Arsene Wenger sets points target for Arsenal if they want a return to Champions League

Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal can still make the Champions League this season if they can collect a certain number of points.

The Gunners have been in fine form this year as Mikel Arteta rebuilds the team following their struggles at the start of the season.

They have collected three consecutive clean sheets for the first time this season and the signs are looking good for them as they target a top-four finish.

Wenger reckons that from the 36 points that are left to play for, if they can collect at least 22 points, they would stand a chance of making the top four.

The former Arsenal boss said as quoted by the Mirror: “They’ve all got a chance because it looks like the top three are away from the rest of the league and the rest of the league, teams have moved up and some of the teams in the top six have dropped their level,”

“We have 26 games, after tomorrow’s game we have 33 points to go for, if you make 22-25 points, you have a chance.”

The chance of the Gunners making the Champions League has been enhanced by the recent two-season ban placed on Manchester City.

The Citizens should finish in the top four and if Arsenal manages to finish the season inside the top five, they can make the group stage of the Champions League.

That said, I am not sure that finishing on 55-60 points will be enough for the top five but we will see. Wenger is a professor after all.


  1. Which fine form are referring to? Unai Emery left the team in No.10 the log, and its still there. The defence has improved, but the main problem is the selection of mid-fielders. Ozil, Xhaka, and Torreira. I would prefer Goundouzi, Ceballos, and Martinelli, then we can reach the 25 points from the remaining games

  2. Our professor has spoken, he’ s been there for years and he knows what it takes to make top four, now that there’s a ban on Man city’s head I think we stand a big chance of making it back to the Champions league.
    Just that our attackers need to be more clinical and consistent.

  3. Depends on how you count wins, draws and losses.

    Away form: has it improved?
    Wins against “bottom” team: improved?
    Clean sheets: improved?

    I would say we have improved. But, there is work to be done from this week on to prove there is improvement.

    There are 13 games left. 39 points on the table. How many can Arsenal get? 30 points, maybe?

    Looking at the next seven games, there is a need for 21 points: @ Everton, Portsmouth, @ Westham, Brighton, Southhampton, @ Norwich, Wolverhampton.

    If we cannot get 21 points here there is no CL for us!

    Then comes the traditional top teams… if Arsenal can at least draw against them it would be another three @ Leicester, Tottenham, @ Liverpool.

    Then two more games Aston Villa, @ Watford. 6 points.

    Loss to Man City.

    A total of 30 more points are within Arteta’s control.

    Much would depend on how well the January signings will contribute. If Liverpool can be contained, that would be amazing. Not likely.

    1. Good analysis, every team is dropping points except Liverpool. We will surely make top 4 finish, i still have faith in the boooys

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