Arsene Wenger urges Premier League sides to help and save teams in the division below them

Arsene Wenger has urged Premier League teams to show solidarity and help the teams below them in the English football pyramid.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of problems around the world and football has been one of the worse hit.

The game has had to be suspended around Europe and countries like France and the Netherlands have already ended their seasons prematurely.

In England, different teams are feeling the heat differently, but the teams down the football pyramid from the Premier League look to be suffering the most.

Some teams are in such financial dire straits that they might go out of business at the end of this crisis and Wenger has now come out to urge the Premier League to come together and save the teams that are down the football pyramid.

He was asked if he thought that the bigger teams needed to take some responsibility in saving the teams below them in divisions, and the Frenchman said as quoted by the Mail: ‘Of course the solidarity is needed. 

‘You know in England there are 92 professional clubs. There are 20 Premier League clubs. Out of the 72 others there are 65 that are in different financial positions.

‘So, something needs to be done or too many clubs will die after this period.’

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  1. jon fox says:

    As the caring and wise man he is it is not a surprise that Wenger has called for the rich clubs to support those lower down. This is how decent values work throughout life and how we should all act all the time. The Prem, being the dirty , greed ridden, selfish, rotten to the core moral cesspit it is, will have to be forced to do so if it is ever to happen. The best thing that can happen to our top level clubs is that ALL Prem clubs including our own, lose vast amounts of money and are forced by lifes reality to start cutting the cloth according to what they earn.

    I can hardly wait, as the PREM has been a moral cesspit for decades, in fact since it was formed. That journeymen players are routinely paid tens of thousands of pounds weekly is a long running disgrace that I pray they are forced by events to stop receiving.

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