Arteta admits to being hurt by Ozil’s omission but stands by his decision

Mikel Arteta has admitted that he is hurt that Mesut Ozil has been put in a position that he will not be able to play football for the club.

Ozil hasn’t played for Arsenal since March just before football was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He wasn’t reinstated in the team during Project Restart and he hasn’t been registered in their Premier League and Europa League squads for this season.

His omission has drawn condemnation from a few individuals and Arteta has now admitted that he feels bad to have left out the German.

He claimed that he isn’t happy that Ozil will not be able to play for the team, however, he was made the manager of the team to make tough decisions like this one and that is exactly what he has done by omitting the German from his registered team sheet.

‘I’m hurt because I don’t like any player in my squad not to have the possibility to participate, or to compete, for me it is really sad because I don’t think anybody deserves that,’ Arteta said in an interview with beIN SPORTS.

‘But at the end of the day I’m sitting here to make decisions, to make the decisions that, in my opinion, are the best for the football club. And this is what I have to do,’ the Spaniard added.

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  1. IF Ozil wants to force his way back into the squad, it’s up to him. There’s always a chance that he can come back in January if he gets his mind right.
    But on another note, this is a little disingenuous from Arteta to say that he isn’t happy, because while experienced players do have individual responsibilities, managers MUST ALSO try to solve problems and nip things in the bud. HAS the relationship between the two former teammates broken down THAT badly? We may never know until after it’s all over.
    As I’ve said in another post, Ozil is finished as a Premier League player and would be best suited playing out his career in a lower league after this season. BUT he SHOULD still play a role in the remainder of this season if he’s ambitious to prove a point. The ball is now in his court.

    1. Ozil started arteta’s first 10 premier-league games as arsenal manager and behold we lost only one match against Chelsea, and in all those matches ozil recieves standing ovation whenever he was subbed, of course he’s finished as a premiership player, arteta really shot himself in the leg, if the current lack of creativity continues, then arteta might pay the ultimate price

  2. Martin, once again you let your personal views spoil a interesting article.
    Why do you say “from a few individuals?”

    Do you know how many of the millions of Arsenal fans have condemned or questioned the decision?

    Wouldn’t it have been better, as an “Admin” person, who supposedly, reports the facts, to say “the fan base is divided?”

    Your claim that a “few” sounds just like a Trump fictional allegation – no proof, just biased BS.

    1. @Ken
      I don’t know what you are going to do with yourself once your cult hero (Ozil) leaves.
      You seem so emotionally invested in him that it is bordering of worship. Always snapping and sniping at anyone that does not worship him like you and others seem to do. 😊

      You mentioned Trump here but you yourself act like these Trump cultish followers when it comes to Ozil.

      @ken and @Lcw, the self appointed Ozil guardians and protectors.

      And what do you mean by “The fanbase is divided?”
      Is that divide 50/50, 60/40? 30/70? 20/80?
      Can you please elaborate?

      1. Thing is though @Goonster what will you do when he leaves ?
        I never see you post ,be it match days or whatever ,atleast with Ken he posts pretty much everyday ,and is sensible in his opinions,if he supports a player then So be it ,why feel so angry because a fellow fan who supports an Arsenal player.
        I would rather read a fan’s opinion that talks about everything about their club than a fan who only talks about one subject ,being you and your one liner “shirt selling genius “ maybe come back when you have grown up and can actually put out a grown up post.
        Maybe let go Of the weird obsession you have with Ozil and try talking about something different .
        Match days are a good place to start

      2. Well, considering that you spend as much time castigating Ozil, it’s a little like the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you say?
        I also wonder what you will contribute to the site when MO leaves, as you don’t seem to have a view on anything else💤💤💤

        As for divided fan base, I haven’t a clue, just like Martin or yourself come to that.

        That’s why I don’t make claims like “a few” or the “vast majority”… after all, one only has one voice.

        Mind you, I’m glad you follow my posts with such regularity, as I now know what it’s like to have someone emotionally invested and worshipped in my every word 🤩🤩

        1. Oh dear dear Ken, even though we do not agree on your Ozil point of view, my respect for u is eternal, not that I was expecting anything less from such an intelligent and mature mind. If only everyone was like you and a few others on here.

      3. what ken has that you don’t seem to recognize is maturity. You constant personal attacks and insults to individuals who don’t share your point of view are unfortunate. Forums like this one are meant for debates so if you don’t have one step aside and let people with intelligent responses do the work.

      4. Well Mr. Goonster, the way you react to Mr. Ken’s posts, it seems you and not him, are obsessed with him. The man leaves next summer, so let’s try and be united and support MA, and forget about MO, shall we?😊😊

      5. Ken is one of the most sensible readers of this site. Never seen him attacking anyone. His comments are usually educational.

        1. Thanks for your support of me – if not for my views, which I understand as well.

          Awful news about Partey, Elneny and Kos – time for everyone to step up and give 100%.

          If the result goes against us, the trolls will be out demanding MA’s head again, that’s for sure.

  3. Ozil z the world-class player so return him back to team … We luck creative midfielder. That why we lost the game

  4. A few more months until this Ozil circus 🎪 is done. Then may be we might get back a bit of unity and sanity at our club.

    Never seen a more toxic and divisive player that is a drain on a club.

    Just a few more months until summer when his contract ends. Can’t wait.🍾🥳

  5. The Ozil wahala….aka the Ozil problem. Arteta is right and Ozil has not made it easy for both of them. I’m sure they both know why his playing role is restricted. Ozil needs to wrap it up and let them buy him out. He is finished as a football. The game has simply changed and left him behind.

  6. This is weird. Why is Arteta hurt by the decision he made. Is he saying he didn’t employ thorough thought process. Maybe it was made for him.? Anyway that is in the past now. He should leave the discussion of his decision to us fans to debate and concentrate his energy on making us play good football and be great again.

  7. Well the omission has drawn condemnation from much more than a few individuals to be honest. But at the end of the day it is MA’s decision and he has to back it up and prove his doubters wrong. I am firmly behind him and trust the process, though I also acknowledge the problems that have appeared in our playstyle. Hopefully after the break something has clicked into place🤞🤞

  8. Ozil is a match winner, Yes he goes missing in some matches but he can make a difference. Not having him in the squad is absurd. Can’t think of anyone in the squad with him qualities.

  9. Many problems for arsenal fc. Dis season is going to be very crazy. Same story…no champions league and will still struggle to qualify for Europa. MA problem… Ozil problem…..Willian problem…..Lacazete…..problem……more and more….just tired

  10. If Willian, a world class dynamic player, has failed to make an impact on this team, I don’t know where people get the courage to think that Ozil can thrive in such a poorly setup team.

  11. I don’t how some people think that not having him in the squad is better. You seem not having football knowledge. If we have him and he didn’t perform,then we can stop to the bench, in that case, it is better than not having him at all. Just a common sense. If we use him we pay his wages, if we don’t use him we would still pay him.

    1. So IF either way we have to pay him, it makes more sense to look to play him.
      I like that! IF the season take a turn for the worse by Christmas it’s worth a shot.

  12. The “team” is no longer a team. Arteta’s own b.s. has caught up to him, and the players will not buy anything he says anymore. So, what makes it all a joke? Look at this team list and say that there is space of Ozil! There are at least four jokers who should not be playing in the first team. Thus, along with Ozil, we can have three more junior players.

    Alves Soares, Cedric Ricardo (1st joke!)
    Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick
    Bellerin, Hector*
    Borges Da Silva, Willian (2nd joke!)
    Ceballos Fernandez, Daniel (3rd, biggest joke!)
    Chambers, Calum*
    Dos Santos Magalhaes, Gabriel
    Elneny, Mohamed Naser Elsayed
    Holding, Robert Samuel*
    Kolasinac, Sead
    Lacazette, Alexandre
    Leno, Bernd (a joke, Arteta should have kept Emilio as #1)
    Macey, Matthew Ryan*
    Maitland-Niles, Ainsley*
    Mari Villar, Pablo (4th joke!)
    Moreira Marinho, David Luiz
    Mustafi, Shkodran
    Partey, Thomas Teye
    Pepe, Nicolas
    Runarsson, Runar Alex (a joke! this should be Emilio)
    Tierney, Kieran
    Xhaka, Granit

    1. Yup, no place for Ozil unless a tweak in the play structure, which will probably not happen, atleast not in a way most of us are anticipating.

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