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Arsene Wenger turned down the chance to manage PSG this summer

While Arsenal fans were baying for Arsene Wenger’s head towards the end of last season, it seems that Le Prof was seriously considering turning down the offer of a new contract and leaving the club. In fact right now he could be managing the Moneybags French side Paris ST Germain, who will now have a serious chance of winning the Champions League after acquiring Neymar and Mbappe this summer.

But Wenger decided to stay and run the gauntlet of further protests from Arsenal fans. “Yes it’s true, I considered leaving Arsenal.” Wenger told Telefoot. “I’ve been here for twenty years, I thought of leaving for personal reasons. Continue or quit that was what I was pondering: we struggled last season, so I thought of leaving. This season we started poorly, but we can be champions. Manage a club other than Arsenal? Yes I could, there were contacts with PSG.”

You have to wonder if Wenger now regrets not moving to the richest club in the world, who can afford to buy any and every top player if they want to, but instead he stayed and got off to one of the worst possible starts by losing 2 of his first 3 games.

I bet most fans on JustArsenal wish he had jumped ship!

Darren N

52 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger turned down the chance to manage PSG this summer

    1. Viera Lyn

      can you just imagine a top level club being so desperate that they would hire Wenger to manage their club…I guarantee that there is no truth to this story except the fact that he might have considered leaving Arsenal for a split second then he proceeded to lock himself in Kroenke’s closet and threatened to harm himself with the plastic fork he always carries in his breast pocket, just in case there are free samples at the grocery store, until he was promised 2 more years…at which point they embraced one another in such an awkward fashion that Kroenke’s mustache got stuck in Wenger’s coat zipper…two hours or so later, once they were finally separated, they retired to Kroenke’s private lounge where they watched his favourite movie “Major League” then played a quick game of Monopoly

      this man is so self-absorbed…does he really think that we should feel so honored that he chose to stay with little old us…does he not understand that many of us would have literally driven him to the ends of the earth if he promised never to return…has anyone noticed that the only teams he says are interested in him are some of the biggest clubs in the world whose managers spend freely, follow through on their promises or are terminated, listen to their fan-bases, have a lot of strong personalities within their squads, rarely play their top players out of position, win against their top rivals or suffer the wrath, don’t blame the ref after every loss and embrace their former stars…even if his stories had any truth to them, he would last but a cup of coffee

      just when I was getting fed up with his constant chatter about the plethora of current and former stars we missed out on because of his ineptitude, now we have to listen to this gibberish…he is so delusional that he might believe his own story simply because he did think he could have been shown the door after last season, which should have been the case if this were a professionally run club, and the fact that he does communicate with the powers that be at PSG as they are good friends…the classic Wenger tale where he intertwines two or more part truths so that he can cover his ass just in case someone calls him on his BS

    2. Hass

      What an arrogant cnt! No one wants him here, but instead of just fking off he stayed!??! In the face of all the failure and calls for him to go by the fans he is spose to represent, he decided he would stay… absolutely delusional and amazing …. I’m stunned

  1. Remember Resource?

    Should have gone, for both, his sake and the sake of arsenal. We need change and he’s had a long career. He could try and win big things at psg, because they have the players that shot wingers style. He’s great at managing personalities and letting players express themselves.. perfect for him..They would have done extremely well and he could have won a ucl. Maybe at the end of this year he will reconsider.

    1. DarlingbudsofArse

      That man is not able to win anything and that’s why he’s going nowhere in a hurry. Arsenal board has made him very lazy, complacent and useless!

  2. Muff d

    Should have gone
    Sad that not only his failures as a coach but the failures of the board are put on him

    He will be hounded out
    Should never have been that way

    1. Krish

      i agree completely with you, he is doing some silly things and through that he is not only getting his share of blame but the share of the board and the players too

      1. Krish

        he should have left after the fa cup and gone to psg where he rightly should only have enough control to manage the team

        1. Muff d

          U know the lack of transparency doesn’t help either .
          We’re left listening to supposed mouthpieces of the club like John cross
          Who lie and goad our fans

          1. Krish

            i just hope for the day one of the leading figures in arsenal retire and talk/write what really happened in this period and who has the fault for what, kroenke, gazidis, wenger, usmanov etc. we shouldnt even trust usmanov fully this is like the perfect time for him to instigate the hate against everbody in arsenal to achieve what he wants, he could probably be also one who just wants to satisfy his own aim :/

            1. Quantic Dream

              Usmanov has repeatedly claimed he wants to make Arsenal competitive again and more importantly, remove Wenger from power. I need no book to be written to understand Wenger is crippling the progress of our team with his bizarre persistence in playing players out of position, employment of poor to zero tactics and puzzling reluctance to strengthening the team during the transfer period. I sincerely look at that man and all I feel is anger and disgust..he has put us all through so much shame and embarrassment trying to prove whatever it is he thinks he can still prove continuing as manager.

  3. Declan

    Yes we knew this. He also turned down Real Madrid and earlier Man U, when Fergie went. The thing is that at PSG or anywhere else he would not have the autonomous power he has at Arsenal. The man cannot be dictated to or delegate either. He is a control freak.

    1. Steve H

      He didn’t take over these clubs because he new if he cocked up
      He’d be out on he’s ear. He is so safe at arsenal it’s a joke.

    1. JJPawn

      And, he would have been better.

      However, we would have been worse off. None of the managers “above” him would come without the money. There are few other managers with his ability to balance the growth of the brand of Arsenal, retiring debt, and be close to being a contender.

      When the boards considered the facts, they had to bring him back.

      1. rkw

        thats right Marlon Brando playing Wenger … “I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it.”

  4. Badenglish

    Assist is not Assist! It must be a good Assist. Was it a lay down or a great pass, this is a different. Özil stand most of the time 20m by the goal and he do not defend

  5. Liam

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!! 3 days after the most disappointing transfer window ever people are now defending Wenger. Firstly someone stated what would Mourinho do they cant manage a club without a massive transfer kitty. Well maybe he would have set an eligible line up and played the correct players against Pool aka Lacazetti and maybe a left wing back at left wing back. Secondly if Wenger knew we would had such a meagre budget why buy a striker goals where the last of our concerns a midfielder and Cb where vital. Why keep Sanchez and lose him on a free. Its pretty obvious the board wont spend without selling first so next season we will lose Sanchez with no real replacement maybe Ozil too and spend around 80 million in total replacing them. Dropping Le coq due to poor form. Why does the only midfielder we have who has some decent form over the last 3 years get dropped when Ramsey hasnt player well over more than one game since 2013 yet hes first choice. We would have been much better of this season if we had spent our money wisely Nzonzi, Sakho Kosalinak and defoe could have all been purchased and we would be in a much better state.
    Musti Sakho Kos
    Bellerin Nzonzi Coq/xhaka Kos
    Alexis Ozil

    1. JJPawn

      Most disappointing window? For week before people were happy with Lacazette and Kolasnic.
      The loss to Liverpool, the 4-0 nature of the drubbing, is what make this transfer a “bad” one.

      If you think that a competitor would sell to Arsenal, you are wrong. If would happen, it would be a for bit part player like Ox, and for a fatalistically inflated amount, as it was the Ox.

      Given the fans making the loss more than it was, it made the transfer window more difficult. We should had on more player at least, but the panic and the hatred was like some ethnic/national war, except it was fan war on their own team and players, for example, by that shameless Trump boot-licker Piers Morgan.

  6. jon fox

    If there is even one Gooner who HONESTLY believes we are better off now that Wenger, (if this unlikely article is true,) has apparently rejected PSG and stayed, I will show you a lunatic. I don’t believe we have any such lunatics, though some will always claim otherwise. Let’s put it this way, if it were Wenger, or say, Sean Dych as the only choice, I would take Dych in a heartbeat. Actually Dych is a good manager but unproven at a big club. Even if it were, say, David Moyes too. Yes , really, Wenger is THAT bad. Even some diehard fans like the deluded TY on Arsenal Fan TV, who is incapable of EVER seeing any fault with how Arsenal and Wenger (mis)run things, has I think changed or is changing his mind. If you don’t know who TY is, watch the Arsenal Fan TV videos; he is Claudes mate and sparring partner. They disagree on everything about Arsenal but, incredibly, remain mates. If you don’t know who Claude is, you are not a real fan, or you live in a cave! By the way, I would also take ANY of the regular fans appearing on Arsenal Fan TV over Wenger as manager, in a heartbeat. THEY at least , are in touch with reality -though it could be argued, slightly tongue in cheek, that any fan who supports us home and away, given the present decade long shambles at the club should not be let out, free from handcuffs, in public. Tongue in cheek comment , of course, but surely with a tiny grain of truth. To be clear, I deeply admire these superb fans, the club’s lifeblood and many will be at the front of the campaign to rid us of Wenger, Kroenke, Gazidis etc. And we WILL WIN that vital campaign. WATCH THE PROTESTS AT NEXT WEEKENDS BOURNEMOUTH GAME.

    1. JJPawn

      yes, go there and protest and undermine the team…!

      Do the dirty work for ManCity, ManU, Liverpool, and Spurs. Their fans are laughing at the weak Arsenal fans who abandon ship on the first bad loss to a team designed to go against Pep.

      If you are sober, you wait until the season is in swing to find out how well Lacazette fits in, and how well Kolasnic work and where he will play. Meanwhile the team suddenly got more space for salaries and cut its deadwood, lining up for the arrival of as good players as these two.

      1. rkw

        first bad loss … where the fcuk have u been for the last 5 years as Wenger has steadily undermined the team with his fantasy football … your panglossian drivel is becoming even more annoying than the normal 4th place junkie

    1. Break-on-through

      Even if it was true, the reason I think Wenger would not like that job is because PSG have joined the new way of doing things. The manager just manages, they have people identifying players and going all out to get them. Of course he prefers the total control of Arsenal, what manager worth his salt wouldn’t.

      He even identifies most of our academy recruits, I’d say it all goes through Wenger. The next batch, no matter how talented some of them are, it’s very unlikely that they’ll have the right stuff. They’ll be soft like this current lot where seven or eight years back. Too much details in the passing, behaving, respecting, and the likes. They need harsh lessons to become men, and taken hidings before being protected from it all is not going to make men out of them. They’ll be all manchild, every one of them except Beilik he might have a shot after being raised in Poland. Sheaf might have a shot with Wham putting allot of years into him, depends how difficult it is to just do what you feel is right compared to how Arsenal say what you should do. Mcquane is tough. Mcquane, he looks next out the door, even he wont sign, that’s how far we’ve fallen, academy graduates wont bloody sign.

  7. arsenal_championes

    Believe me. There was contact.
    Mourinho crushed Wenger in 2005-6
    Ferguson won a threepeat in 07/08/09.
    Arsene was on the verge of quitting.
    But in 2009 Stan Kroenke became majority share holder.
    It was a miracle because Kroenke offered Arsene
    7mill per year for making top 4 and keeping spending low.
    This was a dream job for life and the 60 year old Arsene
    embraced the sustainable model with alacrity and elan.
    What other 60 year old gets 7mill for managing a super club to 4th place.
    Van Gaal managed United to 5th and was sacked immediately.
    Pelegrini won the EPL and was gone 2 years later
    Mourinho and Ranieri won titles and were sacked just one year later.
    But at Arsenal 13 years with out the title is just fine.
    Who’s gonna give that job up?
    Man U Real Madrid PSG Accrington Stanley they all called… apparently
    but Arsene’s phone was switched off and his phone has no voice mail.
    “There was contact made” tho just like the list of super stars
    Arsene “nearly” signed there was contact made you know.. apparently.
    Football is mired in stories, reports and accounts spread by the
    24/7 rumour mill which fuels an insatiable footballing fan base
    eager to devour every move their footballing heroes and enemies make.
    Believe me “There was contact made but I stayed loyal to my club
    absolutely nothing to do with the 4th place requirement or the 7 mill salary”.
    To be “perfectly honest” Arsene we all love you and want you to stay for ever
    because you are our bestie and you are the greatest manager ever 🙂

      1. jon fox

        Darling Buds of Arse, I feel so sorry for you, as clearly you have never come across the joys of reading well written and SPOT ON sarcasm before. Fancy you not even having the wit to understand!

        1. DarlingbudsofArse

          @Jon fox:
          Thanks for your insults just because I asked where you were taking us to with your essay.
          If you are trying to be sarcastic, I’d advise you make it more to the point rather than this long winded diatribe you managed to feed the reader and then got us even more confused by trying your utmost best to tag a sarcastic sounding statement at the very end! You had almost lost the reader half way. You I’m afraid are the dim witted one in all of this! We know a sarcastic statement when we see one. Yours definitely to all intents and purposes wasn’t! I wouldn’t have guessed had you not said. But then to say it was with insults shows your class.

    1. jon fox

      I detect a hint, just a hint of sarcasm. Or perhaps a barrel! Well , the one thing honest about “The Regressor” is the fact he has an economics degree. He was able to see, in his brilliantly mathematical brain, that at sixty and earning £7 million a year and rising, he was “slightly” better off staying at Arsenal and ruining the club, than stacking shelves at Tesco and putting out stale bread in the champagne aisle. You see, I (and thousands of other Gooners) can do sarcasm too and it is more fun and less financially destructive to our over burdened pockets than contributing, each home game, to the “Make Arsene the richest fraud in mankinds history” charity fund. And even , which I allow, you find this sarcasm tasteless, I bet you can still sleep at night and it doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out in frustration and vow never to watch Arsenal again, like Saint Arsene the shelfstacker does to me and countless other thousands of Gooners.

      1. JJPawn

        Actually, if you knew enough economics, you would realize that Arsenal is a just a top four club.

        LeProf however has managed to outfox teams to even get to #2 and also win the most FACups.

        It is his genius that has led to the arrival and creation of a new Superstar in Sanchez, like Henri. Ozil before him.

        Those players though need more players like Lacazette to arrive and perform.

        You cannot build a great team to challenge the top three in a few years. The buying of Ozil was the changing times in terms of ambition, as the stadium was more or less taken care of. The cutting of dead wood, especially overhyped senior British player is the next stage, and Wenger got 35M for a mediocre player like the Ox. I am hoping he can sell Ramsay for more. Theo will stay, as he does provide goals, but I would love to sell him too.

        A great team will have solid internationals and younger British players, as Arsenal cannot afford to just buy a team off the self like ManU, ManCity or Chelsea.

  8. Break-on-through

    Wenger up to his old political candidacy gag. Running for re-election early this year, I suppose the start to the season probably warrants it. We want to spend 100m on a player, Mbappe and Lemar must be the only two in that price range. Letting everyone know who your no1 target, which you’re willing to wait a whole season for, sounds a bit like childsplay.

    We missed this player, that player, almost had those players. But we have these ones and I really believe in their qualities. – We are very strong.
    And I could have had that club, or that club, but I chose to stick with this club. I am loyal, which is special, you don’t see it much these days. – Fans need to be with us.

    1. DarlingbudsofArse

      He is a lazy money grabbing crook who knows he’ll be found out sooner in another club than ours. He’s been so laid back at Arsenal where he controls everything. He won’t be able to do this somewhere else hence his unwillingness to leave Arsenal. Lazy money grabber!

      1. JJPawn

        You are both lazy writers with no proper capability to analyze. The internet and social “media” has given license for mediocre thinking to pass for acceptable ideas.

  9. Waal2waal

    wenger has tainted his legacy by buying into kronke mission statement which appears is making profit with minimum outlay and little concern for fans. Of one thing we can be sure the club will not implode to the levels some purveyors of doom an gloom are saying here. wenger will likely step aside than to be seen to wilt by protestations. i wont him to go so as we’re intune with modern approach to management and able to compete at the highest levels. in order to achieve this kronke and wenger must step aside. in wengers case im suggesting a younger manager more adept in modern day management take his place. my favourite has always been ancelotti but id also id like to see a youngr manager have a chance.

  10. DarlingbudsofArse

    O God; I would have been the happiest man on earth! They would sooner be running him out of Paris as the man lacks a basic winning mentality. Arsene Wenger: my message now to you is this; if you were worried about the cost of the taxi fare, I volunteer to take you to any part of the world for free. This is how much I want you to leave our club for a younger boss with more flexible and forward looking ideas. Get going!

    1. JJPawn

      He does not think so… he knows to win the EPL he needs 200M or so, he does not have. He also knows that even if gets that he only has one chance to get it right, while the top three can afford to waste money.

  11. Leon

    Sir Chips Keswick.
    Do the honorable think and retire and enjoy whatever time you have.
    You are a disinterested disgrace looking out only for yourself – you see horse racing as being more interesting and important than running Arsenal so go and do that.
    Just don’t ride one because you will kill the poor thing – you useless fat lump…

  12. Bakri

    Wenger has never had any offer from any other club or country during all his time at Arsenal > he kept spreading these rumors every summer that he was wanted m by Real Madrid m He was wanted by Barcelona , he was wanted by France National Team and now by PSG just to allow the Arsenal board an excuse either to increase his pay or extend his contract. Now Arsenal fans will never ever believe anything that Wenger says or said about him. Wenger out , out and out is the only thing that Arsenal fans believe strongly.

  13. Truth hurts

    Another lie by Wenger. Simple as that. There were contacts??? That means nothing. He would have been sacked before the end of the season if the lie was true and had he left for PSG.

    Bad luck for us.

    1. JJPawn

      Truth hurts, if you had looked into the truth.

      The truth is that most the clubs who can win the EPL have more cash than Arsenal over the last five years. Or, they have been fortunate to get a crop of rising players like the Spurs.

  14. De

    Ohhh poor AW, now seems like he is regretting or just wanted to tell us about an offer that he had before signing a contract extension, well that’s his decision. He should have inform earlier those kinda offer not when his under some immense pressure then only those kinda story came out….He should be gone already. At other club he is finish long ago. He was given 2 years and yet he never change, still making the same mistake and without any proper preparation. Look at Pep, Jose, Klop and even Conte. They have plan and they have prepare their team. We only sign one player and got lucky with sead, a typical transfer dealing with AW only this time he make the dealing earlier.
    Tactical wise his getting insane, against Liverpool with witness the 8 wonder of the world, until now I seriously couldn’t understand it. We really need a change really fast or else we might get left behind.

  15. Jack reacher

    He hardly lie if psg want him it’s good sign he’s rated simple as that and let’s be fair he’s cracking manager he had just ran out ideas now people are saying wenger not good manager grow up there’s a lot more to wat is going on behind scenes while I do think he should have left last summer or before he didn’t because he really believes he can turn it around but sadly he can’t I’d love if he did we all would if da invincibles man keep bk for just one good season we would all be in heaven we prop cry if wenger won us league again but please don’t say he can’t manage haha stop he’s top manager he has just lost players and when he leaves truth will cum out but before anyone thumbs me down it’s time for great man step down with dignity and class it really is and go get younger manager up coming class act we need

    1. JJPawn

      Give him 200M and see.

      However, he has a way through if holds on to Sanchez, and then also gets performance out of Lacazette.

      In the rear, I think he needs to use Kolasnic at the holding MF.

      Then in January he needs help to offset injuries.

      Winning the EPL is near impossible for Arsenal. ManCity, ManU and Chelsea can with the massive spending.

  16. Jack reacher

    Who ever keeps thumbing me down please let me no who u are so I can have good football debate with u ur prop 7 years of age cum out cum out show ur face da bogey man is waiting f , n dope?

  17. JJPawn

    Lots of haters of Wenger are irrational and have not idea of what goes in a massive club. Mostly, they do not know that most winning sides cost money.

    Money comes from oil tycoons, oligarchs, kleptocrats. Basically, ManCity and Chelski are winners dues to illegal spending. ManU is the largest club in the UK, and now in the world, and Arsene Wenger beat them.

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