Arteta admits that Arsenal’s barren patch could be a psychological problem

Arsenal were unceremoniously dumped out of the FA Cup by Liverpool reserves last night, leaving just the Premier League and the Champions League as their only focus for the second half of the season.

In the first half, Arsenal showed promise against the Reds, missing several good chances, including opportunities for Kai Havertz and Bukayo Saka. Despite their efforts, the score remained 0-0 at halftime.

Liverpool weathered Arsenal’s attacks and took the lead with a late own goal by Jakub Kiwior. The game intensified as Arsenal tried to get back into the match but left themselves vulnerable defensively.

In the final moments, Luis Diaz scored a second goal for Liverpool during a counterattack, ending Arsenal’s run in this season’s FA Cup after the first match, and Arteta made it very clear why the Gunners failed to get past the first hurdle when he said simply: “Because the ball didn’t go in the net.”

“We didn’t take the chances, I haven’t seen any other team in the first six months that have generated what we have done against them in the last two games and we’re not capitalising – not today, in the last few games – that’s why we are not winning games.

“Performance-wise, merit-wise, there is no question, but to win the game actually the results say something very different. When my team plays with that attitude, with that courage, with that desire and do what they’ve done to probably the best team in Europe at the moment in terms of momentum, what can I do? Stay behind them and support them.”

The current situation has raised concerns for Arsenal, as fans are puzzled by the unexpected defeat to a seemingly weakened Liverpool side on home turf, but the reasons were clear that goals have become nearly impossible to find lately.

The boss was also asked if this profligacy in front of goal was becoming a psychological problem, and he agreed: “It probably has, especially after today, more than it was against Fulham, more than it was against West Ham.

“That’s why we need to reset; the break comes at a good time because they are going to feel how we feel, how I feel about them very clearly in difficult moments, not when things are going well. Hopefully they can see from many other people that they jump on the train when things go well so when things are more difficult let’s see where they stand.”

It certainly appears that Arteta believes that we now have a big problem with our mentality at the moment, but the question is; why has our confidence dipped so badly recently?

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  1. Our players and coaches might’ve got too comfortable with their salary packages/ benefits at the Emirates

    1. lol, my ribs!! but that’s in danger of ending if they continue losing. Not the case at all mate, i’m so sure about that.

      1. I bet Arteta still has other tricks up his sleeve, to create more chances for our wasteful attackers

    2. I kind of agree with you @gotanidea👌 I bet Arteta and his Boys doesn’t want to see Emirate stadium become toxic again. 3 loses on the bounce isn’t encouraging. Over depending on certain player is not helping Arteta’s cause.

  2. It has 100% got to do with the way we play and poor technique. Very blind and delusional to say it is Psychological, when we have had this problem for a while.

  3. IMO, there is a psychological barrier but not just players but also the manager. He has to be creative and change tactics.
    If you use KH as a striker, then you need crosses = Orthodox wingers and full backs that cross the ball. We have 2 on loan that do that: KT (LB) and Norton-Cuffy (RB). They are better than what we have.
    Mika Biereth could be re-called from loan at Motherwell to be a striker. Plan B.
    Amount spent = 0.
    We become better and unpredictable if MA does not want to change formation to a 3-5-2.

      1. Well the one you mentioned didn’t work, playing Haverz as a striker. Do you need me to give more.

        1. I didn’t say it worked, he is a poor finisher, as he is poor with every technical aspect of the game. But tactically, things worked. With our current squad, we probably did not have better options, as Eddie is equally poor but lack physical ability.

          1. No, that was his tactic, hus decision, it didn’t work. Dont gloss it up. Should Arteta have known before, that Haverz was not clinical. And however you gloss it up, Nketiah is a striker, Haverz is not.

      2. For OiTB
        How many of them were headed chances.
        One glaring miss certainly which was the best chance of the game. But I could not remember any other.

    1. Square pegs in round holes. Last years fluke run in has got to his head wherein he has tried to fix what is not broken.

  4. The answer lies with MA. He admits our ‘strikers’ are not taking advantage of the numerous chances created over the past three games. Then do something about it, it’s your job!! Just wishing it will get better and you have faith in the squad is not good enough. Ask yourself, what would Pep or Klopp do if in a similar position? The more I see Havertz the more I know he isn’t the player to get things moving again – he’s too passive and easily bullied.

  5. Arteta needs to stop playing Psychologist and play the right team that can win the club football matches. He needs to stop looking at players through his “limited skills set” lenses and play Nwaneri, ESR, and the strikers he hasn’t experimented with. He can’t make Havertz a player he isn’t. He can’t extract out Saka, Martinelli, Odergard, Saliba, Maghaeles and Rice, the superhuman energy and mental strengths he wishes they posses. They are human, and need capable team players to enhance their strengths, definitely not Havertz and Jorginho.

  6. Psychological problems, player mentality – give me a break! Don’t need a brain surgeon to figure out why we are in this awful position.

    The simple truth is we wasted too much money in the last transfer window on questionable signings. 65M Havertz was a total waste, 115M on Rice at least 40M over the top. If we had instead signed a striker and another midfielder for the same money, totally convinced we would be better off today.

    Both Arteta and Edu need to take responsibility for this failure, snafu – pick your choice. Give the players a break, too.

  7. Psychological? Rubbish and there’s nothing wrong with the tactics, a decent striker would have buried at least 3 of them yesterday.

    1. So the tactic of playing Havertz up front was wrong then? So there was something wrong with the tactics? Contradicting yourself there mate!

      All bigger goal threats that were on the bench:

  8. Well we dropped off after playing out a draw vs Liv last season and this season so maybe Arteta was pondering on that

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