Arteta AND Debuchy? – Arsenal must BUY NOW!

Arsenal’s injury problems just never seem to get better. As soon as we get a little good news we are immediately shot down in flames again. We were suffering from a shortage of defensive-minded players before the season even began and it has only got worse since then.

The latest news from is that Mikael Arteta will be out for the next three months. Arsène Wenger said: “Mikel has had surgery which went well. I have just seen him, he is back with us at the training ground.

“He had a limited mobility in his ankle and some persistent inflammation that had an impact on his calf. That meant we had to make the decision to have surgery and it’s a proper solution which gives him the best chance to recover.”

They also said that the surgery was successful but the rehabilitation will take three months. We all know to take forecasts like that with a pinch of salt! Poor Mathieu Debuchy has also been given the same forecast after his shoulder operation. Wenger said: “Mathieu had a surgery on his right shoulder following the injury on Sunday. It’s very unfortunate for Mathieu, it’s unbelievable because he’s had two surgeries in the same season. He just came back, he played seven games and he’s out again. I count three months out for Mathieu because contact will be a problem for the shoulder.”

It seems that Wenger has finally realised the transfer window is open at last. He said: “We have Chambers and we have Bellerin, who is coming on well, and I want to give them a chance as well, but of course we are in the market like many other clubs.

“We work really hard morning until late night to try to get one or two players in.”

Wenger, you need to stop working hard. Come and visit JustArsenal and we will tell you all the players that are available for the positiond we need. We will even tell you their strengths and weaknesses and even if they WANT to play for Arsenal or not! STOP working day and night and START BUYING!

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  1. Am I the only one who feels that is totally unacceptable that Arsene Wenger has allowed this situation to occur and that he is NOW active in the transfer window? now that all the other clubs know how desperate we are prices will be even more inflated and we’ll end up with even more mediocre players for more money, why does he always let it get to this stage? even my tortoise knows that we needed cover in defence and midfield before these injuries occurred and Now Wenger does too?
    Its embarrassing and ridiculous and it needs to stop. Bet we still wont get any of the players we all know we need to get, we’ll get some virtually unknown player who will be less that adwquiet and who will be another squad player and who will be a burden on the wages I can see another Sqid scenario coming along here.

    1. Our perennial problem is that Arsene is a stubborn, deluded transfer dealer who’s always looking for a bloody bargain and will sell anything to anyone at the right price!

        1. its bordering on fetishism, I know our ethos is to promote youth but why isn’t more interest given from scouts for players to come in and play now, or at least why can’t we close any deals for these players?

    2. You’re an idiot. In the last transfer window we got Alexis. I suppose you think that was embarrassing and ridiculous and needs to stop. Your words.

      1. @ljungberg8
        You my Friend need to grow up and realise that one “Swallow Doesn’t make a summer” I’ll break that down for you in case your having difficulty understanding my words, One Excellent player doesn’t mean the job is complete and if you think that Sanchez will stick around for ever if Arsenal are not competing at the top levels and winning trophies then you need to think again.
        “I may be an idiot , but there is one things I am not and that sir is an idiot” I think though that you may be if you think That Wenger has done right by the club in the last few years.

  2. Its Gobsmackingly incompetent to be forced into this situation we needed cover anyway and now we are in an even more dire situation than before, you have to realise that this situation is entire sanctioned by the board as no over company / club would tolerate this incompetence I would state the obvious and say he really needs to go but what good would that do? the board would replace him with another like minded soul

  3. Thank you for omitting the “boon” and “bang”

    If Wenger doesn’t not only sign, bout sign experienced, quality players then we are screwed.
    Arteta’s contract finishes this summer so might as well sign a Top DM to replace him. Also, because of the stupid error Not to put a return clause in Jenkison’s loan contract he can’t come back.

    PLEASE get us a Top CD and DM minimum

    1. Why so much negativity? Only Man City signed someone at an inflated price for a more than average striker who will be off to AFCON every 2 years. We have a light schedule on Feb, let the team do the work and get in the right player. The signings of the youngsters are for future. Wenger said he will bring in one/two players which is believed not counting the youngster.
      We cannot show we are desperate or teams will push us for higher price and stop saying that we are money pinching, we do not have infinite budget like plastic teams. It is not monopoly money, it is all hard earned money from our club and our fans (not oil dig from under the ground) . Why pay more when we can get for less, the difference even in only a few millions can be crucial for the bidding war for the next top player we want to bring in next summer.

      1. Why so much negativity you say??
        Am I reading this right?
        Man city have a squad that we can only dam of, I’m negative because Im tired of scraping through and yet paying more than any other fans for my season ticket, im fed up with hearing bullsh!t from our manager, had enough of losing by embarrassing score lines to clubs that have more ambition than us, Im annoyed at haring about players that became world wide successes that Wenger turned down or could have got but didn’t, I hate that there’s never any positive news on Arsenal, and most o all I am gutted that we have only on one tropy in ten years and ta its not sowing any ign of improving but plenty of signs of going backyards.
        Do you need me to go on??
        or are you living in a bubble somewhere

        1. AND as for NOT having an infinite budget I know that but I also know we are not skint and have a fair amount of money in the pot, so it should be spent on the key [layers we need you call these teams plastic but are they?? they are just products of the world we live in and are sucsessful plastic? I’d RATHER BE IN THIER POSITION AND WIN THINGS THAN BE REMEMBERED AS AN ALSO RAN WHICH IS WHAT WE ARE AT PRSENT, ALSO IF YOUR NOT MOVING FORWRADS YOUR GOING BACKEWARDS AND HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE THE ATTITUDE AT ARSENAL MAKES US MID TABLE MEDIOCRITY?? as for why pay more ? because that’s what the prices are its like entering the grand pries in a Skoda…I mean why pay more eh ??

          1. Also paying less in the long run costs you lore because substandard quality last less time
            but I mean why sooo much negativity??
            God give me strength

              1. Really well lets see now are you supporting a competitive football team or a business? do your homework and then have a discussion rather than running around like a teenager typing “adult” swear words because you don’t agree,

                1. @ozzy afc
                  I’m supporting both, which AFC happens to be. Now compare the wage bills of either Chelsea or Man C against that of Atletico Madrid or Soton. Then compare the caliber of players man for man.
                  Seems like your little blue peter theory got shot down dude..

        2. I hear you. But after your rant, could you suggest what we should do to improve the situation? And how would it help? And also we need to be realistic about the club finance as well.
          We are not living a fantasy world, we live in a world where money talks, the club with more money will have higher chance of winning trophy. These plastic clubs can just go out and buy trophies, we do the same and will face the risk of bankruptcy (look at Leeds Utd, talk to their fan and you will understand how deep do they sink – from Champion League to League One)
          The only thing I do agree that sometimes we should take more risk and spend big on the right player. Loss of a few millions per year wont hurt the club like Arsenal, gut to see we report positive number year after year.

          1. for a start if we are still so tight for money then the manager should take a pay cut and lead by example. 8 mill a year for one FA cup in nine years is not acceptable especially when he has not addressed zonal marking, DM, CB and CF issues.

      2. Great response EG! Why the negative slant on the players and managers alike? About a month ago someone wrote an article on the Arsenal philosophy. Great article.
        Until I see the money being spent like the plastic teams I am happy knowing that Arsenal has stuck to their guns(pun intended) and tried to participate in the greatest football league in the world while getting into the CL year after year. Winning the league might be a possibility if all things fall into place(no injuries) every few years.
        Now I look to the FA cup and CL and maybe things fall into place for a few games.

        1. My “Rant” as you call it is down to the fact that I have seen this go on and on over an extended period of time, The world as you rightly say is dictated by money and football is no different HOWEVER a club such as Arsenal does not need to become a “Plastic” as you call them because there is a (Granted) thin line to walk, We could have and should have brought in the key players last transfer window or the one before as our financial restrictions have now officially been lifted you don’t go to the press boasting of 100 million to spend and then not spend it when there are key bpositions that need filling, you don’t keep relying on aging players or untested youngsters to fulfil the seasons requirements when you still have 45+ million sitting in the bank.
          The key to the clubs continued survival and sucsess is that we compete and sometimes win trophies of national or international note and by doing so extend the brand worldwide and though keeping the same business model extend our ability to bring in the top notch players to continue that sucsess.
          Bayern Munich have a similar model and they don’t charge the earth or anywhere near what we charge for season tickets Southampton have collected an excellent set of players who are now being sought by all of the top clubs, it boils down to this really there is an ingrained reluctance to spend on proven players and im not suggesting we go silly and spend everything we have and therefor bankrupt the club but we have no ambition to compete with the major clubs at any level, and we ccould if we were more decisive and less financially cautious. It seems to me that the attitude of many is that its ok to maybe get fourth eaxh season and as long as we stick to our outdated principles then its all ok to npay the highest season ticket prices in Europe. Well I don’t feel that it is.
          I don’t need ANY LECTURES ABOUT HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS THANK YOU!!! the fact is that our club is run by the Merchant banking upper class who have no interest in our club winning anything as long as its run at a healthy profit and the board get their share prices upped. We have a 33.3% shareholder who is not allowed onto the board for various non sense reasons and you have to ask your selves why? Is Stan Kroenke any more ethical or palatable to you? because he is not to me, Its another example of the ruling class pulling the wool over the eyes of the masses and treating each and everyone of us like idiots. Are we not the mighty Arsenal?? and if we still are should we not act more like what the board and manager tell us we are… a top team instead of being the laughing stock of Europe because of the short sighted stubborn approach of the manager and the ingnorant “who cares as long as we are alright attitude of the board” If all this is ok with you guys then that’s fine but its not ok with me or a very large amount of other fans who are no less ardent in their support of the club. As for money that Comes from “Digging Oil out of the ground” you need to grow up somewhat as all money is gained from somewhere and its rarely ethical or even legitimate in some cases money is just money its not important where it comes from in this case.

        2. If being mediocre for want of more decisive and less cautious approach is something that makes you guys happy hen carry on. I or one don’t need any lectures on how the real world is I realise that we don’t have a limitless budget and I am aware that none of us want tobe termed as “Plastic” but when we boast a transfer kitty of £100 million and then leave three key area’s void of good players and then try to rely on aging and unproven players to achieve anything (regardless of if is the wenger trophy or something of real note) is a farcical situation, we don’t need to Bankrupt the club to bring in good proven players, just spend the money allocated and stop quibbling over pennies.
          Year in Year out this same situation arises and your happy with it? the whole idea o competativ sport is the “Competition” and winning if we were to have the one big spend on the three we need then we as aclub would not need to spend again for seberal seasons, if financial prudence is what is all about why on earth do we still have Diaby on the books when its clear to all he will never play competitive football at top level again? How much more are you willing to take the nonsense? and lets be clear here I am proud of the clubs ethics and traditions but that doesn’t mean imhappy to just bumble along and be mediocre, cos that’s where we are going.
          Money is money regardless of if its dug out from th ground as oil or if its earned in countless other ways, do you think its not “Plastic” to mine and your hard earned cash and NOT invest in giving you something back? or do you feel ok that Arsenal ans have in some part funded Silent stans Montana Ranch?, ask yourself this would you keep your job if you didn’t deliver the required results? and why wold you keep an employee who didn’t unless you were looking at a different agenda??? Cmon Guys wake up!!!

            1. @NYGUNNER
              hmmm your supporting both? but yur not though are you because we are not competing are we ? still if going from being a top European club to a mediocre also ran club makes you happy and your content that things are ok and are being done with the best interests of the fans then you carry on with that “Happy” outlook and see how far it goes, and as for your previous statement about the wage bills ect for Southampton and Atletico ect compared to Man City and real Madrid ect you I can see the difference and its clear that AFC is no real Madrid Im fully aware of that fact but if Southampton and Atlético Madrid can do it what is stopping us ? answered your own question there “DUDE” your smarter than you come across.

    2. We cannot include the clause as West Ham paid a decent amount for Jenkinson service, unlike Coquelin we let him go to Charlton for free (possibly share the wage only)

    3. Stop with this sh it with Jenkinson as it is not true. We can call him anytime we want but Wenger decided not to activate the clause. He did not recall him when Debuchy was injured first time he will not do it now either. We have the position covered. Jenkinson is no better than Bellerin or Chambers at the RB position. We played 15 games without Debuchy there and once Debuchy was used even as a CB. Stop spreading lies. You not even funny.

    1. Errors leading to shots 0 2 1
    2. Aerial duels won per game 3.2 2.75 2.18
    3. Blocks per game 1 0.55 0.45
    4. Clearances per game 9.6 4.7 4.3
    5. Headed clearances per game 6 2.5 1.9
    6. Tackle success % 75.86 66.67 71.43
    7. Passing accuracy & 79.72 88.84 89.75

    1. interesting stats although I believe we retain better possession than west ham in general which might skew them slightly, not sure how much hough

      1. Spot on jt – it skews them a shedload. All it tells me is that Reid has his hands full every game and can’t pass. Defensive stats are bollocks. If you go to Squawka you will see that by Sky’s analysis that Reid is better than Terry, Cahill and Kompany as well – West Ham just do more tackling, blocking, clearing, intercepting etc etc. Shouldn’t be difficult to understand really. You will also see that, worryingly for some, that PM’s numbers are comparable by most measures to the above 3.

  5. we need a right back right now….Spend the money!!

    Sign a new right RB and next season we will have 4 RBs….adequate backup and provide competition….

  6. DEJA VU all over again….16 days and counting. If Debuchy would not been injured, Transfers would not even be in WENGERS mind, he thought with most of the players back from Injury he could manage to go yet again through with out any signings in January….and you know what the Old Fox knows well, in January you only get overpriced players definitely not first quality players….this is what happens when you don’t build a team when you are supposed to during the Summer transfer. AKB ‘s praising his demeanor showing lack of interest not to have other Teams see that we are desperate (which we are) not sure who he thinks he is fooling everyone around the globe knows that we DESPERATELY need a DM and a CB

  7. @ NY_GUNNER sounds like it but not, we’ve been patient for 10 years with nothing happening, what gets me is that every year is the same story, still fresh in my mind last year when we desperately needed a STRIKER what we got Kalstrom and pretty injured.
    Now if WENGER proves me wrong, then you name the PUB beers on me.

    1. It looks like you don’t even learn every year. And you’re not even fair. January window is not a proper market because most of the teams are still involved in competitions and guess what, all of the teams want to improve to finish as strong as possible.
      If you want to buy now you will pay over inflated prices on a real gamble. Want an example? Look at Mata from Chelsea to United. Guess where will Mata be next season after failing to convince even under Van Gaal?

      1. The argument being then that we shouldn’t be in this mess in January and players should have been brought into these positions in the summer and I don’t mean the like for like replacements that came in Sanchez was the best bit of business we have done in an age

      Just buying players for the sake of it is not the solution to the problem.Everybody and their Granma thinks they know what we need, yet none are the boss. There are no guarantees that whoever we buy will improve our situation. Ozil cost 42m and to me seems like a waste of money. Who could have predicted that Sanchez would have the impact on us he has? People are always going on about “deadwood” We can’t just go droppin 30/40 mil every time we need get an injury. Look at all the over 25 mil players Spurs have that aint performing.
      It takes the time it takes to get what you think you need.

      1. To all my fellow ARSENAL Fans, my point exactly if you read my first comment, you cant and wont buy good players in January, I know it you know it and Wenger above everyone Knows it. Why he did not buy what we needed back in the Summer is beyond me, so yes PATIENCE ran out a long time ago, but as I said I am ready to stick my tongue if the man makes something happen.
        Now in one point I completely agree with you NY GUNNER is that 42 M for OZIL TODAY looks like a waste of Money….It’s up to OZIL to proof the contrary and show the world and specially to US the kind of player that he can be.

        1. Gotta say that’s the first bit of Sense NY GUNNER has spoken all day and I totally agree with you both Ozil was / is a waste of money but then looking deeper into it you have to ask why was José Mourinho not interested in taking him to Chelsea as he was some of his other squad members at Real? and why was Ozil played out of position for so long?
          Of course it a hit and miss affair to a degree but without buying someone how will you know?

          1. After years struggling with Money, we needed to spend wisely do savvy investments in players….I will be crucified for what I am about to say but OZIL came to ARSENAL as a nervy last minute buy when WENGER was lynched on that first game against VILLA after not doing nothing at all the whole summer he went in a RUSH and bought OZIL at the very end of the SUMMER TRANSFER…..this was a HIT and MISS worth 42M that we have been told we can’t afford, SANOGO was a HIT and MISS we can afford and there he went, what we do with OZIL who is buying after watching him play as he does….All comes to WENGER the man completely lost it and AFC is paying the consequences.

            1. I can happily listen to, and have a laugh about, all the grand theorising, conjecture, guesswork, conspiracy on here all day without a problem. People who have an intimate knowledge of the inside machination of the AFC boardroom, people who can read Wenger’s mind and project his thoughts to the masses with great authority – luv it all. And we all like to apply our own spin…… BUT Wenger “panic” buying Ozil because we lost to AV is the single biggest crock of s**&te I have heard, up there with moon made of cheese, Noah’s ark and alien abductions. We spend 99% of our time on here listening to just how stubborn, mean, intransigent Wenger is and yet on a day in August 2013 after losing a match he thought “jeez I just lost a game of football, God I am never ever gonna get over this, what can I do to keep those pesky fans quiet – I know, someone please give me £42 mill….. I have a plan”. PPPUUUURRRR…….LLLLLLEEEEAASSEEEE.

      2. your right none of is the boss and If I were a smarter more intelligent man perhaps I would be but Im not. the point still stands though that what the current boss is doing is not delivering what the fans pay for and that cant be denied

  8. @NY_Gunner
    I take offence at that comment let me ask you this, would you keep employing and paying top rates to an employee who rarely delivers what is expected by way of results?? unless your agenda is somewhat different to what the rest of the workforce though it was??
    Ia Patient man and in no way a spoiled brat, I’m an intelligent adult who cant see the logic if making Asenal a successful competitive team is the agenda, I can thouh if is running a business that’s profitable to the board and shareholders

    1. Trouble is that you are not his boss and you have no idea what Wenger is asked to deliver. If he’s still in charge at the club it means he delivers plenty for his employer so I would leave it at that if you really want to keep that “intelligence” bit from your post.

      1. Really Bud??
        seems intelligence may be in short supply in your house, If Wenger is delivering what the board expect then the question lies with the board does it not? and exactly what would their agenda be then? if not to compete and win trophies for the club and the fan base? I think that question answers itself and whilst I am a massive admirer of Wenger it seems that he and the board have a different agenda to what a large majority of the fans want.
        and while we’re here let it be noted that you and yur “mate” NYGunner turned the discussion onto a nasty slant not me You AKB’s are all the same mindless sheep.

            1. No real reason I work with a bloke by that name who knows a devout goner by the name of Budd and I just wondered is all.
              Mate just cos we gissagree on points don’t go thinking that my devotion to this club is any less than your own I have a long and hard fought history with Arsenal and I will be a goner till they screw the coffin lid on difference of opinion doesn’t dilute the support for the club

        1. Any time, buddy. Gooners are in very short supplies on this site. I stand for every true supporter and you never failed to be one.

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