Arteta adamant that the ‘future is really bright’

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has insisted that the club is going in the right direction despite a number of rocky results of late.

The Gunners have lost three of their last four Premier League outings, including 1-0 defeats to both Leicester and Man City, before a disastrous 3-0 pummeling by Aston Villa just before the international break.

Despite these painful showings, we still remain only six points off the top of the table and more importantly only four points off the top four at present, but our results will need to improve we can consider Champions League football for next season.

The manager insists that there are plenty of reasons to be happy with the club however, as the club will overcome the recent ‘difficult’ times, having witnessed a number of changes within the club, as he believed the club has a ‘really bright’ future.

“There are a lot of things to do, short term and medium term, we have seen a lot of changes not only on the pitch but structurally as a club as well, it’s been difficult, it’s been a challenging time in the last three or four months, a lot of things have happened,” he told Arsenal Media.

“We have to settle and everyone has to realise where we are now, but I see the future as really bright. I am a really positive person and I tend to learn much more when things don’t go well and we have a defeat like we had the other day that really hurt after the performance we had at Old Trafford.

“We have to understand why it happened, be really critical first of all with myself and try to understand the players better, and give them more solutions to win more football matches.”

As much as the recent month or so has left a bad taste in the mouth, and our attack has been firmly off the boil, I can agree with Mikel that the club as a whole is in a much better position than it was before his arrival.

Do any fans have long-term doubts over Arteta’s time at the club?



  1. Mikel, a very diplomatic man, he knows exactly what the fans want to hear and says it without mincing words.
    Notice how he subtly reminded us that we won at Old Trafford before losing to Villa? My Manager!
    I believe the future is bright because he is smart and he learns from his mistakes quickly, let’s hope we get back to winning ways at Leeds, coyg!

  2. Yes, a number of fans want him out . TG, Mohsan, ICW and a number of other fools too. Powers of proper observation and analysis are not given , sadly, to all of us.

    Any fan who has not the wisdom to see how much things have improved and esp our longterm outlook, is behaving petulantly and showing their “I demand all I want and I demand it now, like a three year old in a sweetshop” inability to really think!

    1. You are making this fine site very toxic.. Admin should pull you up.. There are no fools here unless you have a mirror in front of you…

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