Arteta and Edu under serious pressure after poor start to the season

Mikel Arteta and Edu have come under pressure at Arsenal after the poor start to the season.

Both have been in charge of bringing players to the club over the last two years with Arteta expected to get the best out of the players who join his squad.

The former midfielder has struggled to justify that with his team reaching a new low in the last four months.

They failed to qualify for any European competition at the end of last season before starting the current campaign with a 2-0 loss against Brentford on Friday.

After splashing the cash to add the likes of Nuno Tavares, Albert Sambi Lokonga and Ben White to their squad, Arsenal fans expected their club to give a harsh welcome to new boys, Brentford.

However, the Bees stung them instead with a fine performance and the Daily Mail says that result has placed Edu and Arteta under pressure.

Arsenal is rebuilding their squad, but after two seasons, they expect their team to be doing better and if things don’t change, it might cost Arteta and Edu their jobs.

The Gunners were without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette in the game and will hope things change for the better when the strikers return.

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  1. If they do end up losing their jobs, my greatest concern is that the hiring (and firing) authority at Arsenal is incompetent to select suitable replacements.

    1. get rid before its to late get wenger back quickly or morinnio been arsenal supporter since 1945 never seen it so bad why did they pay 50 million for white to do the luandry each week

    1. Arsenal can’t cope this season bcos things have changed. Everyone is playing high intensity and its clear arsenal can keep up. Brentford was a good example of that. The league is changing but arsenal remains stagnant

      1. arteta and edu the supporse to live the club because their have given the money to buy a good player the can not buy

  2. I suggest that they (because of the dire result against promoted Brentford) have a maximum of 4 games now. I dont think Arteta was a good appointment even at the time but i dont trust that the krankies would know a good manager if he slapped them in the face. Arteta needs gone but so do the Krankies, maybe there might be some kind of realisation from them in the next few weeks and a miracle happens.🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  3. Artheta and Edu can’t solve Arsenal’s problem. We should take a bold step to sack them. This is what happened in Chelsea and today the rest is history. Our problem is Kronkes. They don’t want progress in Arsenal. So the fans should act now before things get out of hand.

  4. I don’t think Kronke is fussed at all. Club making money, low net spending after Willock sale, and fan’s ire mostly directed at Arteta and Edu.

    Kronke, Edu, Arteta, & the board have sold “the process” and too many fans bought into it. He continues to get by on mediocrity because too many accept it.

    Perhaps if we’re 12th – 15th in December we may see involvement from ownership

    However I would not be surprised to see Arteta finish this year as manager, & if we miss out again on European football then he will probably get the sack.

  5. Let’s face it, from top to bottom there are issues. Greedy owners who know nothing about English football hiring the wrong manager on the cheap. The whole “rebuilding” thing can be a lengthy excuse. How long it should take and how long it will take is a completely different thing. It just depends on how much wool you want to pull over the eyes..

  6. this is going to drag on for months so strap in everybody. It’s a very real fact we could have zero points three matches into the season way things are going.

      1. Raul, Gazadis, Edu, Arteta (a coach with no coaching experience,) shady deals, no accountability, no oversight, ignorance, ineptness, negligence, need I say more.

  7. Pressure from who?The fans or the board?From the board,that i doubt.There wont be pressure until atleast after 10 games.Fans can get frustrated however they can,but the board wont change a thing until atleast towards the end of october

    1. yup. a very obvious decision that should’ve been made last season wont be made until almost 1/3rd into this new one. That’s yet another season down the drain for us for no reason.

  8. Looks like the wheels are coming off! For whatever reasons unknown,Arsenal need a shake up in house!
    Albeit old players and new management ,or they will be playing championship football next year.

  9. Who is the executive in charge at the back, responsible for hiring and firing Edu and Arteta?

    Who is the executive responsible signing and green-lighting this mysterious plan for the transfer period – which has so far turned out to be a catastrophic failure – placing the club behind the 8 ball?

    We deserve an explanation and apology, at the very least. (Assuming they care about the future of this club).

  10. Even club’s like Everton….. Newcastle…. Aston villa… liecester city….. Spur…west ham …they are hungry for success I am not gonna mention city and Manchester united because those ones can change coach every two two matches so they are above us …. but this little little middle table teams can change coach if things are not working out ….so what stops Arsenal from sacking Arteta and Edu …..oooh God am tired of this club

  11. Sorry guys – those of you who (I have read three such comments lately) are implying that some fan “loyalty” to Arteta is the reason he is still here are both wrong and being very unfair to supporters who were doing so for all the right reasons. I, as one of those who until recently wanted Arteta to be given more time, am very offended that you dare to imply that we alone kept Arteta in a job.
    Do people seriously think that Arteta would have been sacked if more of us wanted him gone earlier?
    Kroenke DOES NOT CARE what we think – I would have thought that was pretty obvious. And what, pray, would we have done if we all wanted him out last season? Taken placards to the games that we couldnt get into? Not renewed our season tickets to watch our team (talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!). Demonstrated outside the grounds we couldn’t get into? Said so on this forum along with all of the other manic depressives? Because I’m sure the Kronkie family follow this site daily just to soak up the bonhomie, and would have acted immediately. Have you also forgotten that until very recently an overwhelming majority of pundits in the media also supported Arteta.
    Very disappointed that a small minority are so self-righteous and smug as to seek to blame other fans. The “I told you so’s” have now evolved into snide innuendo’s that it is to a large extent our fault, not only that Arteta did not pull his socks up, but also that Kroenke did not sack him.
    Yes, I am furious that a few fellow fans are so keen to apportion blame that they will gleefully sling mud at other loyal fans.

  12. You could say that the managers of Leeds United and Aston Villa are in similar jeopardy as they’ve both spent a lot of dough in the same period and also failed to qualify for Europe and lost their opening games.

    Of course ‘Arsenal Crisis’ is more sexy that Leeds or Villa crisis, but such is life, I suppose it’s down to the individual and if you allow yourself to get caught up in the hyperbole, personally I find all the hysteria rather unedifying.

  13. We don’t have any bragging rights again the moment go to the pub and speak you’re shut down like you don’t have the right to talk because you’re á gunner pathetic its worrying been a gunner at this moment

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