Arsene Wenger reveals why Arsenal will not spend in January

No January signings coming in by Darren N

Arsenal have had a double whammy in the last few weeks of losing both of our central midfielders to long term injuries and when you look at the other players that are out you would expect Arsene Wenger to be scouring the world for at least one top class addition to the squad, but Le Prof thinks otherwise.

This is what Wenger had to say yesterday. “We have been many times questioned about the depth of our squad,” he said. “When you have so many injuries and you go out there and play the way we did, it tells you a lot about the quality of the players that came in. It shows you as well that it was right to believe in these players.

“We talk about players like Flamini but as well Campbell, players who suddenly reveal that they have talent. We have some more. We have some young players with top talent behind. We do not want to kill the opportunity for these players to come into the squad.”

Wenger has already revealed that he is expecting Calum Chambers to step up to the defensive midfield slot, and with both Wilshere and Welbeck expected back in January as well I think we can safely say that the Boss has no intention of spending any of Arsenal’s hard-earned millions in January (and probably not in the summer either!)


Arsenal injury list: Wilshere (ankle), Welbeck (knee), Rosicky (knee), Coquelin (knee), Arteta (ankle), Cazorla (knee), Alexis (hamstring). For full details visit our Arsenal injuries page..

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  1. I’m really not expecting any signings in January. I’ve developed my own personal vaccine against Arsenal transfer disappointments. I refuse to be heartbroken!

    1. “who reveal they have talent, young players” Flamini fits neither description, he revealed his talent half a decade ago and is too old to play at the highest level for long. We tried relying on him before brining in Coquelin and it backfired miserably. Teams like Norwich and Zagreb outplayed us without leCoq and if that’s not worrying enough then I don’t know what is. I mean what happens if Coquelin suffers an injury setback when we have to face the likes of Atletico or Barca in the CL ?

    1. Again, I think its too early to be worrying about the signings especially if you consider that we are still playing well even though we are missing some key players. This shows how deep our squad is.
      The only position that needs reinforcement IMO, is Arteta and Flamini’s position…for a reserve player, I think Flamini’s been getting the job done especially when it comes to positioning, the only problem I have with him is that he can’t dispossess anyone without fouling them. I think its him and Arteta that need to be replaced, however, Arteta already got replaced by Coquelin.
      So, regarding flamini’s replacement, I think Wenger is intruducing Chambers in midfield for the very same purpose. So how about we all just wait and see how it goes with Chambers, if it doesn’t work out, its then that we can start worrying about January signings.

  2. In attacking sense I agree with Wenger that there is no one available who is better than Giroud and Walcott. Plus Welbeck is returning.Our attack is doing well in most of the games. At some point we can play Sanchez and Walcott/Giroud and Welbeck in attacking trio and that is one of the best in PL.
    Cambpell starting to show his worth
    In the CM we have Ramsey who can do even better than Cazorla plus we have Wilshare returing soon.
    It is the CDM position that can cost us the title if we do not sign any one in January.
    Having said that if Chambers can do the job then of course we don’t need any signing

    We must avoid further injuries and the picture will be pretty clear after the festive time games.

    1. You really think he can reach Coquelin’s level within 2 months ? Sorry but that’s delusional even on your part, you do know every Arsenal players suffers an injury setback when playing for us right ? Relying on Chambers and Flamini alone will cost us the title.

    2. Couldn’t agree more, Sunny13.
      I don’t see why people hate so much. Whatever Wenger does in the transfer windows, we don’t have the right to abuse him as long as his team plays well and wins games! we really need to stop with this “what-if-so-and-so-got-injured” nonsense, and focus on whats happenning right now. Whats up right now is that Carzola, sanchez & Coqueln are out…but we are still awesome! We qualified for UCL, we are 2nd on the EPL and we are gonna kick the sh*t out of City next week.

  3. When everyone is fit what is our best starting 11?

    Wilshere vs Ramsey vs Coquelin vs Cazorla
    Campbell vs Walcott vs Oxlade-Chamberlain vs Welbeck
    Giroud vs Walcott vs Welbeck
    Mertesacker vs Gabriel vs Koscielny

    1. Never mention Wilshere or Welbeck’s name until they prove for once that they can perform for more than a month without going back to the treatment table.

  4. Chambers and Flamini to deputize for Coq during the stretch run of the EPL and knockout stages of the Champions League…..Sounds about right.

    I cant wait to see Crunch handle the offensive threat of both RM or Uefalona if either are drawn in the Champions League…lol

    If a player like Wanyama(who wants out of SH) is rated by the Boss and is EPL tested as well as Champions League eligible why not sign the lad. I personally think he could challenge a fit Coquelin for the DM spot.

    Same ol song and dance with Le Prof, especially when there are quality players seemingly available come January.

    1. It’s a 3 way agreement, Southampton have to agree to sell. They just lost Scniderlin, so they would not let Wanyama go. They will be looking for european qualification this season, they have no cash problems, they can’t be forced.

      1. Wanyama hasn’t concealed his interests to move to a Champions League club within the EPL and is out of contract in 18 months(I believe). Why would Southhampton attempt to keep a disgruntled player who much like MS has loftier ambitions than the club can seemingly provide? Its a testament to Southhampton that they consistently finish in the top half of the premier league every year while losing there best players but they are a selling club and will give the big Kenyan his drean move to the Emirates if Wenger wants him

        1. Sorry I didn’t mske myself clear, Southampton won’t sell unless they have a replacement DM. They won’t be silly enough to throw away there season because a player wants to go. So unless they get cover for him ehich they are hsppy with he won’t be allowed to leave. In the summer with 12 month’s left on his contract then that could be another matter.

  5. If Wenger stick with the likes of chambers and famini after the January window when he could get some one lik wanyama who wouldn’t be cup tied for the CL. If we don’t win the league he should walk one of he’s biggest flaws is he rate he average players to high

    1. And I suppose your judgement of players is never proved wrong. I have seen Ramsey Monreal Coquelin Ozil among others been written off by sections of our own support so I can only imagine how bad their judgement can get in general. Managing is a bit different from spotting the in form players to flavor of the months or one season wonders, people can always move onto the next one. You may be the exception though.

  6. Wenger is taking a huge gamble if this is true. I find it a bit irresponsible that he’s always trying to find the internal option and only signs someone after plan A fails miserably. A DM is absolutely a must.

  7. Never thought I’d say this but the Wenger out lot are right about our chances of signing a new striker, listening to Arsene speak of Giroud all but confirmed it. Then Walcott getting the nod when pace is required along with Welbeck also Alexis and maybe even Campbell if needs be points to Arsene keeping his powder dry.

  8. I think we as fans some times over react after bad news (and or many injuries) and also after good results. I am as guilty of that as the next guy.

    Personally I am delighted with the win against Sunderland and the CL qualification. Having said that those results were against Sunderland and Olympiacos. Not against Real Madrid and City or Liverpool/Man U.

    IMO we still desperately need a DM or box to box midfield player to aid our PL challenge. We are still fragile in depth if we speak about facing tougher teams.

    Keep in mind Flamini might be in his last season and so is Arteta hopefully. Cazorla turns 31 tomorrow and Rosicky is probably done as well.

    Is a new midfield player really surplus to requirements? It don’t believe this.

    I trust Wenger to buy the right player as long as he is an recognized name, whether it be Rabiot of PSG or Wanyama or Carvalho or Bender. But buy he must IMO and not a Kallstrom. Even if we have no more injuries this year and Wanyama (Bender/Rabiot/Carvalho) has to sit on the bench most of the time his presence will assure we have back-up if Flamini (or others) gets injured. Also I am not so confident we will not pick up new injuries. Rambo picks them up more often than I like and Wilshire has trouble staying healthy as well.

    Let’s not get distracted by two important victories in a row and let’s bring in a quality midfield player now and focus on a top striker this summer.

  9. Personally, I haven’t seen the mighty Flame look so good for a long time. Yeah he’s made a couple of slip ups, but he must be as rusty as hell having been ssidelined by AW and just about everyone else except a few old die hards here and there. As for Campbell, since before the World Cup, some thought he could be one of the most exciting young players around, and that just might have caught Wenger’s attention too. tbh I like to think that AW keeps using Joel’s skills to probe defences weaknesses. He has been swapping him from side to side to great effect.

    1. Crunch has been impressive recently but as the level of competition rises, especially in the Champions League, is the aging Frenchman the answer?

          1. Also a new DM would be an unknown for the other players. They know the Flame and will know his game, and his potential mad moments. Kos, BFG and the Flame will develop more and moreof a rrapport the more they play. It is something that Chambers will have to become part of as well if he wants to become our DM.

  10. To forestall any unpleasant eventualities, e.g. injury to a top regular starting Gunner or even the loss of form by any of them, I think the Boss can do with signing 1 or 2 senior top quality additions of a top quality striker(Alekandar Kokorin?) and a top quality left back to bolster his 18 man senior 1st team starters and substitutes. These 2 signigs will not affect the developement of junior Gunners, Iwobi & Adelaide who are being regularly called up now to the 18 man match day squad. The playing positions of these duo are not the same playing positions of my proposed 2 new signings. Some Gunners like Monreal, Giroud and Ozil are gradually becoming over played and each of them should be allowed 1 game rest to avoid them picking up injuries as time goes on. With Gibbs being increasingly used now as an option for mid left wing position, a top quality signing of a left back has become necessary for d Boss. Arsenal 3 titles charge should not be allowed to derail due to lack of enough top options in d squad.

  11. Well at least we know who to blame if we don’t win the PL
    I mean not signing outfield players in the summer is pretty dumb but not getting any in January with Cazorla and Coquelin out for three months is almost crazy

    Look if we win the PL I will be ecstatic and will admitt he is a genius.

    Also note he didn’t say he will not sign anyone but doesnt look good.

  12. Are these the same young players who got tonked 3-0 by Sheffield Wednesday and who Wenger said weren’t ready yet. I doubt if they weren’t ready for championship opposition in October that they’re read for the EPL now. At least bring back Gnabry from WBA and give him a chance first. It’s not like they’re playing him so what’s the point of him being there.
    He should never have resigned Arteta he wasn’t good enough last year and his legs are gone. We should bring in a replacement for him now just as we should have done last summer. I’m not holding my breath though.

  13. I respect Wenger’s opinion because he sees the squad every day and knows the talent in and out. I have been calling for at least one new signing since before the summer transfer window to add depth to the squad and still believe that we missed out.

    If Joel Campbell all of a sudden ends up with 7-12 goals (as a winger) by the end of the year then I will shut the F up about how we should’ve bought another ST. If the reason Wenger isn’t buying anybody is because we have “top talent” in the squad already then there is no reason why we shouldn’t win the title or finish in a close 2nd, especially how things are this year.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say we have “top talent” ready to step-in and then continually finish in 3rd or 4th place every year and bow out of the Champions League to weaker sides (Monaco last year) while putting in a horrendous performance at home.

    So, time to man up Wenger. Win the title, go a bit deeper in the UCL, and I will not post on these forums about how we should’ve bought quality players at a good market value this past summer. I’m not sure about who is “available” for the upcoming window.

    To all of the readers/posters, who have you seen is “available” this upcoming window for a good price? I’m done rambling.

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