Arsene Wenger reveals what Mikel Arteta needs to succeed as Arsenal manager

Arsene Wenger backs Mikel Arteta but believes he will need help.

Arsenal is reportedly close to naming Mikel Arteta as their next permanent manager, and there have been mixed reactions over his appointment.

Most fans believe that naming him as their manager is a big gamble that could backfire, however, Arsene Wenger has backed him to succeed although he outlines a few things he would need.

If Arsenal name Arteta as their next manager, they would have passed up the chance to name the likes of Carlo Ancelotti and Max Allegri who are both experienced and can guarantee the return of trophies to the Emirates.

Arteta played for five years under Wenger at Arsenal before retiring to join Pep Guardiola as his assistant manager at Manchester City.

They have won the last two Premier League titles and the Gunners believe that he is ready enough to become their next manager, but Wenger claims he would need to surround himself with the right people to succeed.

“I am an Arsenal supporter,” Wenger said per Sky Sports. “And at the moment I support the manager in charge and the manager in charge is Ljungberg. When Arteta will be in charge I will support Arteta.

“He (Arteta) is intelligent, he has passion, he has knowledge, but Ljungberg [does] as well.

“I believe that Arteta has certainly a great future, he has certainly learned a lot in his first position as an assistant coach and after that as well he will have to deal with the fact that he has no experience at that level and he will have to get surrounded well.”


  1. You have a better crystal ball than me and its the season of goodwill.The statement that
    Carlo Ancelotti and Max Allegri who are both experienced and can guarantee the return of trophies to the Emirates is bit much. No manager can guarantee that and if they have any intelligence, which I think they have they would not even promise such a thing .They will not be coming to Arsenal anyway.

    1. Please help ask Admin how they both guaranteed Trophies at the Emirates.
      When anyone coming in is just a massive risk.
      If Ancelotti guarantees trophies, I see the lovely trophies he won at Naples.
      Allegri has never managed a single EPL game yet he guarantees trophies.

      1. ok Eddie, you can come down off your high horse. Maybe I should have worded that part better and said something like a high chance of securing a trophy or something similar to that. Feel better now?

        1. MARTIN your reply to Eddie shows just why I pick my own words with care and am careful to say exactly what I mean. You can hardly complain if you are challenged because you “should have worded that part better”! We are not mind readers and can only reply to the actual words written, even if we have a hunch they were not quite what the writer actually meant. But hey, no one died and it is only a fan site, and fortunately not all are as pedantic and irritatingly precise as I am. There is room for all. Anyway what have you got against high horses! I actually prefer dogs and cats of any size! Though we look after a GIANT labradoodle, one day a week, that is as “high as any horse”. Ever thought of starting a GOONER SITE FOR PET LOVERS!

          1. I thought the Jon Fox character was all about telling us how long he’s been a Gunner and using caps somewhere in his post.

            This was funny. The high horse part got me.

    1. Dear Gotanidea,

      Is there anything wrong between you and Ozil? Kindly tell us. It is true Mesut didn’t perform well against Man City but so did others apart from Martineli and Leno.

    2. Gotanidea, your obsession with Ozil is something else. Has Ozil wronged you personally some time in the past ?

      1. I was pretty strong on giving Ozil a chance when he was frozen out by Emery, thought we needed the creativity that he could provide. For the most part he hasn’t provided anything, and with our frailties, we can’t afford to carry him on the pitch (and I am not talking money).

        Unless there is some kind of magical shake-up with Arteta we can’t afford to be anything but really pragmatic in our selections – and one-way play is a luxury we can’t afford.

  2. “Carlo Ancelotti and Max Allegri who are both experienced and can guarantee the return of trophies to the Emirates.”

    How can they guarantee trophies at the club? Ancelotti was meant to do that at Napoli and he screwed up. Not one manager in the world can “guarantee” a trophy.

  3. I don’t get what all the fuss has been.
    Yes he’s inexperienced, but the club chose to take that gamble just the way they took a gamble with Emery.
    There must be a reason Arteta was in place for the job before Emery ever was in the first place. It’s all just some calculated gamble, risky? yes, but if the coin flips for us, it’ll be a successful gamble.
    We should just support the guy because he’s the new coach.
    A lot of people already wrote him off, a lot of people already spreading the negativity already and he’s not even picked a first team yet. Instead of complaining and feeding negative vibes around him why don’t y’all just take the time to support and appreciate the man for having the balls to take such a challenging job to help us out?
    I wanted Freddie in charge till next summer and beyond, I’ve been saying this season is a major write-off already so I wasn’t even expecting Freddie to suddenly turn the team into world beaters,just the way I ain’t expecting Arteta to turn the squad into world beaters.
    Which in fact, it’ll be pretty stûpid to expect or think Ancelotti would suddenly turn this team into world beaters.
    The club plans to start from the scratch with younger and hungrier players alongside a young and hungry coach.
    Just support him.
    And for the senior players complaining about Arteta, they should all gladly leave if they won’t put down their pride and play for the club and coach. It’s a disgrace how these guys have performed under Ljunberg. Selecting people in their position and giving players the freedom Emery never gave them, yet all they did is let him down. We’ve seen players rally up themselves and turned things around.
    These are a bunch of spoilt players we have, WTF gives them the right to speak against a coach the club wants when they failed to help the last 2 coaches?
    Truth is they’re all scared, this is one young guy coming in, learnt a lot and his probably looking to make a name for himself, for that reason he won’t tolerate mediocrity so they’re plain scared of the future. I bet Arteta would pull a Lampard and let go of any senior player he doesn’t want just the way Lampard did Luiz and he’s doing Giroud.
    Josh has flown back to the states.
    Arteta is Arsenal’s next manager.
    He has my support,also it’s better because he’ll take his time to figure out what to fix before next season begins

      1. Good post Eddie, and so true.

        I was gonna say that we could put in almost any ex Wenger player and he would back them, but he said as much himself by backing Freddie before doing the same for Arteta. Wenger is much too nice and far too loving to play the devil’s advocate with anyone from his side of the fence. Even on the other side of the fence, he rarely shoots straight, referees & Mourinho are probably the only time he slapped faces with his words, maybe Allardyce and Pulis too, but it was generally in retaliation though. I wonder what he and Dein were like when speaking more privately.

    1. I fully agree with you Eddie. Let us support Arteta he will bring back the glory to the Emirates. Off course it will take him time but he will come out a winner. We always blame our Board for not injecting money in the club but sometimes I feel sorry for them. We haven’t signed any player and sell him at higher cost. good examples are Xhaka 35M put him on market they will give you 10M yet he is in his prime age, Mustafi 35M and we are begging clubs to get him for free, Sanchez 35M he almost left for free, Ozil 42M and I bet we can pay clubs to take him away from Emirates. Even Torreira who joined last summer at 26.5M is valued at 21M. We need a coach who can raise the talent of young players so as to start making profits and see our beloved Arsenal competing again. Areta from all respected Managers and players’ view, he is the one to take this club forward.

      Go gunners!

    2. This season is a write off already, that’s why appointing Arteta as permanent manager is questionable. We all want Freddy to be stay till the end then go hard in the summer for a top manager. If they must relieve Freddy of his duties then at least get a temporary but experienced man to fight relegation. There are jobless coaches around who would achieve that at Arsenal without having to plunge Arteta into the deep end of things and ruin his young coaching career if the gamble backfires.

    3. Great post Eddie( though I differ and did not want to keep Freddie as No 1) and I think the club now hugely regrets the failed experiment with Emery. His lack of English was a huge barrier and the club were surely entitled to expect him to have been far further forward than mere pidgeon English after all that time, to be fair to them. He was a slow learner and even slower in learning – in fact he NEVER learnt- from his many tactical and selections mistakes.
      I am very hopeful of a completely different outlook with Arteta. My instincts and all available evidence from his time with Pep, tells me he will NOT put up with laziness and joke defenders. I firmly believe he will have already demanded real money in January to bring in one or even two PROPER defenders to replace the clowns. I foresee a largely different first eleven next season under Arteta. I think he will keep as few as possible and will insist on a proper work ethic. As he HAS TO!

  4. I find it ironic that Wenger should be asked for his opinion on Arteta and the decline in the fortunes of Arsenal when he and his friend Gazidis are partly responsible for our problems in the form of Ozil, Xhaka,and Mustafi.

    1. That was Gazidas, esp Xhaka, Xhaka is not a Wenger player. Fans were saying we need a leader, they said we need someone nasty who puts his foot in, a rough, tall, strong player or players, they went and got Xhaka and Mustafi who both clocked up more fouls than other players and one of them was a double captain for club and country. On paper they looked like what was needed, fans bought into this too and it helped them make up their mind. A German CB said to be similar to Kos and he played in the world cup for Germany no less, along with a tough Xabi Alonso type player, fans were on board with this. Wenger would not be swayed so easily like that, Gazidas would, and Wenger already liked Jack, Cazorla, Ramsey & Coq along with one or two academy players on the way. I’d say the scouts done badly for us and Gazidas is the one who got them after reading the fans enthusiasm for new signings in this area.

      I could be wrong with you being right, but this is my feelings on it. I’ve never felt that Xhaka was a Wenger signing ..esp with how much we forked out on it, we forked out similar for the other clown.

      1. We won’t know whether Xhaka was a Wenger signing but he certainly was a mainstay of his teams, starting in the deep lying midfield position more often than not. To me that indicates that he liked the player.

  5. But we need to understand it clearly that they chose Emery because of experience and it didn’t work now they have turned to the one they wanted to hire which i think we have to give him time in order to judge in a right way. So we better go Arteta way if it doe-sent work we shall still go back to the drawing board and see what or which direction we have to take only period will tell.

    1. That’s a sensible comment @Amin however I would disagree with your last sentence. If the Arteta experiemnt fails, the club will have to compensate him and his technical team then spend much more on a more experienced manager that majority are calling for. That doesnt make financial sense at all. This has panic and penny pinching written all over it which will cost the club even more in the long run. All we need is a temporary manager that will guarantee top 10 finish then we’ll pick the pieces from there . That’s it.


  6. And what did we expect Wenger to say? That throwing Arteta into the lion’s den ATM is the wrong decision by the club? Come on guys! The season is already a write off in my eyes, nothing can be done unless we offload some players and fix our defense. Let Freddy stay till summer or atleast find a temporary fix that would guarantee top 10 finish. Chelsea did it with Hiddink when they fired Mou. The club was 14th or thereabouts. That’s what sane clubs do they dont panic like Raul and co have. Get a temporary who will want to leave a lasting legacy at the club (Benitez at Chelsea comes to mind)

    1. Hopefully Arteta can use this write off season to his advantage, it’s better than starting afresh from kick off because there’s going to be bumps in the road either way.

      It helped out Klopp a lot, he had a really dreadful beginning, imagine if he’d waited to start the season afresh in that next season, the timescale would be very different and his first signings would’ve had to wait until he got a proper look at some areas. It’s good that Arteta can look more closely esp with our young and new players, and have months to plan and convince our ideal signings to join.

      I feel more positive with him coming in now than I was when we were first linked (going with Emey instead), he’s had more to inhale that set up over in city and jot down the blueprints. He’ll need to be backed properly and he needs the right guys around him like Arsene said …this is very important. Raul must adhere to his advice on targets, Edu will I reckon, but will Raul take a backseat because he likes to do things his way from time. Arteta implementing a city type of teamwork will only happen if he gets his ideal targets.

  7. There’s nothing on Ancelloti’s CV or Allegra’s, Mourinho, Pochettino to show they have experience of taking a mid table team to title or cup success. Ancelloti’s CV tells you that since leaving Milan more than 10 years ago, he has never stayed at a team more than 24 months before being sacked. He is sometimes sacked after 18 months. Since Milan He has always managed top teams who can challenge for trophies. That isn’t us. He has no chance of winning a trophy with our squad before we sack him after 18/24 months. The best man for the job would be Benitez simply because he has experience of managing a team where the owners strategy for achieving his objectives are often directly at odds with the Managers objectives. Sadly, Benitez isn’t avaialable and he wouldn’t win anything with our team either, but he may stabilise us. I think it’s extremely unlikely that we will be challenging for a top four spot anytime soon. 5 years at least as long as we start making good decisions now. Whoever is manager will struggle without sorting out our problem with buying and selling and contracts. Arteta could prove to be an inspired pick.. If he’s selected let’s support him.

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