Arsene Wenger WILL sign new two-year extension at Arsenal

I am sure this is not going to come as good news for a lot of Arsenal fans on here, but it appears that insiders at the club are totally convinced that Arsene Wenger has every intention of signing the two-year extension with the Gunners, which is seemingly already sitting on the table just waiting for his signature ‘whenever he chooses’.

Wenger himself has already stated that he will still be managing somewhere next season, even if it isn’t at Arsenal, but can anyone really see him going to another club after 21 years at Highbury and the Emirates? To be honest, the protests against Wenger at the end of the season has become a regular occurence, and history tells us that Le Prof and the Board take absolutely no notice and carry on regardless so we should not be surprised at this news.

The article says that the club insiders know that Wenger has already been involved in preparing the agenda for next summer’s pre-season tour, and is still deeply involved in the contract negotiations with stars like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, amongst others, which they are taking as obvious signs that he will be staying on.

The fact that he also said that he has four years to go before he catches up with the age that Alex Ferguson retired makes me think he will try to emulate that, and maybe even try to create a new record before he retires from the job.

If the contract really is on the table waiting then it is obvious that the Board are never going to try and force him out against his will, so maybe Arsenal fans should just accept that Le Prof will be in charge for many more years to come, whether we like it or not!

So should we just get behind him and the team and cheer them on to FA Cup glory?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    If the new contract still isn’t official by our last game, or last meaningful game, then I feel as fans we need to finally make ourselves heard. This means protesting DURING a game.

    What’s the use of the odd banner at full-time when Wenger barely has time to see it, as he always shoots straight down the tunnel. Even worse protesting after, or before a game, as Wenger may not even see it! Protesting during the game sends a real message to Wenger, the board, and it will get the needed media exposure to our plight. Wenger cannot be allowed to spend nearly another £100 million like he did last season! We have only got worse!

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Didn’t they try that ?? last season?
      And what happened? ⏳⌚️⏰⌛️? Oh that’s right, it all came to an end with the fans singing ? There’s only one Arsene Wenger ? ??

    2. clouds says:

      We will never know exactly what going in the inside till wenger leaves,just had enough

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    No surprises here, there or anywhere else,?
    well apart from Leicester sacking their manager,of course.?

    Oh well, I just hope that Wenger replaces Steve Bould, at least some change is better than none ?

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Don’t worry Sheeple, Wenger knows how to butter you up!?
    I just can’t wait… for the summer transfer window ?????

  4. BUR says:

    If wenger has all the respect he says he has for A FC then he should see that he is dragging the club and the fans through the gutter. He should use the pair that God gave him and say enough is enough and gtf.

  5. hecmanx says:

    Wenger should just go for good

  6. JAmerican says:

    Don’t think Wenger will be here next season!

  7. legend Henry says:

    Wenger is giving us fans headache .
    Every comment on just arsenal is all about him.
    He should leave

  8. SoOpa AeoN says:

    How could our whole arsenal lives revolve around one unserious man?……
    Years of futility…
    Its such an unfair world we Live in!….Dammit

  9. NY_Gunner says:

    BOOYA ya whiny moany mitches…2 more years…AW ROCKS…

  10. Ronny331 says:

    Hype and scaremongering!
    Stay or go he’s bound to continue with day to day tasks involved with the club even if some are for next year. It’s the correct thing for him to do not just bugger off like Fergie! Did. A pre season tour needs planning, do you expect them to book the flights on last minute dot com? Ps this seems like I’m defending him I’m not as I feel he needs to gon just be objective.

  11. Ozzy AFC says:

    Oh goody
    Two more years of excuses “it was the ref ect ect”
    Two more years of not getting the players we need and selling the ones we have
    And two more years of bombing get out of CL in the last 16
    Also two more years of highest season ticket prices and EVERYONE else in the footballing world either la7gjing at us or shaking Thier heads in utter astonishment
    Oh goody

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