Video – Arsene Wenger reveals the best team he ever faced with Arsenal

Arsene Wenger names the best team he ever faced as Arsenal manager

In the 22 years that Arsene Wenger was Arsenal manager, he came up against some of the best teams in history.

These include domestic opponents like Man Utd and Chelsea as well as European heavyweights Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Remember we are talking about teams that have dominated their own domestic leagues and all have won the Champions League.

Anyway, watch the video and see who the Frenchman rates as the best team and let me know if you agree.


  1. But Barcelona team in 2010-2013 were same thing different they beat Manchester United two Champions league finals ones in Londen/wembely!!! and Messi was reached his peak !!!

  2. guess it was a really difficult decision for him. all the times we lost 8-2 6-0 5-1 10-2 4-0 6-3.
    must be on the fence picking one out

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