Arsene Wenger set to extend Arsenal contract in March?

There does not seem to be quite so much animosity between the polarized Arsenal fans so far this season, but that could just be because the Gunners have been winning more games than we have been losing. But there are still a fair number of WengerOut supporters around, but there have been a few more factors brought into the discussion this season.

For starters, Wenger’s current contract runs out at the end of this season and Wenger has consistently maintained that he will wait until closer to the end of this deal before deciding on whether “he can still move the club forward” in the coming years. This may in turn be related to whether Arsenal actually win a trophy (or at least be serious challengers) in this campaign.

Secondly, it would appear that Mesut Ozil, and maybe other Arsenal stars as well, are waiting for clarification on the manager situation before signing their own contract extensions. This may cause a few problems and uncertainty in the ranks the longer Wenger waits before putting pen to paper.

So it would seem, according to Steve Stammers in the Mirror, that the club management are hoping to push Wenger into signing a new contract as early as March, so as to make it easier to negotiate with Ozil and Sanchez about their own extensions.

In fact they are saying they “expect” him to sign a two-year extension in March, which would signal that Le Prof is likely to be open to a new deal.

Would most Arsenal fans be happy for Wenger to re-sign if it meant that we were guaranteed to hold on to Ozil as well?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Maybe Ozil and Sanchez are waiting to see Wenger gone before signing extensions lol ?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Well,Work it out.
      We all know that the powers that be want Wenger to extend,
      Yet Wenger wants to wait until nearer to the end of the season.
      Surely if Ozil and Sanchez wanted Wenger to stay on they would have signed new deals by now, as to convince the deluded one to extend too.

  2. zion says:

    God help us all!!!!

  3. Juhi McLovin says:

    One thing I know: We can’t afford to lose Sanchez. We never replaced RVP (4,5 ago!!) and this is the first time since he left that we have a forward close to his stats (Sanchez has better at the moment).

    Wouldn’t it be ironic that we never replaced RVP and now that one player comes close to his standards (scoring and assisting), we would lose him the same way?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I totally agree
      Alexis is our most consistent player. Always playing at a high level and works hard game in and game out. It will be devastating to lose him.

  4. Trudeau says:

    I’m a bit agnostic on this. A bit of devil you know versus devil you don’t. Whichever way it goes I just want it handled with class.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Everton 3 Man city 0
    Looks like Pep wants to be sacked in time for the Arsenal job ?

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Everton doing a number on City (like they did on us)


    1. NY_Gunner says:

      They didn’t shift 4 past us. Without a reply…

      1. Godswill says:

        We had no business losing to Everton. We were poor and Man city are poorer. That Man City beat us was not that they were good but because we wanted to be beaten.
        If this is Pep G shifting out a good goalie for a basket because they had worked together before, I won’t take him for stubborn Wenger. I don’t like “I too know manager”, and this part of Wenger problem now. Wenger change a little.

      2. Arsenal_Girl says:

        A loss is a loss

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:


  8. HA559 says:

    This is why I was so frustratied with the City loss more than the Everton loss. Everton played with such high intensity against us in 2nd half, Man City didn’t do that against us. It was us that let Man City win that game.

    We just watched Mancity play against us in the 2nd half where as Everton Pressed like crazy fighting for 50-50 against us.

    If Liverpool and Arsenal BOTH beat Chelsea we might have a chance, but you can’t play football for one half in a game, EVERY game and expect to win the league. Not unless you have a solid defence which we dont.

  9. AndersS says:

    I have been a big admirer of AW and he has done great things for Arsenal. But I just don’t se him being able to make the adjustments we have so obviously been needing for the last few years. If we have ambitions to become champions again, we need a new manager.

  10. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I’m expecting City to redeem themselves at home against the Spuds next week ??? and If Utd beat the scousers, we could be sitting in 2nd spot next weekend, after beating Burnley, of course.

    1. Godswill says:

      Second spot not a trophy so Chelsea losing should also be in the equation.
      But why should we be waiting for others to lose? Can’t we be winning?

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Why is it ok when teams capitalise on our dropped points. But not when we do the same?

  11. Koss says:

    if it means losing alexis and ozil if wenger doesn’t sign a new contract then let it be. total tired of wenger.

  12. roachie says:

    When it comes to replacing Wenger, who could do the job? Man city bring in pep, yet with all their money and his talent they at present sit below us in the league. Manure bring in maureen and buy pretty much any player they want an are also below us. With Klopp at Liverpool and Conte at Chelski who is out there who really can do it?

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      are you saying there is no replacement for Wenger at Arsenal? Then he (Wenger) better don’t drop dead lest Arsenal go into oblivion. Do you understand sarcasm?
      There is an African prover that says:
      ” If you don’t lift a keg of water and that of palm oil, you may not be able to determine the heavier between the two”
      Try another coaches and see if Wenger is the best in the world.

      If the right motivation and same freehand given to Wenger, is accorded D. Simeone, Max Allegri, J. Sampaolli (3 Europa cups), etc we will be successful.

      Check it. Ranieri and most of his players that won EPL last season were mostly rejectee from one clubs or the other. Today, they are defending champions.

      Wenger and his tactics are to predictable. Can you imagine Chelsea playing 3-man back line defence having lost many games within traditional 4-man defence line? Now they are winning with the seemingly odd formula.

      The only constant thing in life is Change.

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