Arteta admits he hasn’t gotten over losing the Premier League title last season

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has admitted he is still hurt from losing the Premier League title to Manchester City last season.

The Gunners gaffer led his team to challenge City for the title and for several months during the campaign, it seemed like they could be champions.

However, things did not turn out that way as City hit top form at the right time and took advantage of Arsenal’s slip to be crowned champions.

The Gunners have bolstered their squad in this window and made it stronger than it was last season.

They are being tipped to challenge for the title again and want to make their fans’ dreams come true.

Arteta’s side may have overachieved, but the Spaniard admits missing out on that title could stay with him forever.

He tells GQ:

‘I don’t know if I’ve gotten over it, and probably I don’t want to because I need that to be better.

‘There are certain things that you must have to win the title. We had a lot, but it wasn’t enough.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Most of us dreamt about being champions in the last campaign and, sadly, we did not win the league.

But on a positive note, we did show we can challenge for the title and fans should be excited about next season.

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  1. We didn’t lose it ,Arteta needs to get it right.
    We (He) bottled it.
    Two seasons in a row now ,let’s hope it’s not Hat-Trick come seasons end

  2. I believe the gaffer he was just able to hold back the tears, will that makes him become more ruthless?

    By spending big, the gaffer has opened up his self for criticism with nowhere to hide. Our excuse for failure last term just about held up, despite the fact the big jug was very much in our hands. The knifes will be out no, one will have any sympathy if we fail to progress in the upcoming campaign, though, and the gaffer job could also come under threat.

    Though its phase 4 with another phase to come, one has to ask the question, are we on the cusp of a glorious era?
    Or are we destined to go down as the premier league greatest ever pretender?

  3. @Gunsmoke I think you misinterpreted what he meant about a phase if indeed he mentioned five of them. Why do you believe it takes one whole season to complete one phase? Arteta joined on a four-year contract why would he be thinking five seasons time to complete my phases? He thought he’d have his team up to scratch in three seasons’ time.

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