Arsene Wenger’s latest goal is to make a major change to VAR

Arsene Wenger hopes to help FIFA make changes to the controversial offside rule using VAR.

The former Gunners’ boss has been made FIFA’s head of global development and he is keen to end one of the most controversial parts of the game at the moment.

Teams have been frustrated by the inconsistency of VAR but the most frustrating part of the technology has to be the offside calls being made with it.

The offside calls being made with the aid of VAR has become very contentious for some with players deemed to be offside when part of their body like an armpit has been caught offside.

Wenger strongly believes that it doesn’t favour the attacker and he wants to effect a change in the system that would reverse that.

He doesn’t agree that a player should be flagged offside when a part of his body that cannot score a goal is offside like his hand and wants the calls to be made solely when the part of a player’s body that can score a goal is deemed offside.

Quoted in the Sun, he said: ‘You will be not offside if any part of the body that can score a goal is in line with the last defender, even if other parts of the attacker’s body are in front.

‘That will sort it out and you will no longer have decisions about millimetres and a fraction of the attacker being in front of the defensive line.’

He hopes to push through his proposal at the next annual general meeting later this month.


  1. Clear as mud.There are many parts of the body which have been used to score goals over the years.Apart from the head and feet goals have been bundled in via the shoulder, knee,thigh and even the bum.The “daylight” proposal has been advocated by lots of ex pros, refs and fans and is seen as the solution to the VAR offside debate.To me it seems the most sensible and clearest method of overcoming what is becoming a major problem in the game.Of course there is another solution, we could do away with offside altogether? Imagine the high scoring games we could watch.

    1. Grandad, assuming your final two sentences are intended as a whimsy, then I agree with all you write. Would that WENGER COULD PERSONALLY HAVE SOLE DECISON MAKING IN ALL AND ANY NECESSARY CHANGES , not merely in VAR but in ALL the business of world football. The prime reason is that he is beyond reproach and suspicion of personal interest – whereas few othres are – and is a wise and honest man whose vast knowledge I trust and much respect.

      1. To further clarify, my ownunderstanding of what Wenger was saying was that unless ANY part of the attacker at all was clear of the nearest defender, then it should NOT be called offside. There was nothing about non scoring parts of the body mentioned in what I understood him to mean. I may be wrong, but assuming we have to keep some form of VAR at all, which I PERSONALLY WOULD NOT KEEP, then a clear gap betwen relevant players would be the best of a bad job. And VAR is IMO a bad job, however it is used.

  2. 42 goals dropped in the league so far. Something needs fixing…

    Whats this about Santi possibly coming back to us. Anybody know the real deal?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. wenger is right !! daylight rule makes total sense !! Defences have had the advantage for far to long now about time it was given to the attacker !!

  4. Until then, the epl referees will remain, the armpit hair officials.

    Liverpool lost the match in Spain because there was no slanted judgement which they’ve been benefiting from in the epl. What a pity!

  5. Offside has got lost, it was introduced to stop goal hanging, what offside is used for now is nothing to do with goal hanging. For me if a player is making a continuous movement from onside as the ball is played, he isnt offside, whatever his position when the ball is played. If he was in an offside position when the ball was played and hadn’t initially come from onside, then he is off, if any part of his body is offside when the ball is played. In other words if the player isnt offside or goal hanging, he isn’t offside, in the process of the pass being made. Its about timing and true interpretation of proper offside. Confused? Well thats because the offside law has changed that much, it doesn’t reflect the reasons it was initially brought in.

    1. Indeed Reggie! It was originally brought in to prevent goal hanging and open up the whole pitch and thatwas fine. There was nothing wrong with the way is was before all these new changes and VAR came in.

      I’d bin VAR completely; it was an ill thought through idea that in fact undermines the onfield ref and that is plain daft and ignores the natural authority that refs successfully have in other team sports,. What SHOULD happen, IMO, is to properly back the onfield ref, (theonly ref, I’d have BTW), and have far more consistently harsh penalties for all cheating, diving, surrounding of ref etc to be proved,if necessary by video panels of ex players who would sit daily to review all TV games but only after the game. ALL prem games are recorded and six match automatic Prem bans for all proven diving , increasing to twelve if repeated. And then eighteen etc.
      Refs need to be properly backed and totally supported by the football authorities, NOT undermined at every turn by the stupid introduction of ANY VAR. Good and respectful player behaviour has to be enforced, if needed, by a draconian punishment regime . That would cure the cheats. But there is not the will to do so, so those in charge prefer continued chaos and constant cheating. which is why football at top level is sick. Just my take though!


      1. I dont see Var being binned now but i think it needs a big overhaul to get it working quicker. Maybe give managers 4 Var calls each to limit the use. It is getting results correct on a more consistent basis and on that score i am relaxed with it. It isnt a problem in rugby or tennis and i believe with tweaking it shouldn’t be in football. I dont think linesman or refs are able to officiate without help in the modern game, so to get better results there needs to be more clarity.

  6. Having daylight between defender and attacker would be a huge rule change. And huge way defenders would have to go about their job as well. WOuld we still be drawing lines and calling people millimeters offside? Maybe less so with this rule. Something needs to be done though because the entire stadium, heck, footballing world, does a collective moan when VAR is whipped out now.

    1. RSH. Please read my post above. I’d bin the whole nonsensical idea of VAR. It is a stupid and regressive idea that is harming fotball and spoiling fans enjoyment. And THAT can be fatal if left unchanged.

      1. So, in other words, all the decisions that would otherwise have been subject s of arguments and controversy, which VAR did well to clear, should be binned as well?

        VAR was brought into football to help out and to ensure that the injustice associated with wrongful punishments and rewards are reduced, if not eliminated.

        This is a vital part of the sport (any sport) to be averse to wrongful reward or punishment. I admit that some more work needs to be done to improve the performance of the man and the machine. But present failings are not enough to make us throw the bathwater out with the baby and the bath!

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