Arteta and Ramsdale’s antics against Man United are making Gooners happy

I was one of the few Gooners to be critical of Arsenal’s over-the-top celebrations after wins at Wolves and Aston Villa.

To me it was reflection of how far my club had fallen, that grinding out wins at Molineux and Villa Park was now seen as progress and ground-breaking.

Don’t get me started with players jumping into the crowd to rejoice a draw with Crystal Palace at the Emirates.

The Eagles beat us 3-0 at Selhurst Park and didn’t react how we did.

Where I will defend the Gunners is the daily criticism the manager and players seems to be getting regarding their conduct on Saturday.

Paul Scholes feels Arteta was wrong to influence the crowd to pressure the officials when dealing with VAR.

The pundit feels it’s wrong that the Spaniard looked at the monitor over the ref’s shoulder and felt it inappropriate how often we surrounded officials in general.

To clarify, that’s a former Man United player who played in the 90’s under Roy Keane’s leadership, now preaching that player shouldn’t gather round officials.

Meanwhile Danny Murphy has condemned Ramsdale for the way he reacted when Fernandes’ penalty hit the post.

On Talk Sport he explained how it was a sign of our keeper not being in control of his emotions.

Where his point of view lost credibility was when he said that’s why Pickford remains England’s Number One.

How anyone can compare the season our goalie has had with an Everton player who might get relegated.

Everybody wants to see their players care and that’s what our young squad possess that other groups have lacked over the years.

For too long we have been used to our best talent using us as a stepping stone to a transfer away.

Now we have individuals who realise the honour of wearing the shirt and are putting pride back into the badge.

Plus, it would be unfair one week to complain about us not showing up against Brighton, yet then judge them when they show they care.

Plus, make no mistake that spot kick at the weekend was a massive moment in our campaign. That goes in, it’s 2-2, the momentum is with Man United and we could lose control in the race for the top 4.

So of course, I want to see that matter to our players.

One of the biggest things our manager has fixed is the divide between players and fans.

Our stadium has had some of its best atmospheres this season, due to those in the stands sticking by the team and not so quick to show their frustrations.

That’s because the players are likable.

They have that feel because they seem to care.

Isn’t that what we all want to see?

You can accept in sport if you’re not good enough?

You just want to know your team gave it their best and can leave the pitch with zero regret.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 23: Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal celebrates towards the fans after the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Emirates Stadium on April 23, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

So, if Arteta’s antics on the touchline increased sound levels by a tiny percent, if it made a hostile environment, then that’s a job well done.

Arteta gets paid a lot of money to get the very best outcomes for Arsenal FC.

So, if he did impact the officials thinking, then good on him.

These players get paid to make Gooners happy, no one else.

Their jobs are to put smiles on Gooners faces.

That’s all that matters.

If a former Man United and Liverpool legend don’t like it, that’s too bad.


Be kind in the comments


Dan Smith


  1. I remember watching Guardiola’s Barcelona team surrounding the referee to reconsider the officials’ decisions. Fergie also barked at the officials frequently

  2. Well we all know when it comes to arsenal,it’s totally unacceptable which i don’t give a hooth about what they think as long as it’s okay with the officials and big ups to the gaffer and his team for showing so much passion which helped us grab all three points.

  3. We should not commend fitvthr sake what happened in the game was a celebration of relief of them not scoring from the spirt. The goal keeper played his role that is why Fernando did what he did…. Let us be kind in iur comments

  4. Who cares what anyone says?
    MA has installed this togetherness and they celebrate as one!!
    It’s no difference to any other team in my opinion and to see ex players like Murphy, who played for one of the biggest whining teams, along with scholes, who played in the other one, complaining about The Arsenal, is hypocrisy at it’s finest.
    Keep going lads and Gooners everywhere will be right there with you!!!

    1. That could have backfired on us though Ken as the ref was walking over to decide on that saka push and Artetas there flapping his arms in his face ,I thought at the time just sit down and shut up TBH ,because we all know we don’t get the rub of the green regarding VAR and that decision could have gone either way .
      If he hadn’t given that pen would everyone being agreeing with his actions ?I don’t think so .

      1. I was referring to the players reaction DK, especially the keepers.

        I’ve previously mentioned MA’s reaction on the sideline as OTT just as AW ‘s was UTT, if you see What I mean?

        When the media start criticising The Arsenal, you just know they are worried we might just about to do something special, like a top four spot… although it’s not a trophy of course. 🤔🙄😒

        1. Let’s not fall in the trap of saying 4th is special
          Minimal requirement for club our size

    1. Paul Scholes and Danny Mulphy are paid to do the Talk shows. Our managers and players are paid to win trophies and to make the fans happy. While we are doing our jobs, let them do theirs. After all, when we are back to European Champions League, their talks matter no more!

      Talk is cheap!

  5. A massive trait from the gaffer is on full display.
    This level of togetherness among the players is one of his biggest strengths.

    The passion, hunger and cleverness coming from the gaffer (Arteta ), I have not seen for some time of a young coach,
    There is no doubt that feeling of togetherness is infectious, it spreads to the fans and the owners will take note.

    That hunger and drive shown may well propels the gaffer to something great, Its for these reasons, Inspite the mistakes and blunders the gaffer makes, Arsenal will be the most exciting football club this summer.

    Am not taking a single transfer target from the gaffer lightly, we all knows how infectious a certain marquee striker in Europe can add to the togetherness at the club.

  6. An article that is spot on , IF you can accept that DAN actually means it, given that he has so often criticised MA for so many things , though now seeming (inTHIS piece ) to have changed his tune.
    So, if only I COULD BELIEVE THAT Dan himself truly believes what he writes, then I applaud these sentiments as beuing honest ones. But I have to doubt they are honestly meant, unfortunately.
    That is the price you pay for accusing and then supportive articles, so close together.
    My own view is that it is precisely this magnificent turn around from the dismal latter years of Wenger, where there was an obvious and longlasting LACK OF FIGHT and all for one togetherness in the team( where lazy players were not outed, whereas under MA they have been) that heas been the calalyst for the polar opposite attitude in our present squad.

    We still have team weaknesses but a lack of fight is NOT now among them. Thank God.

  7. Arsene Wenger who you used to mock for finishing top 4
    Arteta has improved fight yet we are where we were when Wenger was here , a team challenging for the … 4 lol

    1. If there’s anything that comes with a young manager, it’s a very high ceiling. And if that manager should possess the right attitude…..the ambition, the passion and hunger and energy …..then it shows in the team.
      No matter who plays.

      I am happy we have arteta for now, hopefully he doesn’t lose his self drive to be the best…..coz that alone will make you find other ingredients that are surely needed.

    2. Dan, it seems Jon has this habit of forgetting things…. I put it down to his age, just like me.
      In Wenger’s latter years we never finished lower than 6th or higher than 2nd – with a squad (so Jon would have us believe) of non trying, dross, under performing, lazy, LACK OF FIGHT and, to top it all, a group of mentally frail players.

      So good to see that, if all goes well, we will finish 4th, but possibly 7th, because MA has installed, in his opinion, a regime where lazy, unproductive players are not tolerated…. wonderful to see Xhaka and Elneny being given the accolades they deserve at last – if it was up to dear old Jon, they would never have worn the shirt again and been long gone.

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