Arteta and players receive an apology after European Super League debacle

The Arsenal hierarchy has apologised to Mikel Arteta and his players for agreeing to join the botched European Super League.

The Gunners were one of six Premier League teams who agreed to become founding members of the proposed competition.

They announced on Sunday that they were a part of the effort. However, 48 hours later, under pressure from fans, UEFA, FA and the UK government, the English teams, including Arsenal, pulled out of the agreement and the organisers suspended the competition.

The club owners did not inform players and managers of the teams involved about the breakaway, including Arteta and his stars.

With the fans turning on everyone, including the innocent players, the team deserved an explanation from the Gunners’ leadership.

Mirror Football claims that Arsenal CEO, Vinai Venkatesham visited the squad in training today and said sorry.

He explained to them why the club agreed to join the competition in the first place and said he was open to speaking with each of them individually if they wanted.

For once, fans around the country united to show their respective club owners that they have a voice. Hopefully, they will take them more seriously now.

Arsenal’s next game will be against Everton on Friday before they visit Villarreal for the first leg of their Europa League semi-final.

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  1. Money first traditions secondary .ESL will be back in the future, but in a refined way beyond fans opinion. We human are resist change but adapt quickly. Sorry to break hearts but the owners are growing bigger than the fans e.g AFC

  2. It would be nice to know what, exactly, was said to the players… along with their responses.
    As usual, we are in the dark, but perhaps our famous “mole” will leak the contents?

    1. highly unlikely as I think they’re both still getting pelted with eggs outside the Veltins-Arena after losing their battle with relegation

    2. More to the point KEN, is the fact that whoever spoke to the players, it was not Kroenke! Nor was his name on that worthless apology issued by “the board”. KEN, I have never accepted that an innocent person can apologise onbehalf of another who is the actual guilty party. For ANY apology to be worth anything true, it MUST BE MADE BY THE PERPETRATOR WHO DID WRONG, NOT BY HIS STAFF, WHICH IS ALL DIRECTORS ARE TO AN OWNER!

  3. They only got an apology because it all F_CKED up. Yet had it gone ahead, and the players and manager not agree, they would have been shown the door. While those board members are still at the club, Arsenal will have problems galore. I wonder if Edu was part of it. I would not like to be a player at Arsenal at the moment. Neither would would I be signing any contracts in a hurry. Alot of Arsenal players regard Arsenal as family. The family just slapped them in the face

  4. Heard an interesting view point from a lawyer on a radio programme who suggested that by joining a new Super League the players contracts could be invalidated.Not being a Solicitor I could not possibly comment, but it does raise an interesting issue ? I assume this matter would have been fully investigated by the Heirarchy of the teams involved in the SL , but perhaps the possible reaction of players never occurred to them in their deliberations which would have focussed on the financial benefits of the proposals.

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