Arsene Wenger returns to poach a key member of Arsenal’s backroom staff

Arsene Wenger has returned to Arsenal to take one of the club’s key backroom staff with him to FIFA

The Athletic claims that the Frenchman has returned to take Jaeson Rosenfeld along with him. The data analyst has been in charge of Arsenal’s StatDNA for a while now and he is said to be incredibly good at what he does.

StatDNA started working with Arsenal as outside consultants in 2011 and they did a job so good that the Gunners decided to buy them outright the following year.

The report claims that his knowledge of the game is of the highest calibre and that Arsene Wenger had to come back for him to take up an analytic role at FIFA.

Mikel Arteta recently helped to stop another important member of the Arsenal backroom staff from leaving the Emirates.

Garry O’Driscoll had all but accepted Liverpool’s offer and the Gunners had already advertised for his replacement. However, a meeting with Arteta and a consideration of how good things have started moving at the Emirates made him change his mind and remain at Arsenal.

It is unclear if Rosenfeld’s move to FIFA has been finalised or if there is a chance that Arteta can still convince him to change his mind and remain with the Gunners.

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  1. I dunno if this is good or not but the fact that Raul keeps weakening other recruitment areas at the club to focus on his contact list is concerning.

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