Arteta admits Smith Rowe is set for another spell on the sidelines

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has confirmed that Emile Smith Rowe is facing another spell on the sidelines due to a new injury.

Smith Rowe has been dealing with injuries in recent months, which have limited his playing time at the club. During his absence, Arsenal has brought in several midfielders to compensate for the injuries, making it challenging for him to break into the team.

After months of hard work to regain playing time, he has suffered a setback that will keep him out of action for an extended period.

Arteta, when asked about the midfielder ahead of Arsenal’s match against Newcastle United this weekend, acknowledged that Smith Rowe will be unavailable for a while.

He said, as quoted by Arsenal Media:

“Nothing has changed, as I said, I think he will be out for weeks. How many will determine in relation to how he progresses in the first few weeks, especially. 

“It’s a big blow because he was getting some momentum and some minutes and we’d started to get the Emile that we needed, but unfortunately, he’s going to be out again.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Smith Rowe is one of our most talented players, but this injury problem will eventually cost him a place in our team.

Fans will fear it does not cut his career short as it did to Jack Wilshere.


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    1. Get him and Partey out of the Arsenal squad, they are always injured and never there to help the team
      , when the team needs them most.

      1. The history tells that once you are injury prone you would keep on being injured until the end of career as we have witness with the case of Diaby, Wilshere and many orhers. So, its better to move on sooner than later. Its good for such player to join less physical league earlier before there is no way back. And it might be the time we make decision on ESR, Partey and Jesus.

        1. That’s usually true, but RVP did eventually shake it. We had to wait a long time though (only for him to them join the enemy).

          1. Few times injury happens to most of player. Players have returned well from dreadful injuries like Ramsay. But if someone plays one or 2 week and then get injured for next 4-5 mths on consistent basis then it may be worth moving on. No matter how good the players are, club cannot rely on them in consistent basis. Moreover ESR is in phase where playing games, gaining experience and overcoming his weaknesses is vitals, if he keep on getting injured he surely cant reach his potential and we may never see a player that he could have been.

            1. I’m inclined to agree, as much as I hate to say it (I think ESR can be brilliant), however, I think we should stick by him until it no longer becomes tenable. He should probably be kept until the end of his contract and then allowed to leave if his injuries are still piling up at that point. That’s almost 3 years, but i think it’s the right way to go as he’s a youth team graduate.

      2. Harsh words Panther but there is no doubt that Partey, ESR, and Tierney may all be shown the door because of their injury problems.When fit, they represent a highly talented trio who will, of course require replacing with quality players.Given the lack of impact from Havertz and Vieira, and the aging Jorginho and Elneny, it seems to me a big overhaul of our squad may be necessary at the end of the season.

        1. I understand the concerns from all the above, but Arsenal cannot wait until the summer, the midfielder situation is urgent.

          This situation should have been addressed in the last window a next powerful midfielder was necessary whether Partey stayed or go,
          Seems the club lack an effective Managing director, my choice is the one and only Marina Granoskaia.

    1. Except that his injuries have not been inflicted by opponents. For such a big strong looking fella he seems so fragile.

  1. Sorry to say that home grown and nurtured doesn’t look like it’s going to help Emile or Arsenal
    It sounds cruel but there has to be some serious consideration to his future. It’s not sustainable. Arteta has been given stick for not picking him but the reality is that ESR breaks down too often to be a reliable component in team. A real shame

  2. I realise some notably KEN, object to the words “deadwood and dross” but its perfectly possible to describe even talented players in thsat way , when they are constsntly INJURED.

    What is always most IMPORTANT is that a player has the talent, the drive AND the fitness to be a valuable and available member of the squad.

    Those who lack such qualities, after any longish priod , do become effectively speaking, “deadwood” which simply means wood that is no longer of use.

    For “wood” read player.

    I have reluctantly come to the opinion that the best use we can get from ESR -and I speak as a someone who much appreciates his character and talent- is to sell him, once he if fit enough to be of interest to other clubs. I really do NOT LIKE writing this. But I remain as ever, a realist!

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