Arsene Wenger’s final Emirates line-up confirmed!

Arsene Wenger will step out onto the pitch for a home Premier League encounter today, and the team who will accompany him has finally been confirmed, as we look to cement ourselves in sixth spot in the division.

Captain Koscielny and Mohamed Elneny had already been confirmed as missing, while we all expected to see cameo outings from Per Mertesacker and Santi Cazorla as they also look set to quit playing for the club this term also.

Is this team the right choice to deny Burnley any points for Wenger’s final home encounter?

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    1. Absolutely disgraceful Ozil has pulled out again.. Wenger saying some back I just and won’t play again this season. £ 350k a week to not give a shit @@?

  1. Could somebody explain to me why on earth mertesaecker, whom I admire in many ways, has been paid millions this year for never playing? And yes, I do understand that he has a binding contract, but surely if he was never going to play a top class replacement was essential. For heaven’s sake, we are 37 points off the top of the table! C’est vraiment incroyable!

  2. No Ozil wtf. 350k a week and gets to pick when he wants to play. This is a disgrace, not really convinced we will see any difference in the way the team plays next season. My mo ey is also on a draw today

    1. I dont even care about Ozil tbh, and it is high time we stopped depending on him to carry this team, he cant!
      He is nice to have around if you have other star players..

      Ozil……..”#ya 350k a week ya#

  3. Could somebody explain to me why on earth Mertesaecker (who hasn’t played once this season) is on the bench and where Ozil is?

    1. No issue with Per being on bench and being allowed 5 mins at end of we are 3-0 up …completley different mindset to weak Ozil!

    2. Martin Keown’s comments about Ozil immediately after Arsenal were knocked out of the Europa League:

      “Ozil did not put in a “proper performance””.

      “These are crocodile tears I’m seeing. He’s not conning me,” ex-England international Keown told BT Sport.

      “I bet he doesn’t play again this season. He will have some emotional breakdown and won’t be able to play at the weekend.”

      So Keown seemed to have predicted Ozil’s absence.

    3. Mert will get his goodbye to Emirates. Deserved. Ozil, who cares. Hope next season is his last.

    4. Mert deserves it. For two seasons in a row Koscielny and Mertsacker were the Top CB duo in the PL. He has been one of our main CB for several seasons. He helped us win 3 FA Cups. He is also our captain and as you said is under contract. He had to stay to play the odd game here and there because of his experience. It’s not uncommon. It happens in other PL clubs

  4. “as we look to cement ourselves in sixth spot in the division.”
    This made me really sad, am so down tbh
    I so much hoped we would lift the EL

    But am happy to see KM in the starting line up, thats the only i have

  5. Let’s stop speculating why this player is absent or that player is still here and just concentrate on today’s game. The team has got our new young Centre half pairing and a good looking attack. However Wenger has let us down for years he’s gone soon and we should celebrate a great win today and the dawn of a new era.

  6. I cannot understand why AMN is not playing as he was excellent against Man Utd.He would bring balance to central midfield where we now have two left footers with no pace or defensive ability I assume Ozil and Ramsay are carrying. Injuries?

  7. I want to see our future CBs. Wish them well. Tired of seeing tlhose expired old men committing kindergarten errors.

  8. I’ve always felt laca and auba upfront was what we lacked against atleti. Glad to see they are both clicking and also Callum and Dinos looks interesting and promising. #MerciArsene

  9. why do we even need to win this game . let burney win and tey play europa . Arsenal doesn wanna play europe on thursdays and needless competion

  10. Espanyol beat Atletico Madrid convincingly in their home ground where we couldn’t have any major clear-cut chance to score.
    Espanyol is 15th on log table. We don’t need to be scared as we can’t meet them in Europa next season.

  11. I hope commentators don’t put too much pressure on Mavrapanos, he’s a youngster and they are trying to compare him to Adams Bould etc.

    I wonder if our next manager is watching, …Lcazette scores nice 1.

  12. About time we had Arsenal players dishing it out! Great display by Chambers and Mavro, who’s every kick, header and even foul are being applauded. Well done lads!

  13. Lacazette and Aubameyang were the bright spots of the season. Wenger finally sorted out the striker problem by getting two quality strikers. Only out of desperation though.

    But we at least have strikers sorted and LB. That’s about it. We need everything else
    Top GK
    Top RBs
    Top CBs
    Top DM and Box2Box midfielder
    Top CAM/Attacking midfielder

    1. First time I’ve ever wanted Iwobi NOT to be substituted! Excellent display today and the goal the icing on the cake. Will do him a world of good.

  14. I’m pleased about the score however the fact that AMN is not starting is a disgrace

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