade!

    I hope he gets Bayern job, show how much dimension and quality he has! Bayern has a team he could have built, many players from different countries, 4 french, 2 brasilian, Lewondowsky and Germany best talents and players as Neuer… Perfect for Wenger as he is for Bayern, a total match! He will take them in CL final and win it, a great story this would be and a lesson to Kroenke!

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