Arteta agrees with Wenger that Arsenal squad is getting stronger

As we can all undoubtedly agree, the Gunners haven’t exactly burst out of the gates this season – slumped on a disgraceful 0 Points from our first 3 games, conceding 9 and unable to score 1 – Our worst start in 67 years! 

Yet, this disastrous start to the season hasn’t prevented our much loved, long serving boss here at the club (Arsene Wenger) from having confidence in our side. Wenger spoke to  BILD LIVE(via the Metro) yesterday, he said ‘Today the club is in good shape. They had 2 tough games (Chelsea & Manchester City), the team has potential and I hope they can come back’. 

With the Ex-Boss staying ever faithful to the club, this should surely give the fans some hope that we are going in the right direction, despite the current record across the first 3 games. 

The Gunners have, by anybody’s standard, a MUST WIN game coming up on Saturday 11th September, a Home Fixture against 19th in the League Table, Norwich City. Should we fail to get all 3 Points from that game, I think we can all agree – some serious questions will start to be raised. 

Arteta has spoken out on the potential squad situation in terms of injuries ahead of the Norwich City fixture, and he thinks that we will be in much better shape next weekend ‘Well, let’s see because things change every day, so hopefully we will get three or four back that we missed a lot in the last few weeks, and hopefully we don’t lose anyone on the internationals.’ 

With hope that our squad should be strengthened ahead of that MUST WIN game, we should all be able to feel a little more confident going in to that decisive weekend. 

Let us know how you feel below.

Shay Maxwell.

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  1. We all know Wenger is a very astute man in what he says

    what else was he meant to say?

    ” Well, since i left the club has been shyte”

    Even if that was his feeling, he would never come out and say that publicly

  2. I hope he’s just being diplomatic but who knows?
    The first team (or what I’d presume is the first team – again, who knows?) looks decent on paper, but looking a little deeper: our most important player (by far), and only consistent source of goals historically, is either desperately out of form or completely over the hill; we’re heavily reliant on at least two very young mids (Saka and ESR, and potentially Sambi) who are still learning and will naturally be inconsistent; our starting goalkeeper is inconsistent, shakey and has holes in his game; and we have a lot of players who we expect to be very good, but still have a lot to prove (White, Partey, Pepe, Gabriel, Odegaard).
    And that’s before getting into the frequency of the injuries to key players and how detrimental those injuries tend to be (i.e. the backup players don’t seem to be up to it on anything like a consistent basis).
    Worrying times – I think luck with injuries will make all the difference to the season (unless Auba can turn his form around – at least there were signs in the cup game, although the EPL is a different matter), which just shows our squad is weak – as it has been for a very long time.

  3. I said this last year and will say it again.
    Since MA took over we just do not carry a threat upfront anymore.
    How many games have we seen in the last 18 months when we have had 1, 2 attempts on target. We went from a season with Abu on the left where he saved our season banging in the goals. He moved to the centre and since then we are forced to watch us trying to play from the back get squeezed hit a long ball to him where he often doesn’t compete and we lose the second ball and we are then back in our defensive shape.
    Yes we may have lost games in the past but at least we always had a treat going forward but that now seems to have gone completely and guess what if you dont score you cannot win.
    Leeds a re a great example of this and yes they concede goals and they will improve but at least their fans can get excited about games go and enjoy the thrill. When was the last time any fan on here had a real thrill watching Arsenal?
    Abu’s last post match interview after the ManC game when he said “As a team we are not brave enough, we need to get all the team and talk about this” I hope was a dig at MA relentless side to side defensive possession tactics that just are not working. I hope this is the case anyway.
    Stop trying to be ManC and be Arsenal of old, quick flowing attacking football that will entertain the fans and win football matches instead of this robotic slow build up.

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