Arteta and Edu – The Doomsday scenario is coming…

The Doomsday Is Coming, Mikel by Amagore


Football or soccer, which ever term you prefer, is one sport that is full of emotions. A lot of people around the world will agree that once you choose a football club to support your loyalty is difficult to throw out of the window. The attachment that one has to his favourite football club is occultist in a way. You cannot just quit. For me, Arsenal football club is the definition of football and the football club in my world. I cannot see myself discussing about football without making any reference to my beloved Arsenal. However, in recent weeks I have been relegated to the table of football’s laughingstock, where the supporters of rival clubs find joy in mocking everything linked with Arsenal. Long lost friends suddenly found the energy to initiate some form of a conversation with me.

A lot of theories are being thrown around with the sole aim of finding who to blame for the current darkness engulfing The Arsenal. In the various social media spaces, every discussion around Arsenal is full of negative feedback. If it is not about Edu and Arteta’s ineptitude, it will be about the board of directors, let alone Stan Kroenke. There has been a lot of negative vibes since the previous season where the club failed to get qualification for the European places.


The Ozil Effect…………

At one time Ozil dominated debates in Arsenal circles and for some reason his departure marked the end, if not the beginning, of a façade which was projected as a dawn of a new successful era.

We expected to see the likes of Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira among others being accorded a chance to prove themselves whilst representing the Arsenal badge. Surprisingly they were sent out on loan spells which only Arteta and Edu understand. William Saliba, a very promising talent according to those who followed his development in France, was regarded as excess baggage and he was loaned out without giving the Arsenal fanbase a chance to have a look at his abilities. The only people who know why he was send out on loan are the duo of Arteta and Edu.

We all know how Edu-Arteta connived to deceive Arsenal supporters by recruiting Willian who was already on the other side of 30. Arteta tried to sell us a fictitious footballing lesson when he suggested that Willian could play as the creative midfielder replacing the departed Ozil. Mesut Ozil was not my favourite player at Arsenal but to believe that Willian could be the solution to our creativity problems was colossal naivety. As it stands creativity in the squad remains problematic because none of those playing as the creative assets in the team have what it takes to compete at the required level of consistency.


Edu-Arteta recruitment drive versus the reality………………………….

The Edu-Arteta marriage is one made from hell as they have presided over some of the worst performances in the history of Arsenal FC. Their recruitment exercise has seen the club lowering the average age of the squad without worrying about stability and performance in the interim. They have deliberately ignored common sense and the effects of the financial muscle of most EPL teams. I believe the EPL is described as the best league in the world on the basis of commercial deals that have seen English football clubs earning obscenely huge incomes. These incomes have enabled clubs in England to attract and buy decently to strengthen their squads.

What this scenario means is that the big clubs cannot rely on history and tradition to remain competitive. Clubs that are willing to buy big and correctly are reaping the rewards. The current activity and statistics indicate that Arsenal have spent more than the other nineteen clubs of England’s top flight league, but are the purchases made really the solution to all perceived problems? The answer is a big NO because the club is still retrogressing. The club is breaking records for the wrong reasons making all serious Arsenal supporters hopeless.


Deceived by Instant success………

All real football supporters want their favourite football club to be successful and win trophies. For Arteta the instant success in the FA Cup made him a darling of many followers of Arsenal. There were others who still viewed him as an accident waiting to happen. Being the rookie that he was, and still is, it was understandable that some sections of the footballing world doubted his ability to take Arsenal back to the top. All doubters have certainly been proven to be right.

Following the unceremonious departure of Unai, Arteta’s arrival seemed to have revived the team. His mentorship program at the Etihad made some of us believe that the good old beautiful days of beautiful soccer were upon us. I personally believed that Arteta had learnt a lot from Pep who is one of the biggest tacticians in world football. A closer look at how Arsenal have been playing proves that the current manager doesn’t know what he really wants to do or how he wants the team to perform.

Arteta was given a long rope, but it seems he has moved at high speed to tie himself with it. If the team maintains the consistent poor results Arteta will surely have to go.

As things stand there is nothing to suggest that things will improve soon. The doomsday is certainly coming for Arteta and Edu.


By Amagore

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  1. I’m confident we’ll beat Norwich to be honest. That being said, it doesn’t change anything and I still believe MA and Edu need to go ASAP for the benefit of AFC.

    We’ve got a half decent squad with a couple players we need part ways with still, now we need the right coach to mould and mentor the team.

    1. If Arteta picks and fields the team the usual way he does believe me we will lose to Norwich.Its quite unfortunate but true,I just hope that if it happens we should not wait to lose the Burnley match,but the club should just allow Arteta to take a walk.

      1. Arteta will play the best team available to him, as he did in the last 3 games.
        But this one will be better after the covid and injury recoveries.
        He can only pick the players that are fit enough to perform.

        1. Except the returning players won’t be match fit.

          Considering the amount we spent in the transfer window, we should be looking forward to seeing the new players, but I look at the signings and feel somewhat underwhelmed. Where are the game changers, the power players who can beat a man and get the crowd on their feet?

          I just see mediocrity and unless they gel quickly, it’s going to be a long hard season.

          On top of that, some of the previous signings, for example Partey and Tierney, are injury prone and have already missed many games since joining.

          Put that all together and there’s very little to get excited about.

      1. Arsenal football club need to learn how to defend first. New manager or not, with defending like that, there’s usually only one result.

    2. If we can beat Norwich then most of Arteta’s brigade will see it as a success. Then they will rally behind him as if he has won the champions league. I criticised Arteta’s appointment from the beginning and I still do. That interesting football of Arsenal is history

    3. Unfortunatly, window had closes; stock with Infamous Arteta til next one.

      We missed on Tuchel in winter, Conté this summer who certainly dont come in January for relegation fight, with no way to Europe.

      We must cope with it til next summer, hope not be relegated and a top coach opportunity.

      Wenger be solition in January, make sure we do not fall under.

      1. Mate, you truly believe nobody can come and do a better job than Arteta? A guy who picked Kolasinac as his CB vs City and only played Xhaka in midfield? Literally most of the PL managers would do a better job than him.

        1. well said Konstantin…I can’t even imagine another manager at any level who would have adopted such a seriously flawed approach against that particular opponent…it’s so naïve it makes me wonder if it was purposeful on his part to make a point to those calling for us to play a 3 or 5 back formation…I know it seems far-fetched but the only other reason I can think of is that he actually thought we might do to City what we did to WestBrom in that Father/Son-like Cup fixture, but that seems to be an infinitely more ludicrous notion…so why???

        2. I totally agree with you. I bet the mad Arteta will still play the inept Chambers as right back. I never rate chambers since he join arsenal, and he us getting worse and worse.

  2. Look at our next three oppositions. They’re smaller compared to us, so we should be able to rebuild our confidence before Spuds visit us

          1. I think he’s been learning, because he just bought a tall RB to win aerial duels for White and played Lacazette against Brentford behind closed doors to make him ready for Norwich

        1. Arteta was definitely not a top midfielder. He was half decent but never really pushed himself and rarely created game changing moments….very much like Xhaka.

          1. To me Arteta was on similar level to Elneny. But he was coached by better manager and surrounded by better players.

          2. Sure he was one of the better performers at everton. But he never stood out at arsenal. He nvr made defense splitting passes, play eye catching one twos, awed us with dribbles, neither was he a rock or ever scored a screamer. I would have remembered flashes of brilliant plays from players like ramsey, wilshere, cazorla, but never arteta. Sure he was a stable performer, he dont lose balls in dangerous position, he distributes the ball well to other players, but to call him great? Idk man. Would any fans really miss him had he been sold when he was playing for arsenal? Im not so sure. Anyway, arteta was part of the panic buy and we got him for cheap, like 10M.. We even paid higher for Elneny?(I think)..

          3. Arteta was nothing special at Arsenal, he played a different position than at Everton where he was better. As a player and that has nothing to do with his management style, he was ordinary. Please dont anyone try to say he was anything other than efficient at best.

          4. GAI, the Everton “legend” I would rate at Arsenal would be Allan Ball, the player who put the frighteners on Graeme Souness. Now he was a midfielder of the highest calibre.

        2. GAI when was Artefa a top midfielder? He did good for Everton and won an FA cup at Arsenal. Portsmouth won the FA cup and so did Wigan and I don’t remember their midfields. Arteta was an average midfielder. He was a last second panic buy after we got spanked 8-2…

          1. He made 41 goals and 42 assists from 284 EPL appearances. He was also Everton’s Player of the Season twice and won two FA Cups with Arsenal

        1. @Gunner4life
          That’s not fair to compare Arteta to Elneny in his playing days. He was the best attacking midfielder at Everton and became Captain at Arsenal during Wenger era. He was the best DM we had then. But football have evolved and more complicated since then. Remember the best coaches in the world leagues now want to come to EPL so the competition is intense more than before. Physicality is more emphasized now compared to when technical players are the most celebrated. Elneny is no where near Arteta in his playing days. Unfortunately goodly players are not necessarily great coaches.

          1. Well captain was one of the most questionable role at Arsenal. I feel since Cesc, we have never had a decent captain.. Anyway, in DM position, Flamini was definitely better than Arteta.
            To be fair though, it is probably too crude to compare him to elneny, but he just gives me the same impression as elneny. Someone with good attitude, decent in midfield, you almost never made him a scapegoat, but he was never brilliant as well..

    1. Gai
      My worry is that Arsenal are unpredictable this days with smaller teams. Arsenal coach Arteta doesn’t even hooz confidence towards smaller teams. In his interview before we lost to Brentford he wasn’t assuring. I can only hope we get maximum points in our next 3 games. Draws will be equal to losses.

    2. We are used to it because you’ve been supporting Arteta even if things goes wrong. I’m wondering if your loyalty is on Arteta or Arsenal

      1. I’m not defending Arteta, because no Gunner is bigger than Arsenal

        I just don’t want to jump on the moaning bandwagon, because expressing my emotion won’t solve anything

        Conveying a solution could spread positivity, which hopefully lift up the team’s spirit

  3. Good article. Imagine if we draw or lose to Norwich, doomsday will be here in front of our very eyes. On paper we should win it…..on form we may well not. Saturday at 4.45 pm could change the Arsenal story completely. It’s 50/50.

  4. Doomsday or not, we as loyal Arsenal fans must continue to support our team irrespective of Arteta being there or not, because supporting the club in these terrible times is paramount. However, the fact remains that the axe is hanging over Arteta but hopefully, for the sake of the success of the club and for the love for Arsenal, I feel Arsenal should win the next 3 games against Norridge, Birnley and AFC Wimbledon before the Spuds visit us. By that time, our confidence should be back and we should be able to thump the Spuds. The main point for the players is regaining confidence and composure and the belief that Arsenal can and must win games when they step onto the football pitch. Also, it is of vital importance that Arteta knows what he is doing and how he is implementing his plans and tactics and Arsenal must be on the field with a plan and purpose, not just looking lost. Heres hoping to a successful run of games after the international break.

  5. Friday 13th lost to Brentford.
    Norwich on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
    What an atmosphere at the Emirates.
    What a day for the club.
    Monday the 13th?…

  6. Greetings, don’t hold your breath waiting to see the back of coach. He’s gonna build a club we fan gonna be proud of. Yes, he will make selection mistakes. He will be forced to play players out of position. When that happens, where will the doomsayers be. Clapping hands and smirking. The real fans will be around 2024 when arsenal play in the CS FINAL on what ever stadium.

    1. CS final as in Community Shield? Lmao.. Im with you, hopefully we can win another FA cup so we can play in CS final 😛

    2. I sure would love to have what you are smoking

      Are you clowns kidding, That we need to have a conversation that Norwich…..Norwich!!! is a must win game.
      To bring them up shows you lot do understand the depths the novice has dragged us down to and to even suggest giving him more tine is absurd

    3. Really I mean Liverpool were right there is something special that grows at Emirates which is smoked by our board and some of the fans. That’s why they say things like this 😂😂😂

  7. What I know is that we have very average player’s but again I believe they can do better than languishing in the bottom half of the table.
    This team needs a manager who has a different mindset from Artetas school of thought. Someone who can field a balanced team that can compete.I have seen javier Mascherano a defender play so well as a DM,Same to Phillip Lahm and so many other players.A player like Ben White fits this bill.Instead of fielding 2 left footed players with no defensive capabilty i.e Sambi and Xhaka,we should drop one and pair the other with white,this will surely give us some grit &stability in this area.I can go on to so many glaring fixes this team needs.The solution is a good manager at Arsenal who will be able to motivate this players and field a competitive team.

    1. More games will come and go, we are bound to win a game some where down the line and then all these Areta supporters will come out and say we told you so. He is the right man for right job. I mean these people blame Wenger for recruiting deadwood and putting liability on Arteta, failing to realise that it’s Arteta who chose to keep the players he wanted from Wenger era, plays them in his first team and even hands out contract extension to them. Still they blame wenger for Arteta’s failure. I am begining to think we deserve all this because with fans like these who needs enemies.

  8. “We all know how Edu-Arteta connived to deceive Arsenal supporters by recruiting Willian”

    This is pure lazy writing and a terrible statement to make.
    They connived to deceive fans?
    Do you even understand the meaning of that statement or you just to throw around the English word anyhow?
    I recall when Willian was signed a large part of readers on here hailed the signings and said it was a good one and so many fans wrote comments about how he’s meant to be the No 10, a whole lot of you insisted he was brought in for creativity.
    I remember making a bet on here that he’s only here to play on the wings and be a competition for Pepe.
    You guys filled yourselves with the idea that he was meant to be some Ozil replacement. So since he couldn’t do that, he’s been the worse thing to happen to the club.

    I’m only saying when writing, watch the words you use.
    Edu-Arteta-Willian, all trio been disappointing so far but your choice of description is terrible.

    If we’re to be fair, then it’s fair to say Arsene Wenger and co connived to deceive us with some of the signings they made isn’t it? Isn’t that what you mean?
    Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it has to end in a toxic relationship between fans, club and the player.
    Dang! Willian even showed he’s the bigger man here who came with the intent of a project he believed, but since it didn’t work out. He walked away from 20 Million.
    That’s someone who actually came to play football, and knew when to walk away since it wasn’t working.

    The rest of the things you said, I do agree with though

    1. Well said bro. I remember the excitement after the Willian signing to..I also remember fans here saying that last years transfer window was one of the best in living memory after the signing of Partey.. As soon as things fall apart they start with the blaming and then claim that they were always against such and such..just cant own up..

      1. Must agree, given Willian’s playing CV no one would have predicted such poor performance at Arsenal.

    2. I always thought the phrase was ‘conspire to deceive’ although I actually Iike new spins on old sayings regardless of the accuracy of it’s use here.

      Hard to believe my eyes aren’t deceiving me when I see our mighty Arsenal at the bottom of the table without a single goal let alone a point!

    3. the very notion of evaluating the Willian acquisition based on whatever the fans may or may not have felt at the time of his signing is an entirely nonsensical endeavour as we had no say whatsoever in the process and it wasn’t the fans who were being handsomely rewarded for making the tough decisions which were in the best interests of a franchise supposedly embarking on a “rebuild” of sorts…instead of choosing the path less traveled, our manager choose the path of least resistance, as such he must bear the brunt of the blame

      when he started to read his own headlines, following the FA Cup, it’s clear that he mistakenly used this as an opportunity to pursue a more selfish course of action, likely feeling like he and the team were further along than they actually were, so when this failed miserably, he should have been removed from the equation

      for some inexplicable reason, minus possibly ownership apathy and/or incompetence, they enabled Arteta to reintroduce the “rebuild” narrative, albeit this time from a position of desperation…sadly, this should never have happened, especially if it was clear that a significant amount of funds would be available in the off-season

      this, along with some of our more youthful assets, should have been used as a way to woo a much more credible managerial candidate to North London…now, if things continue on a sideways trajectory, or worse, any new manager will have a major task on his hands and likely no funds available to them, which will make it exceedingly more likely that those with the requisite CV will steer clear from what will be construed as an incredibly problematic undertaking

  9. Why so negative ?……Arsenal is rebuilding ……’s expensive to sign retirement bound stars for a couple of years and back to the previous low level when they leave…..kroenke’s are using a similar model of what they did with their MLS team……patience.

    1. But salary caps make that much more possible – in any of our North American leagues (except baseball) you can’t just stock the players away and there is frequent turnover and breakups of really strong teams.

      You got me thinking though. is that part of KSE’s problem – that they are coming at this more like a NA league?

      1. Stewart, KS&E’s lack of understanding of the EPL, professional football specifically and professional sport outside of the USA in general, is fundamental to where Arsenal is at present.

    2. Trust me on this. We are not buying young players to build for the future. This is a business model to sell at higher price in the future. The project was never meant to bring arsenal back to its glory days, so we should forget premier league titles with this regime. We could at best hope for top 4 as champions league spot will bring more money to owner.

      Sorry for being negative but I just could not see the players we bought be the backbone of a winning team in the future.

        1. Come to think of it, projects like this is old news to arsenal. I was once young and naive, excited with young players at Arsenal playing quality football, hoping for a strong future. There was a season where we dominated the first half of season with players like Hleb, Flamini, Cesc. Though we crumble at the second half, it was a hopeful season, or so I thought til we went and sold Hleb and Flamini. The following season we sold our best striker, Adebayor, leaving the striking department bare, with only the then injury prone rvp. Then we sold our team’s heartbeat Cesc and Nasri, replacing them with the unreliable, young wilshere and ramsey til we were thrashed 8-2 and went on panic buy. The following season, our best striker (RVP)and midfielder(Song) left.. The replacement? OG12, Podolski, Cazorla, Monreal. Honestly it was a good buy but the way we keep losing our best players really make me boils, and replacing players does not always guarantee it will work out. It was really tiring watching Arsenal building a squad. Since then we have had Ozil, Sanchez, Auba but we never looked like a team trying to build a winning team.. This season is no different. We spent a lot on young players and you can hope that they turned worldclass. But one by one will leave when they have had a good season or two..

          1. It started for me after the first double in 1970/71, straight after which Arsenal sold Ray Kennedy to Liverpool.

          2. OG, agree that Bertie broke that great side up to early and then look what happened – years in the wilderness!!!

            Today feels so different though, with the expectations so much higher from the fans.

            At the time, we enjoyed the limelight of Bertie’s success and then carried on supporting the club as we had done before… through thick and thin.

            Not sure the bulk of younger fans are ready to do that (rightly or wrongly) today and the title could just be true!!!

          3. Exactly right with Bertie Mee, then Arsene Wenger did the same thing to the “Invincibles”.
            In those “in between years” before the great George Graham, Don Howe might not have been a good manager, but he sure could coach footballers, particularly defenders.
            I just want to see Arsenal players committed and competitive again.

      1. Totally agree , we currently have no players worth more then we got them for , these young guys in my opinion are seen as future assets to make a profit on.
        We are run as a business first and football club 2nd.
        As long as kronke is here nothing will change yet I do also feel that if we had a proper experienced manager he would do a lot better then what I’ve seen since Arteta took over

        1. Tierney, Holding and Martinelli and are all now worth more than we bought them for.

          By mid-season hopefully we can add Tomiyasu, Tavares, Odegaard and Lokonga to that list.

          1. None of them is Arteta’s signing. Martinelli has regressed since Arteta took over. Tierney didn’t even play for the. manager (Emery) who bought him. Holding is just bang average.

            Saliba is now worth less than we bought him

            Torreira is now worth less than half of what we paid for him

            Six months after we bought Guendouzi, PSG offered£60m for him but we refused knowing that he’s worth more. Arteta let him go for £9m. Nelson has been reduced to a dust bin. Willock built up his transfer value at Newcastle under Steve Bruce, not under Arteta. Aubameyang has regressed since Arteta took over. Pepe is sidelined while Saka was already becoming a star whe MA came. No one willing to pay more than £13m for Xhaka. Kolasinac has been quite terrible but became worse under Arteta. To cover for all these flaws, almost two years into his tenure, they’re startia new project again

  10. There was once Arsene Wenger and David Dein shaking the premier league football, creating the famous Invincibles. Now it is Mikel Arteta and Edu trying to do the same lmao.

  11. I know it’s all doom and gloom, but I’m itching to get back to the Emirates! It’s been 545 days 😱
    Spent a great deal of yesterday on the phone/online trying for NLD tickets.. thought I’d got 2 (for £88!), then something went wrong at the checkout, by the time it was rectified the 8 minutes were up.. I could’ve cried! So now religiously checking the TE for Norwich 🤞
    And I’m sorry this has nowt to do with the article, but I’m cheesed off with all negativity..

    1. ouch. And I hear you Sue. If I were in London, heck if I were in UK, I would be going to watch.

        1. WHAT SUE!!!! Paying the highest prices in europe at what cost??
          If the NLD was only £44 (a lot I know, but never the highest) this myth about fans paying the highest prices in europe is yet another example of complete rubbish, based on the media’s attempt to blacken the club.
          Hope you enjoy the game!!!!

          1. Ken, I appreciated Sue 💐 giving me the current Emirates pricing structure, so there is no excuse for these spurious claims any longer.
            People should inform themselves! 🤔

    2. Double bummer for you. Don’t understand the purpose of the article and many of the current fan sites. Is the something in the English psychology that requires pessimism or maybe the water? Too much complaining about players, ownership, Maybe it the weather over there causing this. Lighten up people. We have a solid squad and will compete and March up the table. Optimism!

  12. English people can always brighten up by following England in the World Cup qualifiers or the English Cricket Team.

  13. The very facts and proof of both Edu and Arteta s incompetence is happening to Arsenal as we speak. The transfers’ money spent for value derived and inability to sell those unwanted by the club and not prioritizing the bleeding team weaknesses are obvious . These two guys need to leave the club and go serve their apprenticeships in lower leagues or smaller clubs.

    1. You can lie to some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time 😉


  14. I have read so many good articles on here and seen really good opions expressed in a well written way.
    This I am afraid is dross
    UM who was a very poor choice for us as a manager and who lost the dressing room and was done
    Ozil who some.People put him in the same class as some of our great …please
    A waste of talent who hardly turned up for us on the big occasions
    If you don’t like what you see then turn off and wait until MA is gone but stop bleating on about it
    Unlike you we support the team through thick and thin

    1. Ahhh well aren’t you a pious one!

      You support the team regardless of the state of the club or it’s running and just think game by game like a memory affected goldfish. Not all of us have this affliction you know!;)

      You support through thick and thin unquestionably and I will be an Arsenal man who loves the club but is not so short sighted to see how terribly wrong we are and have been within many facets of operation.

      Sanctimonious fans thinking that they are some how better than others because they question nothing and follow without analysis or question, get right up my Arsenal.


    2. AB, the Board and senior management should have supported Emery in the transfer market and in discipline of recalcitrant players, instead of “throwing him under the bus”.
      They backed the wrong horse, just on the bases that Arteta was an ex Arsenal player (credit with fans), who had been assistant to Guardiola.

  15. If the boys can just avoid the regular lapses in concentration we have been seeing and stay totally focused for the next couple of games, we can turn things around and go on a good run till Christmas..just like the old times. I wonder though, what are Arteta’s targets? If he fails to make top 4 but makes top 6, will he stay?

  16. Novice manager +inexperienced director of football +young unproven players =Sunday league team, not a top for side

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