Arsene Wenger to build yet another Arsenal team?

 Over the weekend, one bit of Arsenal news that went viral on the internet was the supposed meeting that took place between Wenger and Kroenke. Stories have it that the two top Arsenal men agreed that Wenger would be offered a new deal, as long as he was going to overhaul the team! Who is deceiving who? Overhaul what team? A team he had several years to build but failed at it? Tell us another story please!

 The hold Wenger has on the Arsenal board is beyond the financial profits he makes for them; a top coach can do that for a well organized club. There is something suspicious going on in Arsenal that we don’t know about. Are the owners all about making money and not winning trophies? Do they realize that Arsenal is a big club with a great history? Wenger elevated Arsenal from a mid table club to a top four club; will they open their eyes and watch Wenger return Arsenal back to a mid table club? Many questions that need answers.

 Wenger is yet to sign a contract extension, if recent stories are anything to go by but he may well do that soon, based on the body language and non verbal signs from the board owners. The gist about him overhauling the team, is just to pacify the minds of the fans. There won’t be any overhauling; a few players may come in to replace the ones who want to leave and that will be all! I expect to see the same old faces next season, with Wenger in charge. It is so obvious to the average football fan that Wenger lacks ambition and he is comfortable not winning trophies, as long as the team ends in the top four and money is generated for the owners. Expecting Wenger to overhaul the team means asking him to up his ambitions and try playing for trophies! The man is too old and stuck to his top four mentality. Who is he trying to deceive? Don’t be surprised if we start going on a winning run beginning from next weekend against the citizens! When Wenger knows his top four ‘trophy’ is under threat, he looks for ways to avoid missing out!

 Wenger can sign a new contract for all I care but he and the owners should stop toying with the emotions of the fans.

Sylvester kwentua 


  1. Gooner Craig says:

    Depends what your definition of overhauling the squad is? Maybe it’s just that the media are making stories based on their own speculations? It’s clear that some people are leaving and some are coming in.
    Claims of an apparent secret meeting could be farbrecated from nothing. Why would AW need to hold a secret meeting with any of the board members? Unless you’re just using any story as a reason to spread more negative propaganda? We all hope for a major overhaul and now there’s talk of it let’s just hope for the best.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Someone mentioned the other day that it is just a clever manipulation to get the fans focused on something other than being mad and wanting to protest. Not sure who mentioned it but I thought it was either very insightful or else proof that you’d have a hard time getting one over on this fan.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger’s been building for about a decade now! He hasn’t even taken down the scaffolding yet, and it’s been 10 years! Other managers are not so bothered about building, instead, they do crazy things such as: winning, and competing!

    What the last four years have proved, is that Wenger cannot build a successful, or even a competitive team, with financial backing. The very excuse that so many have been bandying about for years in defence of Wenger, has come back to haunt the Wenger apologists. Since the move to the Emirates, Wenger has been very poor without financial resources, and even worse with financial resources! Even our rivals have tried to help Wenger by changing managers a lot over the last four years, which temporarily weakened them. But they won’t be so weak over the next two years of Wenger’s possible new contract, when the likes of Klopp, Mourinho, Conte, and Pep, are in full swing.

    Even more depressing times ahead if Wenger stays.

  3. Ks-Gunner says:

    Pathetic. No shame, no nothing.

  4. Ks-Gunner says:

    Wenger is a fraud. He was just very lucky with the things he won, coz in our golden time, something like competiotion was not existing. Now that we have competition overload, he is found out big time. We cant overpower teams nowdays with quality, as our own has become weaker, and the others have become much stronger.

    Even with messi and Ronaldo in the team wenger would still find ways to lose. He is not choosing to stay at arsenal bec he loves the club, but he is staying at arsenal bec he needs arsenal, coz other clubs out there would fire wenger the moment he would screw up. He knows, we know, some of our fanbase seem not to know.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Those early teams would stand up against any PL side I have ever seen. The only luck was clubs having to live by their means, that isn’t even luck as it sounds like common sense and all is fair. It’s no coincidence that utd stole the show as today their money still rivals the billionaires. I honestly think you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, what he built was incredible, and it’s influence even helped France become world champions, no luck involved.

      1. bran99 says:

        hehehe you are funny. “what he built was incredible, and it’s influence even helped France become world champions, no luck involved”, isn’t it the other way around? the guy used to shop from France coz France had the best players and cheap at that time, they won the World cup and Euro not cause of Wenger, just like how Germans are winning things right now, you might come out and say coz Wenger bought Per and Podolski that motivated them to win the World cup. stop praising your clueless father

  5. Break-on-through says:

    You get just under 50m for getting into and finishing in the CL as we have done. All Arsenal’s money is coming from the fans, the advertising, tv deals, merchandise and so on. I read that utd have not gotten too much the difference from what we’ve got, from their Europa run. Way back a time that CL money did make some difference but today I’m not so sure, I think the biggest thing is the extra clout you get from signing players who want to play in it. Xhaka and Mustafi would have came without CL football so am not sure what difference it makes to us on the football front. Maybe sponsors want to sponsor CL teams and that is why it’s a big deal for our club. If it was because we wanted to win it well then you wouldn’t see a season where we bring in a GK and say that is enough despite making no ground the previous season.

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