Arsene Wenger throws his hat in the ring as Arteta’s replacement

Arsene Wenger has stated that he would take up the offer to return to Arsenal, but he isn’t expected such a call.

The French manager is the most successful manager in the Gunners history, and the only one who could challenge Sir Alex Ferguson during his golden years.

Wenger left the club after 22 years at the helm and was eventually replaced by Unai Emery in 2018, but the club has struggled in his absence.

Fans grew frustrated with the 71 year-old, who failed to mount a serious title challenge in his final years, although you could argue that he overachieved with the budget that he was given.

Arsene always remained a fan of Arsenal however, and has recently admitted that he would take up the offer to return to the club if he was asked, although nobody is expecting that to happen.

Wenger told NBC Sports (via PunditArena): “If I’m needed, I will help them, but I don’t expect that, no.”

The club has recently turned their disastrous form around however, and things appear to be on the up once again after dropping down to 15th in the table.

When things got tough in the last couple of months, Arsenal FC remained behind the manager, and that stance looks to have paid off after back-to-back victories for the first time since the start of the season.

Even if Arteta was to come under pressure again, bringing Wenger back would be an admittance of an error in allowing him to leave previously, and one I do not think the club would make.

Would you take Wenger back at the Emirates until the end of the season?


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    1. No not a chance this is artetas first job as a manager so stick with him for a couple of seasons at least and i think arteta is doing a great job considering the state of the club and team wenger left it in he is finished as a manager so look forward not back

  1. Difficult to answer without sounding anti AW. He didn’t retire on a high and however much I truly appreciate and thank him for his contribution to our club it not the time to be looking backwards

        1. 😂 Was just kidding.
          Just had to leave in there.

          Your initial comment was well put though.

        2. I read his response differently and thought he meant that, if asked, he wod come back in an advisory capacity to support Arteta. Similar I assume to wahy Sir Alex does at Old Trafford.

    1. You are so right,AW left us in a poor state, with the list as it was and by ignoring the defence for so long
      AW coached players how to play fast one and two touch football and expected the defence to play the same way
      It seemed as though little effort was made to actually coach defensive play.

    2. I dont think AW implied that as in replacing MA. I think it was more along the lines of an advisory role. I agree with your points, but maybe after working for FIFA and also his sabbatical, AW might have picked up some new ideas about managing. Afterall we are nevrr too old to stop learning.😊

      1. Top notch answer, after All AW was only person to coach a season of invisibles… Imagine the vars knowledge of the man

  2. Yes of course. But, Arsenal must support him with the quality players he needs to strengthen the team, at least just a creative midfielder. Wenger would surely make better use of the youngsters and the current core of attacking players in the squad. His style of play, would improve the creativity in midfield and attack, thereby, scoring more goals and winning games. If a team doesn’t score, it cannot win the match. Arteta should be dropped to assistant coach, so as to continue his transition and learning from another legendary coach.

    1. Sounds like back to square one to me. If he didn’t have the support he needed before, why would he get it now?
      No doubt he’d bring in a nice excess of midfielders (to compliment Arteta’s excess of defenders) and would at least ensure we score goals, but it wouldn’t be helpful in the long run.

  3. I would have him in a heartbeat. Bring him back and bring in either Henry or viera to become assistant manager and take over in the next 2 or 3 years.

    Also agree with Wayne we would need to find him and we would need to find any other manager coming to replace arteta . I dont think arteta has what it takes. His decision making has been awful. From leaving ozil out to his team selection. I think what is apparent is that we had the new manager effect which has ran thin.

    Anyway before I complain more. Bu the end of semgers reign I was very much AW out but would love to have him back

    1. Short boy lol. Not just Henry and Vieira.
      Also bring in Bergkamp, Wright, Adams, Dixon, Kanu, Seaman too
      To complete the team so that Wenger can take us back to winning ways


  4. Not a story worth discussing as it has zero chance of happening and, though it irritates many on here, I always believe in discussing things that are at least POSSIBLE, however unlikely and not things that are NEVER going to happen.

    1. The only reason I think there’s any validity to it is that *if* Arteta were to get the sack, I don’t think we’d have a queue of strong candidates to take over.
      I don’t think it will happen because I think there is belief that Arteta’s long term future, but there’s always that chance something could happen and we panic.

  5. with all due respect, i wouldn’t like him as a manager, but as a member of the board, i’d welcome him with open arms.

  6. This is not going to happen. He was asked the question and as ever with Arsene he answered truthfully and said he would go back if asked but then said he didn’t think it would ever happen. Bit of a non story really.

  7. Haha one of the more divisive questions.
    I really feel that AW would undo any progress we’ve made so far in terms of clearing out bad apples and trying to bring the wage bill down. He’d end up delaying any real changes by another few years.
    Love the guy, and he does have the club at heart, but no. His time as manager is over. Maybe there’s another position for him at Arsenal in the future (once MA or another manager has made their mark), though?

  8. I can’t see this happening anytime soon. However, I would rather see Henry or Vieira in the future. I hope MA will keep making the right calls and start learning from his past mistakes so that no one can replace him and as a fan, I will keep supporting him if he changes his tactics from time to time.

  9. He said he would of course help but don’t think it can happen; means Kroenke won’t call him back.

    To help Arsenal he doesn’t need to nor said it’d be as a coach, he would if such help meant coaching.

    If he can be head of development where he is and manager experience, he can & should have been offered GM , President, overwatch all areas and his beloved youth academy.

    Indeed he would be helpful to any coach for such transition. Sir Alex is very present making sure of that.

    We all brag about these kids and academy Mr Wenger made sure to develop as the best in Europe.

    History and legacy must be respected, cherished as memories it provides

    Bash Wenger is bash Arsenal legacy and his academy!

    1. Ohh what a nice thing to say about our greatest ever manager! Arsenal class apparently, 😂😂
      And pray tell me, my good sir, did you read what Wenger said and do you think what was implied in the heading is reflected by that?
      If you were answering the question at the end of the article then fine.

  10. Man I love the headings! They assume so much of what is said. Like I read that AW said if the club needed his help he would go. Maybe in an advisory capacity (atleast I think that is what he meant) but he certainly didnt throw his hat in the ring, lol.

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