Arsene Wenger won’t leave Arsenal – And what would we do if he did?

Surprise surprise! Arsene Wenger was asked again this week if he had given any thought to his future after Arsenal, in particular if he would like to manage an international side at a World Cup. Le Prof made it clear that he would never willingly give up his job as manager of Arsenal, until the day that he is physically incapable of carrying on, and only then would he consider a job as an international coach. “Maybe one day I will do it at some stage, ” Wenger said. “but until now I like to be involved every day in the life of a club because the real test is there.

“Four or five weeks is a different experience, it’s more concentrated whereas the real test is to manage on a daily basis but I will not always have the physical strength to do that.

“Yes of course (I’d be tempted) because my life is linked with football and, depending on my physical state, but until the end of my life I will be in football.”

So he will never give up the job, and the fact is that he will never be sacked either. This year’s Arsenal AGM was a farce with Stan Kroenke refusing to say a word, Ivan Gazidis giving a ‘presentation’, and Chips Keswick basically telling the shareholders to keep their noses out. The only person on that stage that actually showed that they cared about the club and what the fans had to say was…. Arsene Wenger!

As the ex-Arsenal striker Alan Smith put it: “There’s a lack of strong leadership at the top of Arsenal,”

“Stan Kroenke isn’t that engaged, not conversant with English football.

“He’s not passionate about the sport, as much as he might try to make you think he is. That’s creating instability around the club.

“[The AGM] was unfortunate to say the least. I was surprised at the way Sir Chips Keswick behaved.

“Those fans deserve to be treated with respect and their questions listened to and answered. It didn’t do the club any favours.”

So where would Arsenal be without Arsene Wenger? The Board and owners don’t seem to want to have anything to do with it and let Wenger run it how he wants, and they are happy to know that they can make lots of money without basically having to do anything. The whole fabric of the club will fall apart when Wenger finally walks out that door (or more likely carried off on a stretcher). No one else would know what to do!

I know a lot of Arsenal fans are calling for change of manager, but I say ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

Sam P


  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    For £8.5m a year with no link to performance I wouldn’t go either

    1. redmau5 says:

      8.5 million booiiiii
      think of all the prostitu…charities, think of all the charities i could help

      damn u wenger, give back!

  2. Wolfgang says:

    The US owner aint interested in challenging for honours if press
    reports are to be believed.He is treating Arsenal as an atm.
    That’s why he shd sell his shares to the Russian.
    I tell you what. Aloss to Spuds will be earth if not emirates
    shaking. Of course Arsenal could win.Never say never.
    As for the fm,he has overstayed his welcome. In truth he shd have left
    after beating Bruce in the cf.As for the fm,the subsequent cup triumps,\
    serve only to paper the cracks.Thats why his track record against the
    top teams is humiliating.Another loss will be too
    difficult to stomach for fans.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    This is one of the most delusional articles I have ever had the misfortune to read!

    Take the line “The whole fabric of the club will fall apart when Wenger finally walks out that door (or more likely carried off on a stretcher). No one else would know what to do!”. Whilst I agree that Wenger is the only person in the hierarchy with any knowledge of football, it doesn’t mean that he’s been using his knowledge in the correct way, which he clearly hasn’t been! So his departure doesn’t concern me from that perspective, although we do need fresh ideas from ex-players, and other footballing experts being on the board.

    We’ll even be better off financially, because instead of keeping players forever, and rarely selling (especially for huge sums) like Wenger does, other managers will sell more frequently to generate funds (as Kroenke won’t help out), and to get rid of deadwood. We’ll lose around £100 million when Ozil, and Alexis walk away for free next summer, and Kroenke won’t subsidize that loss, so yet it’s another example of how poor Wenger has become from a economics perspective. We sold a rubbish player, with only a year left on his contract, for a whopping £40 million when the Ox left, which gives you a really good insight into how much money we’re missing out on by refusing to sell.

    As I keep saying, none of us can see into the future (although apparently the AKB’s can), so we can only go on the present, and what we already know from the past. It’s not good enough, we should be doing better, so let’s try something different. What the AKB’s seem to forget is that Wenger will HAVE TO leave at some point, no one can last forever!

    1. jon fox says:

      Yet another detailed post full of common sense – you are one prime reason I even stay on this site – it is so refreshing to know someone who can say something of import, and who has the vocabulary to explain and outline you thoughts clearly and unambiguously. Personally, I will be overjoyed IF Wenger leaves at end of this season and will regard it as a landmark and hugely successful season; just because we have to suffer his gross incompetance no longer. You are also correct that there is no one who has any football sense on the board and the owner too, as everyone knows full well. I am reassured that the sheer reputation world wide our club still boasts will attract a huge and experienced big name to manage. A new and proper manager in charge will change the whole stale crumbling structure and we can finally begin the change from staleness and regression to innovation, a regard for the concept of defence – something Wenger has never shown – , coaching, organisation, motivation of the squad and all the other changes we badly need. Please God this old fossil finally leaves!

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Thanks for your comment, and yes I couldn’t agree more about a new a manager bringing in fresh ideas. I just hope we don’t have to wait much longer, because Wenger did say last season he wants to manage for at least another 4 years, and that his preference is to stay at Arsenal. Very scary!

        1. Sue says:

          Oh Jesus 4 years???

        2. jon fox says:

          Terrifying , I agree but I do think the old fossil is finally on his way. A lowly finish with no cups would seal his fate and that is what I believe will happen.

          1. tristan says:

            OT- Jon, thanks for your comment the other day, was offline a couple days. Did reply belatedly cos you made me reconsider my attitude towards your opinions.

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Brilliant ThirdMan and to think he’s got a degree in economics and Jon, I don’t want to frighten you but I think he’ll be looking to extend he’s contract. God forbid

    3. Sam says:

      Wenger is the Robert mugabe of football. Just do to him what Zimbabwe did to mugabe and put him under house arrest, this is the only way Arsenal will experience freedom ???

  4. Simon Says says:

    Whether by design or not Wenger has in theory ‘bosses’ who neither have a clue why nor seemingly care about our lack of a real challenge for the league and champions league over the last decade. I believe this is what Gazidis was eluding to with his catalyst for change speech and his efforts to bring in a director of football which good old delusional Arsene refused to entertain. The fact that your Lord Wenger hasn’t bothered to even think about our future when he finally goes and not just his own suggests to me he loves the money just not the club as he so often claims. Be careful what you wish for? Better than living in the fantasy that Wenger knows best. Wenger Out.

    1. TH14atl says:

      I would imagine we’d finally change our shape, as I’ve been screaming that we should’ve changed following the 3rd preseason game. We’re not balanced. Only less than favorable results can follow. Need to go back to 4 in the back and a natural skillful/technical 10 in the middle of the field to link up with Lacazette and Alexis. A midfield pairing of Xhaka (who’s basically a left-footed Arteta when he was a too slow constantly fouling DM for Arsenal) and Ramsey (undisciplined average CM that hasn’t progressed and is nowhere near Cazorla class) isn’t good enough.

  5. Sue says:

    Can’t be anymore of a shambles than it already is

  6. jon fox says:

    Sam P ” be careful what you wish for”, that tired old cliche, oft used by those who cannot embrace or stand vital change. Personally, I say that wishing for Wenger to stay – that being the implication in your article – amounts to madness beyond all reason. Virtually all Gooners (clearly not including you, shamefully) have long realised Wengers total incompetance and longed for him to leave , to be replaced by a truly professional manager. Even a manager in touch with the reality of modern Prem football would be a huge bonus. If push came to shove, I would take almost any existing Prem manager to replace Wenger, rather than have him remain. That being said though, we clearly need one of the worlds big and vastly experienced names to manage a world wide club with it’s huge world wide fan base. Despite what Wenger and the appalling board and dreadful owner have done to our club , our world wide reputation will mean top names will be champing at the bit to manage us. Don’t forget, also, the sheer lure of living and managing in the world’s football -and non-football too- capital, in vibrant and exciting London. Of those who either are available or who would drop everything to come, I would take, Ancellotti, Simeone, Tuchel and the Juventus man , whose name I forget but which begins with A . I also much like Sean Dyche and predict a huge future at top level for him and would be happy to have him, though I doubt many would agree with me. But first things first; we MUST get Wenger out and since we are not going to win the title or make top four, in reality land, a lowly 6th or worse, though I would call, say eighth/ tenth/ twelveth better, because it would make Wenger more likely to leave. So what if we did get fourth place; it would mean only exiting in CL last 16 as usual, so we are better off without it, while Wenger is here. ONCE HE IS GONE – PLEASE GOD – and a proper PROFESSIONAL manger is installed, things will rapidly improve. PS Professional does NOT MEAN merely getting paid but actually EARNING your wage. If that were not the case , then even Walcott as well as Wenger, would be professionals, which in reality, is laughable!

    1. jon fox says:

      I meant Max Allegri of course. Old age and memory loss clearly catching up with me!

      1. Sue says:

        A good list of potential managers Jon. I’d love Simeone

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Agree again with you Sue, I like Simeone, A bit defensive but just what we need, has passion, gets angry, but best of all he’s Argentinian who mix skills with toughness. You just got to look at job Porchetino as done at Tottenham

          1. Sue says:

            That is EXACTLY what we need!

  7. Shortboygooner says:

    I think most of us here sre correct. Its time fot wenger to go. But when he does finally the club will fall apart. Arsenal it not run like chelsea city or utd antmore and I think that puts huge pressure on wenger and looses him focus from the game. I think any other manager will have a hard time arguing and juggling the roles that wenger plays. And whilst he does have the clubs best interests at heart as well has his own. There is too much for him to do and a board that doesnt care. We need a total revamp and that wont happen until 5 – 10 years after wenger goes. The next manager will possibly get some success in the 1st year or two but with the lack of backing will fall further down the table like the rest of kreonkes clubs. We will become the new tottenham until kreonke leaves or sees the bigger picture

    1. jon fox says:

      How perceptive and how realistic. Sad, in fact tragic, BUT undoubtedly TRUE!

  8. Mitch Connor says:

    Okay. We may have 1 or 2 years like when Moyes was at United. Two bad years is not a big deal because at least there will be hope for a PL or CL winning future. That future will NOT exist with Wenger.

    Since 2004 we have seen United, Chelsea and Liverpool ALL win Champions League. We have seen United, City, Chelsea AND even Leicester win the Premier League.

    Wenger hasn’t even replaced Viera in over a decade. When he did spend big money on a central midfielder he got Xhaka for £35 million. He keeps faith in non-top players. He has relied on players like Bendtner and Giroud (which is good) but just really replaced RVP this summer. Wenger must be replaced. He has absolutely no idea how to build a top team or is incredibly stubborn in his beliefs, maybe both.

    I will be fine with a couple of years in the wilderness if Wenger leaves because there will be at least light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. Kenny Rolfe says:

    What do you mean what would we do if he left? We’d go out and get one of world’s top managers, at £9 million a year who d’you think we’re gonna get Tony Pulis

    1. Sue says:

      Anyone but him ?

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Only joking Sue

        1. Sue says:

          Phew!!! Thank Christ for that ?

  10. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Never, since coming on this forum, have I read so many good posts and given so many thumbs up. It just shows how strong the anti Wenger feeling is right now, It must 99%, definitely time for him to go

    1. Sue says:

      He has said he may not see his contract out Kenny!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Just read it Sue, I’m celebrating with a bottle of Guiness

  11. Jeremy says:

    Arsenal FC stood tall and proud before AW came and it will continue to stand and proud after he leaves.

    The earth still goes round no matter who on earth disappears.

    Likewise for Alex Ferguson and MU.

  12. nosa says:

    if Wenger leaves at the end of the season I think it will be a successfull season even if we fail to win a trophy . his sight alone means we failed

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