Arsene Wenger reveals more about being offered the Man Utd job

Arsene Wenger has previously claimed that he was offered the Manchester United job when he was the manager of Arsenal.

The Frenchman managed at the Emirates for more than 20 years before he left the club in 2018.

He was the last manager that guided Arsenal to win the Premier League and he also led the club to the Champions League final in 2006.

During his time at the helm, the club played some of the most attractive football in Europe and it was the envy of the continent.

The Frenchman was approached by other teams for his services at the peak of his powers. He revealed that he was approached by French giants PSG as well as Manchester United.

He has generally remained tight-lipped about the time the Red Devils approached him, but he has now given more details of their approach.

The 70-year-old has reiterated again to Four Four Two that he was approached by the Red Devils.

When asked if either Manchester club approached him, he revealed: “City never, United yes – I cannot tell you exactly when.”

Grilled as to whether he was interested, Wenger added: “No, because I was at Arsenal.

“You know, I had a real love story with Arsenal. My life is red and white.

“I felt when I came to the club that there was this special charm inside it.

“It was a good mixture between respect for tradition, respect for people, and not being scared to sometimes face unpopular judgements.”

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  1. “My life is red and white” 🥰

    OT.. No Ceballos (☹) or Willian tomorrow – injured! Mustafi’s back though!

    1. Have you read the book Sue?
      If so, what are your thoughts on it?

      I always thought I was a bit of an obsessive person when it came to our club, but Arsene takes the biscuit for me!!

      Spoke to Phil yesterday regarding all things Arsenal and he agreed that he would read it one day – now that’s a concession of sorts…as you know he and I have completely different views on the man, but strangely enough, we can discuss him without calling each other petty names and questioning each others loyalty to our club…if only other more mature fans would do the same on all subjects Arsenal.

      I wonder how many fans, who regularly put the man down the man (Arsene not Phil!!!) have spent the £25 required to study this one of a kind Arsenal fanatic – look forward to your thoughts.

      1. No not as yet, Ken. What did you think of it? Or is that a silly question 🙂
        The only trouble I have is.. i buy books but it takes me an age to read them, as I’ve not always got a lot of spare time!! I will grab a copy next week – shopping!! And as soon as I’ve finished it, I’ll let you know – it will be before 2022 haha!!
        Even Phil will read it?! Wow, I’m impressed 😄 Yes I wonder they couldn’t wait to get their hands on a copy!!

        1. Sue- what Ken@1045 didn’t mention was that I would only read it if someone actually bought the book for me. Me spend £25 on that prehistoric old duffer? Never in a million yesrs

        2. Sue, some interesting thoughts and facts, but haven’t finished it yet.

          i’m up to the chapter where he discusses the invincibles and the pride and togetherness that forged this incredible squad leaps out of the book and grabs you by the throat- not that I’m biased in any way of course.

          The other thing that comes out, is his overwhelming love, obsession and desire for our club…I won’t spoil it for you, but it is a “must read” for any Gooner.

          1. See what I mean Sue, how can he call himself a REAL fan?

            Just turning up for every match, home and away, for the last decade or so, means nothing if you don’t agree to be educated by reading a best seller.

            Just watched the training session today and seeing Ozil there is so surreal – if he ever decides to write his autobiography WOW!!!!!

          2. That sounds good to me, Ken! Looking forward to reading all about the Invincibles 🙂
            I think in so many words Phil is just hinting about borrowing your book, Ken 😂

  2. I saw a graham norton show feat wenger. There he talks about how much he sacrificed personal and family life for the job. Makes me respect him even more.

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