Arsene Wenger setting new records but still maligned by Arsenal fans

Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for 21 years and has reached an amazing new milestone with yesterday’s win over Swansea being his 800th Premier League game, while last week Wenger’s Arsenal reached 1500 goals and yesterday Aaron Ramsey scored his 50th goal for the Gunners. We also broke our record of 13 consecutive home wins at the Emirates going back to March, scoring 30 goals and only conceding 7. In our last 12 games in all competitions we have 10 wins and 1 loss and 1 draw.

Arsene is well on track to break Alex Ferguson’s record of 808 League matches in charge, but he is still over 100 wins and 100 goals behind the legendary Man United manager, but there is nobody else that has even got close!

Despite Arsenal’s brilliant recent record at the Emirates, there were still elements of the home crowd booing the players off the pitch at half-time yesterday, and it looks like they will never be satisfied unless Arsenal win every game 5 or 6-0! The Gunners have come back from a one-goal deficit in their last three games, so why don’t the fans have any confidence in the team any more? Especially at the newly-named Fortress Emirates!

What on Earth will it take for the fans to get behind Wenger and his team for the whole of the 90 minutes of any game????

Sam P


  1. Sam Sam Sam, they were booed off at half time because we were loosing 1-0 or were they booing Swansea for playing defensively and scoring on the break? Who knows? Ask them……

    1. If you want to talk mediocrity look at other teams other then Man U even Chelsea and you will understand what mediocrity is
      Morons like you will never appreciate what Wenger has done for Arsenal football club
      Certainly more then the current plastic moronic fanbase at Arsenal
      I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1976 and this is the worst fanbase I have seen in that time
      BeforfNs start saying we pay top money my answer is don’t come t the ground we don’t need stupid fans better to have half empty stadium full of real fans then morons taking out their real frustrations of failure on the team
      Just ask spuds fans who seem to back their team even though they have only won 2 trophies in 30 years and only been in the cl 4 times as opposed to the cabinet Full of trophies that Wenger has delivered plus a new stadium and works class stars that have played for us in his tenure.
      I say all those fans that don’t like it can fuk off we don’t need them

      1. Though you arrogantly seem to think you represent the fan majority, I remind you that in fan polls of those who attend regularly , 83% want him gone. Though you wonder why 5 out of 6 fans across the whole fan spectrum want him out Are they all to stay away Mr. Arrogant ?

        1. @john fox.
          You talk perfect sense and explain your reasons, i applaud you for that sir. I’m of the opinion 13 years without a title is enough patience on fans part.
          It’s not impatience from some sense of entitlement, but from same problems year after year that are never resolved.

          If there is any sense of entitlement its from the manager not fans. In the real world its “what have you done for me lately”. Right or wrong who’s to say, but its how the world works presently.
          Any doubts, at work dont accomplish anything but constantly remind your boss what you did 10 yrs ago and see how that works out.

          1. Congrats on being among the 83% (and rising) who choose to live in the real world. In any walk of life there will always be some who long, uselessly for times long gone past. When I was nine I played Conkers in the autumn. No nine year olds do now but there are many (ironically in my own old age group) , who long for those days again. But though I often dream of Wengers old glory years, I am fully sane and know when something is dead, never to return. Wishing Wengers glory days to return, with him in charge, is akin to longing to return to the age before the internet. Life moves on but not our clubs decision makers, who are fossils and poisonous ones at that.

          2. Yes 13 years without a Premier League trophy but which teams have won it in those years? Man U, Chelsea, Man City and Leicester. What of the other teams? Have their fans run riot? Take the case of Spurs or Liverpool which are top teams. Which major trophies have they won in that period? Do their fans boo the players off the pitch? We should just accept that some of our fans are unrealistic and lack class. Fortunately these are a minority. There is one factor which these people seem to conveniently underrate and that is the power of money in modern games. All the three teams which have won EPL in recent years save for Leicester have been spending heavily. Chelsea and Man City were none titles until when they were bought by billionaire owners. I don’t condone mediocrity but at the same time I have to be realistic and behave in a more civil manner.

            1. Liverpool won the Champion’s League. So did Chelsea, and Man Utd.

              Tottenham, although they are light on trophies, look like they are finally getting there and playing some great football too. That gives their fans hope.

              Nobody else in the EPL is even close to Arsenal in terms of financial resources, stadium capacity, and global fan base.

              1. Liverpool won Champions League in 2005 and then they won FA and that is it in that period. What of Spurs? Carling cup in all that period. Why should some of us be fretting?

      2. Ur comment shows you dwell on past success and so u celebrate mediocrity. We don’t play the arsenal way anymore and it’s clear………. if you saw arsenal of hleb, rosicky, fabregas, you will know the club has gone backward in talent and how we play.
        When last have we won against middle table teams convincingly, spurs can now boast of getting a win or at least a draw at the Emirates, we get battered by average(Southampton last season), better teams every season (bayern, e.t.c).
        The fact is spurs now play better and attacking football better than us, though they may have 2 trophies in d past 30years, but tell me from what you av watched, who is closer to the EPL title between us and spurs in character and talent and gameplay…. before you know it, our superiority in scoring 5, 4, 6 goals has turned to mediocrity, continue celebrating it and before you know it, even Norwich will start beating us, they almost did, and that, my friend, is when you know we are down. Let me list our bogey teams
        Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, Chelsea, manutd, bayern, barca, almost every team plays specially when they face us, cos they smell blood and they know we are no more arsenal, we only bear the name, they don’t respect or fear us anymore, they know we have turned fake

        1. Last time I looked Spurs were just ONE point closer to the title than us. We have lost just ONE of our last 12 games, Do you ever do anything else but moan?

        2. Arsenal of Hleb, Rosicky won how many titles? Some Arsenal fans have been crying like a baby since Hleb time. How often did Arsenal beat Chelsea during Hleb time? Let’s face the reality, Football has changed, Arsenal is not really regressing as y’all claimed

  2. Are you for real Sam P? Seemingly, you actually don’t know why Wenger is regularly booed. Big Sigh! I do not wish to be accused of talking as if explaining to a four year old, but as you have forced me to, here goes: Wenger has not won the league for 14 yeras and not seriously challenged for a decade either. He continues to make baffling team selections, formations, substitutes and time of subs also. He cannot motivate players to give their all and very rarely indeed do we ever see Arsenal play full out committed for 90 minutes against any team , however lowly. His injury record is a sick joke, running as long as Coronation St, practically. He has no idea how to conduct transfer business and is never pro-active , merely reactive and much of the time not even reactive, seeming not to notice what thousands of Gooners and ex-players and all the pundits can clearly see. He has zero grip of the need to defend and to be tight when not in ball possession and thinks his own way is the one way to play, despite years of evidence to the contrary He is arrogant in his statements and has put himself and keeping his huge , grotesquely badly earned salary above providing the club he claims to love with new methods and a new dynamic manager, younger and in touch with reality. He has conspired with the cancerous owner, board and CEO, to settle for mediocrity and spending no real money, rather than driving this world famous club to the standing it and we fans deserve. I could easily write pages more of his failures but hopefully this is enough for you, Sam P, to at least begin to see what tens of thousands of those who choose to use our eyes see so clearly. Specsavers perhaps for you Sam?

    1. I make that 1-0 to jon fox ,wait with baited breath for sams reply but we all know he only comes out spewing garbage when arsenal are on a winning run

  3. Nah… We just want Wenger to set records for winning trophies like the Premier League and Champions League.

    I will acknowledge he has set a record for most FA Cups won and back to back FA Cups. That’s cool. Although, it never would have happened had the Board treated Wenger the way other clubs treated their Managers who went on years without winning trophies or Premier League/Champions League. Wenger should have been fired a few years ago to be fair.

    If anything we are further away from winning the Premier League than we were last season because Ozil and Alexis have dipped in form and most certainly will leave next summer, there is also no guarantee that we will get like for like replacements, we lost Ox who was one of our best squad players, Mertsacker last season. Some MAJOR changes will need to happen next summer
    2 or 3 world class players
    Top Central defenders
    2 Top Central midfielders
    Get rid of maybe Walcott, Eleny, Xhaka, Debuchy, Wilshere, and Chambers (to fund new players)

  4. Some of our players are playing like they’ve got heavy $hit about to drop from their a$$e$$ and they can’t can seem to run very well. With the adrenaline based football Man City are playing at the moment, I hope the Arsenal players would be able to keep up with their pace lest we get thrashed again like Liverpool did to us……only this time Man City won’t be merciful in their scoring. (Am justing thinking aloud… offense intended.)

  5. It is articles like this that really annoy as they have no basis in fact.
    Wenger has managed the 6th club in the world for a generation and has not been competitive in the league in the last 13 years. This season is joke. We are yet to beat a team in the top half of the table and our manager (3rd highest paid in the world) is incapable of stopping the same mistakes we see season after season. Also no mention of our away form which is shocking.
    As usual the only competition we stand a chance of winning is the FA Cup and that is because it is only 6 games.
    It is beyond me how AKB’s can claim to love Arsenal but are not bothered by the fact we do not perform to the level we should!

  6. He can be the best managers with countless victories.

    But fact remains that he has not a lot of major trophies in the cabinet.

    By the way, number of wins as a yardstick is an unfair comparison. It did not take into consideration of length of service and also the type of competitions and opponents.

    To me, it’s absolute garbage considering how Long AW is with the club….. perpetual job…. longevity….

  7. here’s a another one for you, the last time we challenged for the title our striker was called eduardo, how about that for a milestone!

  8. This is for those who aren’t moaning – they arent true Arsenal fans. They are hereby released to go support Supds who are “almost” going to win the EPL. You are free to go support “big investments – zero trophies”. No need to moan…we will spare you….go support Everton…go Support Liveerpool and your beloved Supds. Go and join them to celebrate “almost and closer to winning trophies” syndrome. We are proud of the REAL accomplishments at this Club…even the last 4 seasons have been full of trophies. We definitely desire more and bigger things…we will get there. Go please….and have a field day supporting your beloved “almost”…clubs (big investments -zero accomplishments”.

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