Arsene Wenger reveals his response to Robin van Persie wanting a return to Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Robin van Persie called him about a return to the Emirates, but he turned him down.

Van Persie made one of the most controversial transfers in Premier League history when he moved from Arsenal to Manchester United in 2012.

The Dutchman was a key player at Arsenal but he saw the club lose top players like Cesc Fabregas and he was into the final year of his current deal.

The club wanted him to stay, but they had not offered him a new deal and he received an offer from United.

Arsenal was keen to keep arguably their most important player at the club, however, they couldn’t match the contract terms on offer at United.

He was eventually sold for £24 million to the Red Devils under Sir Alex Ferguson.

He fell out of favour after three years at Old Trafford and Arsene Wenger has revealed that he asked to return, but he was too old and Arsenal was focused on signing younger players at the time.

He wrote in his new book, Arsene Wenger, My Life in Red and White as quoted by the Metro: ‘In 2012, he announced his intention not to extend his contract. All the big clubs were courting him. I sold him to Manchester United.
‘The supporters were angry with me for this but we could not match the offer. I managed to negotiate his departure for £24 million, which was a huge amount at the time for a player with a year left on his contract. I had only the interest of the club in mind.

‘My relationship with Alex Ferguson and Manchester United had improved by then, but every transfer is a polite game of poker where you attempt to give not anything away.

‘Van Persie had a fantastic first six months at Old Trafford: he put the team on track for the Premiership title and made it even more difficult for us. But after three years of the four that he signed for, he was injured and Ferguson (sic) sold him to the Turkish club Fenerbahce. 

‘He called me because he wanted to come back, but it was impossible: he was at the end of his career and we were investing in young players.’

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  1. So this proves, if one takes AW word over a judas, that a contract was offered but refused…. unless I’m reading this wrong?

    As for AW refusing his wish to come back – Arsene you have gone up even more in my estimation.
    If he had been offered a new contract, then I think for the first time ever, I would have handed my season ticket back.

        1. I’m an Arsenal fan and this is a lie. Ferguson retired after Van Persie one season. He also wasn’t injured. United was just suffering from bad management.

          1. I also remembered sir Alex retired after van Persie first season. When reading this I thought I might have remembered wrong but I am not the only one.

  2. Kstix, do you not understand why ALL twenty voted against? It was because those who proposed it knew they were going to lose the vote and did not want to beoutsiders looking in, at least officially.

    They have not given up though ; asking multi billionaires to accept the bidding of the majority who oppose them is akin to asking a hungry wolf not to eat a sheep. It won’t happen!

    They will go away and plot further and not be deterred at all , until they are driven right out of our clubs like the disgusting filth they all are, including our own wolf!

  3. It’s the ego who controls people like this. Winning and money.. The players with a different value than RvP (and others) get remembered, respected and maybe get legendairy status among the fans.
    What will keep you happy longer? A bit more money or a lifetime of respect and fellowship with fans? Or the most important thing: Respect for the person you see in the mirror every single day.
    Be humble or F*** off Persie

  4. Like many players who left around that time, he left and for him, he did the right thing, he won what he wasn’t going to win at Arsenal. He had no need to show “loyalty” he was towards the end of his career and that is football. As bitter an ending it was, it was for a better team at the time.

    1. Just a ‘maybe’ title for a club and team who supported him an believed in him all the years he was injuried?
      I think you misunderstood my previous message. What person do you want to be the rest of your life?

        1. I dont see a problem with what he did, the only issues was we had him while he had a lot of injuries and when hexeas seemingly fit, he left. He left for betterment, how people look at it, is upto them but most who take a pop at him would do the same, whatever they might say.

          1. You say it as it is, without any sentimentality and try as I might I can’t disagree

            That doesn’t mean I like RVP in any shape or form. He was a sick note and after venturing off the hospital bed had a good season, shafting us by then bogging off for ‘success’.

            Without demeaning himself, Wenger stuck 2 fingers up. No less than RVP deserved by actually having the gall to ask to come back

            Players will all make career moves but Van Persie took the biscuit for me

            1. Cant disagree with that Sue, he did what most do, think of himself. I was angry at the time but i dont blame him at all. He was in the game to get out what he could.

    2. ”he left and for him, he did the right thing, he won what he wasn’t going to win at Arsenal. He had no need to show “loyalty” .
      Most stupid thing I ever heard.
      He did the right thing??? What about giving back to the club who always helped him? Many many years we help him! Bullshit comment!
      He left for HIM and HIM alone. You respect that after everything Arsenal help him with?!
      What players get legend status or at the least respect? Who?

      1. Plus, do not make things up and put bullshit statements. I never said he did the right thing, i said he did what most would do.

      2. Not stupid at all if you have any braincells, thats the truth. You are the one with bullshit comments.

        1. I played for the national icehockey team for Norway back in the days. Maybe we had a bit more pride in what we do than whatever you do. We worked as carpenters etc as a fulltime job to pay our bills, minimum wage and played icehockey after work. Still we beat the world champions Canada. That’s hard work, teamwork and loyalty. Don’t talk to me about braincells and loyalty.

          1. Subi, congratulations on your achievements. Did Norway beat Canada when professionals were banned from representing their country or after it was open to all players? Did you ever think of playing in the NHL?
            By the way I admire Norway as the best governed country in the World; too bad about the weather.

  5. RVP was lucky not to be given the treatment of ‘a prodigal son’ back to AFC. He wouldn’t have lasted a season with the aggrieved fans.

  6. Sorry I have no respect for a player who grew up and was taught by a club and then had the audacity to leave the club when he become good. I even have less respect for the players (like VP) who come back to our stadium, scored and celebrated in front of our fans.

    1. No respect for RVP. Wenger treated wounded dog, its bite back. He is a traitor. He could become legend at Arsenal, but all he want is 1 season + 1 trophy at MU and Forever Traitor mark on his forehead.

      MU used him nicely and kick Traitor ass out. What a Karma!

  7. I have a feeling had RVP stayed with us. ManU would not have won that trophy Arsenal would have. He was totally on fire that season and we shipped in the 2nd least goals after City only 3 more then them.
    We also scored the 3rd most goals in the league that year.

  8. Unfortunately, it looks like Arsene didn’t cover the reports that RVP had asked what plans he had to bring in players to strengthen the Arsenal squad, while considering whether to re sign or not.

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