Arsene Wenger reveals how Arsenal mishandled the Aaron Ramsey contract negotiations

Aaron Ramsey wanted to stay at Arsenal Arsene Wenger confirms.

Arsenal had the chance to keep Aaron Ramsey at the Emirates beyond last season and the midfielder would probably have still been with them now if they hadn’t withdrawn their contract offer to him.

Ramsey was in the final year of his contract at Arsenal and negotiations had been long and protracted.

Arsenal offered a deal that seemed to have impressed him and his representatives. However, before he could sign on the dotted line, the contract was withdrawn.

Arsene Wenger was asked about the situation recently and he insisted that Ramsey never wanted to leave the club.

He, however, admitted that the club made it easy for him to join Juventus when they withdrew the contract they had offered him.

“In the end I met him once, he wanted to stay at Arsenal,” Wenger told beIN SPORTS. “They had an agreement and the club came back on that, from what I understood.

“I tried a long time to extend his contract but sometimes you have influences of agents as well.

“Every case is different and you have to understand in decision makings always who is influential – or not – when you make transfers.

“What I know from him, he was keen to stay.”

It is understandable that Arsenal wanted to avoid being held over a barrel. That is what happened with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. But that doesn’t explain why they allowed Ramsey to leave when he liked the contract offer and wanted to stay.


  1. For all those hoping for someone like Brendon Rogers coming to Arsenal, it will never happen. Rogers, having worked at Celtic, Liverpool and now Leicester is a media favourite, as soon as he signs for Arsenal that will all change. He’ll immediately become disliked and therefore why would he want to do that? It comes with the territory I’m afraid. Patrick Vieira and Freddie for me ASAP. One other point, Son from Tottenham has been let off, does anyone on these pages think we’d have had a player let off in similar circumstances? Not in a million years. Mike Riley, who heads the panel would firmly see to that. The only red cards we’ve ever been let off with have been a proven case of mistaken identity

    1. Maybe a case of compassion for Son? He was obviously distraught. Like you say though, we’ve never been treated with any of that compassion but maybe we would in this instance?!

    2. Remember the referee initially brought out a yellow card and it was only after seeing the injury that he decided to issue a red card. This may have played a role in the reversal of the red card. I am happy for him. Although he is a Tottenham player I like him.

      1. Agree with that Restless about, “after seeing the injury”, however take issue about pleased he got off. Why? D’you think Tottenham fans are happy if we get any, however rare it may be, advantage. No, let him sit in his armchair on a few Saturday afternoons watching the football results while picking up £100.000 a week. Anyway, that was a fake expression of grief if ever I saw one.

        1. All anyone wants from officials in any sport is consistency. This does not exist under the FA and Mike Riley at the moment.

  2. I wonder what kind of a barrel Emery has over the Arsenal board?

    On the other hand, those bloody agents get right up my nose! 🙂 Greedy, greedy people handing the players the power over club!!

  3. Gunneray, I don’t think UE has anything over the board – except his reported £6,000,000 contract.

    If, as we were led to belive, it was for two years, they will sit tight, hope to finish with CL position and, maybe a cup, then look for someone else.

    Two things that are going to stop that happening is the players – their unrest, their reluctance to sign contracts and the perceived murmurings from senior and junior players regarding UE’s methods.

    To date, a half filled Emirates, crowd unrest, style of play seems not to have woken the hierarchy from their slumbers, which leads to only one other conclusion… the second thing, results and if we lose against Leicester, the table will show us so far behind a top four place they MIGHT just act.

    1. Ken, I know you’re experienced enough to know a Champions League place and a Cup is never going to happen under this clown. Get rid of him now, I’m sure Patrick and Freddie would jump at the job even if it’s only to the end of the season. They’ed have the fans behind them with nothing to lose be worth the gamble.

      1. Absolutely Kenny, he hasn’t got a clue…but that’s what they said about having an Invincible team…impossible!!!

        I find these Wenger statements so interesting as to what WAS ACTUALLY going on before and after he left and I wonder if he will have any views on referees in his upcoming book?

  4. Emery will see off is contract terms to the end. Arsenal board will not act contrary to the agreement. Let us just support what we have now,

  5. Wenger have to silence himself about his golden boy. He can bring him in the new club he will coach, but never to arsenal again. Bloody Wenger didnt want to bring Fabregas back cos he wanted to reserve place for ramsey.
    It was funny how ramsey other day took a goal fromRonaldo hi hi hi, he wont stay at Juve long… hi hi hi
    Willock and Ceballos are already better then ramsey ever was.
    and Wenger is OUT FOREVER!
    Emery to follow…

    1. Maks. “…better than Ramsey ever was”. Really? By what indices please? Are you for real?

      I think not. You can’t be said to know what you’re saying. Better think before you type.

    2. “Bloody Wenger”. Really?

      Fabregas wanted to go, Ramsey didn’t. Everybody and their dog knew that. How do they both compare in this wise, and how does that make Wenger bloody? We need to be educated please.

  6. Ken, I know you’re experienced enough to know a Champions League place and a Cup is never going to happen under this clown. Get rid of him now, I’m sure Patrick and Freddie would jump at the job even if it’s only to the end of the season. They’ed have the fans behind them with nothing to lose be worth the gamble.

  7. Well I’m waiting for all those who blamed Wenger for years for Ramsey saga to at least be men enough and apologize but I doubt it after the way they treated, mocking an old man who gave 22 years of experience ⁴⁴ his life to this club,it shows how far we have fall down,one advise before criticising our club make sure you have all the details!my heart is hurting at our team, manager,
    Players, captain,staff… shameful, disgraceful!!

    1. Siamois, just one question for you:”why was Arsene Wenger unable to get Aaron Ramsey to sign an extension when he was Arsenal manager?

      1. Because at that point it was clear that Wenger was going and had nothing to do with contracts, players…. example Ramsay,ozil..he was already getting ready to leave and has nothing to do do with the new prouedtçé3¾

  8. I wanted Wenger and Ramsey out years ago, however Arsene Wenger will always be legend as far as i’m concerned, he gave me the best team and ten years of football I’d ever seen at Highbury in my Sixty plus years supporting the club.

    1. I remember those years Kenny. When a vast majority of Arsenal fans wanted both player and coach flushed down the toilet. Both stayed, and the rest as they say, is history.

      I don’t think Juve agreed to pay Ramsey the kind of money they are paying him weekly if they think he is as rubbish as many here think. Arsenals loss is their gain.

      That was the one that got away in my opinion and I think the last has not been said about the issue. Someone has a lot explaining to do for that monumental mistake.

      1. Gunnerphilik, how many games is Ramsey starting for Juventus. Their fans are not happy with how much Juventus are paying Ramsey, which sounds familiar about certain players, doesn’t it?

  9. What stands out for me most in AW’s quote is that ‘I met him once.’

    So over the months and months of speculation, ‘will he or won’t he’, the manager of the club only spoke to the player about the contract once? How does that even work?

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