Arteta admits it hurts to be out of European competitions

Mikel Arteta has admitted that it hurts to watch Arsenal’s Premier League rivals play in the Champions League and other European competitions while they stay at home.

The Gunners reached a new low last season when they finished the campaign outside the Premier League’s European spots.

They will now watch on from home while the likes of West Ham and Tottenham play in the Europa League or the Europa Conference League.

Arsenal has responded to their poor finish to last season by spending around 200 million euros on new signings.

They have still made a poor start to this campaign and only earned their first league win of the season the last time out against Norwich.

However, they are expected to take advantage of others playing in Europe to push for a place back in Europe come the end of the season.

Arteta spoke about watching European football recently and admits it hurts as his team isn’t playing in them.

Arteta said as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘It hurts a lot in the last few days to put TV on and see those teams there, and not see Arsenal there.

‘It was painful. One hundred per cent. I don’t want to be sitting there with Arsenal out of those competitions.’

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  1. I think it will do Arsenal a lot of good to be out Europe for a season. In fact it’s probably well overdue. Need to get properly sorted for the for the domestic league now. Europe will still be there next season.

  2. Maybe he should do the right thing and resign so a new manager could come in and get us back in Europe as he is not capable of doing this .
    ATM he is sucking the enjoyment out of the club and what we once stood for i know I’m not alone in thinking this ,absolutely ridiculous that the club have given him this season to practice being a manager and the money spent on this experiment is a complete waste .
    I imagine another bore fest tomorrow even though we should see the 3 points come our way .
    Really used to look forward to the weekend football – not anymore .

  3. I pray our manager grows a pair soon, otherwise this piss-poor brand of football, currently on display, will become so entrenched, due to Arteta’s ever-mounting fear of failure, that the changes we so desperately require will only be in the offing when it’s too late to make a substantive difference

    the apathy is palpable, as was seen on this site over the international break, which was functionally a ghost town on most days…it got so bad that the other day Admin posted an article that was clearly a month or so old that was absolutely rife with obvious errors…you know it’s bad when even I didn’t take them to task for such a pathetic display

    of course, I want nothing more than to see our Best 11 deployed tomorrow, in a formation that best serves their respective attributes, then witness us absolute torch Burnley for a 5-spot, but nowadays it seems like such a fantastical notion that it’s actually more likely that we could end up on the bad side of a 2-0 score-line, which is frankly quite depressing

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