Arteta and Kroenke have reached out to Saka over abuse

Mikel Arteta and Josh Kroenke are a part of Arsenal’s staff who have reached out to Bukayo Saka after he suffered racial abuse following his saved penalty kick against Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

The 19-year-old was one of England’s best players in the competition as they reached the final.

He was brave enough to agree to take the last penalty for the Three Lions and he needed to score to keep them in the match.

However, Gianluigi Donnarumma guessed right and saved his spot-kick to help Italy win the final.

The youngster then faced a barrage of racial abuse on social media from fans who were unhappy that England lost the trophy.

It was such a quick change of events with the youngster turning from a hero to most fans into a hated figure by a minority because of his missed penalty.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that Arteta, Kroenke, chief executive Vinai Venkatesham and Arsenal academy manager Per Mertesacker have all reached out to him to urge him to ignore the racists and to also tell him how incredibly proud of him they are.

The report says he also got support from his teammates as he looks to put the episode behind him and enjoy his holiday before returning to the club.

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  1. As long as saka was not physically abused,i see no reason for all this unnecessary cuddling/sympathy.We all get emotionally abused every now&then,so i believe he should be courageous/strong enough to deal with it

      1. Scary sh’t from Matthew

        Encouragement to rise above adversity is to be applauded but Saka is new to the world stage and at his age what he suffered was intense

    1. MATTHEW firstly, we do NOT all get emotionally abused every now and then. Racial abuse is something far worse and quite beyond the understanding of decent proper humans, and all proper humans will naturally sympathise and be firmly on the side of all abused people everywhere.

      But regrettably, I note that you are not sympathatic and have drawn my own conclusions, as will others too.

    2. Wtf are you on about? He was racially abused, coddling isn’t the issue. In fact it’s not even apart of the equation. Why are they attacking him for his race in the first place? How is/was that not your first concern?

      That’s what’s wrong with people, no sympathy or empathy only apathy. As if you weren’t raised learning right from wrong. Where is your humanity!?

    3. unnecessary sympathy?! That’s a ridiculous thing thing to say Matthew. Maybe in your circle racial abuse is not something that’s found repulsive and wholly unacceptable, which Is the big problem we still face I guess. I’m happy to see the club supporting the young man and any fan who doesn’t feel the same is not a fan I want associated with our club.

  2. Saka is too young to better understand and absorb all these racism bomberments. He need protection and people who are matured and understand better to be around him at this tormenting moment

  3. Nice of MA, Cronk and other AFC staff giving much needed support to Saka. What pain Saka has gone through only he himself knows and we as fans must all support him. We love you Saka, stay strong.

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