Arteta admits his team is not good enough for the League title

Arsenal are currently 13th in the Premier League and seemingly have forgotten how to put the ball in the back of the net. This is probably Mikel Arteta’s biggest test yet; trying to give his team the confidence to drag themselves out of the rut before we drop even closer to the relegation zone.

I’m not sure if telling the world that he can only fix this situation by replacing many players over the next few transfer windows is going to help the players he has right now, but that is what he has told SkySports ahead of tomorrow’s game against Wolves.

The Spaniard was asked if he could win the League with this squad and he replied: “That (will) take a few windows at least to do that. To establish yourself to compete at the level of certain clubs in this league, which is nearly 100 points, it takes time.

“In football, time is very precious and people are very impatient. But if you don’t respect the processes and you ask certain people to do certain things when the foundations are not there, it’s a really dangerous thing to do.

“I know we all want to see Arsenal at the top of the league. My only intention every time is to prepare the football match. Where we get, time will tell. There’s still a lot of things that are going to happen.

“We have to prepare for difficult moments. We knew that right from the start because it’s not something that has happened in the last year – it has happened many years in the past.

“To flick that into a league with 38 games; that’s a big challenge. But we’re all ready.”

So Gooners, it looks like we have to prepare for another few seasons of transition and hope that Arteta can get the players that he thinks are good enough. I hope he has had a word with Stan Kroenke because to replace this lot with better players is not going to be cheap!

Darren N


  1. Laim excuses, he got the best squad in over decade.

    Incapable of putting 11 best players in each position, is why we losing points, and not scoring.

    Took Luiz injury for him to get we had better CB pair options. When he was subbed, we were fine against Molde.

    Now he is obsessed by Willian he plays all accross attack.

    Partey got injured and he replaces our rock DM by Ceballos instead of Niles who is more defensive minded. We lose 3-0.

    plays Auba as LW, on and on…

    That’s our only pb; coach lack of experience, asking for time til he gain enough…

    We had a DM issue for almost decade, got Partey, bans Ozil who finally can play hos game with his back covered!

    Laim and incompetent, cant admit he has a pb.

    Auba said it right, this team can win title. But coach messing it all up.!

    bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierny
    Partey Xhaka
    Pepe Auba Saka

    With options all over pitch; Nelson, Niles, Chambers, Mustafi, Willock, ceballos, Kolas, ceoares….

    This team beats any team in Europe not with a coach develloping but experimented, at level of such a squad.

      1. indeed, replace him and pb is solved, we have one of EPL best team but no coach, thats why Wolves or Saints above us, they have average good team but a coach making diffrrence beween us..

        He isaking too many wrong choices and guessing… Thats lack of experience.

        That is difference between ojr team and coach, top guys ready to win but a coach in devellopment which he should acquire elsewhere instead of blaming club and team.

        He should have the respect to resign but has no brain to even do so.

        Viera was first choice ahead of him but refused as he is not ready yet, must experiment and grow in a smaller league and team just as Lampard did, look.

        That is called respect and senses! Cant compare arteta to Lampard who is a cheldea club legend, Arteta is Everton more than he is Arsenal and came to us as City firmly let him understand that it was outa question for him to be promised head coach position if Pep had to leave!

        Theu are not crazy and got Pep for that in first place…

  2. It will take a few years to get a squad together that can challenge for top 4. I wouldn’t place any money on us making top 6 this season. Making top 6 will require plenty of our squad to play to a higher level than they’ve played at before on any consistent basis in the EPL. Hopefully our younger players can continue to develop and we progress faster than I expect. Changing manager anytime soon will knock us back rather than aid progress.

  3. Arteta has no any experience for a club of arsenal stature even if he will be given all the best players that he wants still he will struggle let arsenal think twice and do something before December

  4. I hope he is not banking on been bankrolled to change all the unwanted players. We are not ManC, with deep pockets. When there is no money, you (MA) need to be very astute in planning games with what you have. Look at Aston Villa, Everton, Spurs, Leicester just to name a few. With what we have, we should be ahead of these teams, but we are not. Lose tonight, and i really would think that you are not the man for the Arsenal job. This puts the ?? squarely at your doorstep.

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