Arteta angering Arsenal players over double standards

The Athletic claims that there is growing discontent in the Arsenal dressing room about the double standard that Mikel Arteta is leading the team with.

The Gunners are struggling in the Premier League now as is appears that Arteta has lost touch with his top players.

The Spanish manager is struggling to get the best out of his current players, but it seems that some of them feel that he is being biased.

The report points out that Willian’s trip to Dubai a few weeks back was treated calmly as he started the match against Leeds a few days later.

The players feel that if it was another player, he would probably have been axed from the team, suggesting that Arteta does have favourites in the dressing room.

The Athletic reported: “The feeling from some quarters was that other players have been more harshly punished for less serious transgressions. Indiscipline has crept in both on and off the pitch. ”

Arteta is in his first spell as a manager and the Spaniard is bound to make mistakes, but losing his dressing room will simply lead to him getting the sack, he has to sort that out now.

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  1. None of the senior players respect this “manager”, who is petulant and talks too much, while not really able to imagine a better game for the club. He can learn, but he also might not… it would be better to bring an experienced man who can command respect. Porchettino time. Maybe even the man at Everton, who is the best with a proven record who might consider coming in.

    1. before you take stand on issues, you need to get the real story, who knows if the trip has anything to do with his health, family and so on?, was it reported as abscondment? He couldn’t have left without permision and no one, not even Edu complain. if its that easy Auba, Ozil and all the big boys would have taken liberty as well.
      You dont need to take every opportunity at aiming a dig at the coach to proove your stand, we are already aware you want him gone, however be objective about this

      1. It is not one thing… it is the whole disaster of Arteta… How many mistakes now? Making Guendozi the affair bigger than it was, when it was up to him to educate the lad and not get into a match of egos. Who lost? Not the French Jnr captain. All the while playing from the back when Leno is not made for that… no creative MF, no aerial threat… only predictable wing attacks. Good God, we are sitting at 15 or something, and that too with some lucky results in the early games. This man Arteta is about image and show, and the senior players know it. When AMN looks up to Ozil, and Ozil is kept on the bench, then the goose is cooked, isn’t it? Which manager picks a fight with the team’s highest paid player? Only a fool. The next transfer window in Summer should be run by a proper professional, who knows world football. No amateurs. This is a big club, not one that needs a trainee, who should be carrying Pep’s clip board.

      2. I seconded “adajim” for his prove and arteta is not an arsenal’s problem. Pls; let give the coach some time like liverpool did.

      3. Beautiful and very intelligent write up.
        Thank you for looking at issues in a much more constructive and productive way rather than creating unbearable friction for the players as the supporters.

    2. @JJ Pawn

      The players downed tools under Emery, they didn’t bother under Ljungberg, and now they are complaining under Arteta. Ability wise, it’s the worst Arsenal squad in 35 years or more, but clearly there is a real attitude problem there as well.

      I’m not saying Arteta isn’t making mistakes, but 80/90% of our squad needs binning!

      1. Not a single one of them is a big coach. Why would anyone of them listen? As PSG what happened to Emery? This is a new era, and managers have to win players over. It is one manager vs. 25 players. What is easier to change?

        Best get Ancelotti, who must have an escape clause, but he will ask for a proper transfer budget that players will respect. When the owners bring weak managers, the player know it, and know it a losing cause. I also like what Porchettino did… what a coup it would be to get him and win at their new stadium!

      2. True..Arteta makes mistakes just like every other coach in the EPL but this players have attitude & discipline issues on the pitch of play…

  2. If he loses the dressing room it is curtains for him unless he is pally with Edu saying that Edu also might not be safe if the big STAN says jump he will jump mark my words

  3. lets analyze the case of supposed double standard
    1. Ozil: his treatment is a mixture of both political and footballing reasons, and it might be bigger than the coach reach.
    2. Guedonzi : i totally support MA on this, simply because he reportedly refused to apologize, lets not forget he already had almost issue with where he apologized and was brought back to the fold.
    3. Saliba: saliba would have struggled to make match day list based on the current caliber of dfenders we have, he was out for majority of last season, not yet adapted to this league but already have people on his back expecting performance of Tony Adams, MA saved his blushes and reals fans should understand.
    XHaka, AMN, Willian, Torreira , treatments are nonissues.

    on the report, i cant make much of the situation until am cleared about the real story

    1. The real story tells that we are 15 th in the PL.
      We need a new manager ASAP!
      Get Øzil back in the team in January!!
      Norwegian supporter since 71…..( Charlie George )

    2. A very correct analysis, very good in deed
      when ozil travelled during important FA cup matches no one complained. When we won the FA he was not with the squad. When Willian travelledduring a break (for reasons could be urgent or important) all nonsense gets written about MA. Not that i am a big Willian fanboy, but why two standards for two players by the so called “fans”?just because the former makes political statements and the latter doesn’t?

      1. Arsenal star Ozil given permission to travel to Turkey after being excluded from FA Cup squad
        Charles Watts.
        Mesut Ozil was granted permission according to goal. I do believe MA has different standards for different players and preferrential treatment can be seen.
        Also as a manager, you don’t pick fights with players. You cannot win. As Nicklas Bendtner said “I called Arsene a w***er and an a***hole so he would have to sell me, but it didn’t work.” Try saying something close to that to Arteta and the contract will be terminated. I am not saying he has to allow disrespect but he needs to improve his man/squad management. He is not a millitary leader and that does not work with modern generation. They will down tools on you

    3. when it comes to his handling of different players Arteta has been far from consistent. Xhaka will likely be welcomed back with open arms when he is available again from suspension, while Willian received no reprimand for his unsanctioned trip to Dubai over the international break last month.

      On the other hand, Matteo Guendouzi and Mesut Ozil have been completely exiled from the squad for their misdemeanours, while Nicolas Pepe was very publicly hung out to dry in front of the press following his red card against Leeds.

      There have been reports that some members of the Gunners’ dressing room are unhappy with perceived double standards from Arteta when it comes to handling squad discipline. Forcing Xhaka to follow the example of Gabriel and Pepe after his red card might help the Spaniard go some way to addressing that. I am waiting to see how this goes for a man who say’s this things are non negotiables

      1. Xhaka wasn’t repremanded?
        I feel like you are imagining your desired outcome and then superimposing it on the situation.

        Pepe came right back into the team after his suspension. Something that you’re likely to call”preferential treatment” if offered to Xhaka.

        I’m absolutely positive Gabriel will come right back too.

  4. Before we get still more conspiracy theories, let us have some facts. I have always believed that folk who like to indulge themselves in conspiracy theories, based on nothing more tangible than speculation, nearly always have a personal agenda and an axe to grind. It is my opinion that this “story” falls squarely into that category.

    1. JF

      On this occasion I actually agree. Perhaps the media has got hold of the fact that many fans are disappointed with Willians pathetic excuses for footballing performances and decided his trip to dubai is the perfect basis for a story about dressing room unrest

  5. Adajim

    Your comment about double standards needs more analysis.

    1. Ozil – everyone has forgot how lazy this guy is and how many times he wouldn’t track back, that aside we do not know if it is political or not. If it is then what do politics have to do with football and footballing ability. Arteta said everyone will be judged on merit and has not done this weather it be political or other wise. Verdict (DOUBLE STANDARDS) as he has not had a chance to prove him self.

    2. GUENDOZI – personally I think he was over rated any way and im glad to see the back. However, he was given the chance to prove him self. He got games initially and it slowed down after the incident in dubai. He then got back into the team and grabbed the throat of a player and said some ugly comments. Now I think the punishment was a little harsh but not unjust – verdict (REASONABLE)

    3. SALIBA – EVERYONE WILL HAVE A CHANVE TO PROVE THEM SELF these are the words of MA and that clearly didn’t happen. Why could he not be on the 25 man list. Why could he not play in europa and cup games. We were very short on CBs at one point and he could have played. Guys like mustafi don’t want to be there so why play mustafi and not saliba. U then come out with some rubbish about being sorry he didnt get out in the squad. Shut up – verdict (DOUBLE STANDARDS ).

    Willian – we don’t know enough detail to judge – ( JURY DELIBERATING)

    XAKA – should be benched for a good long time since guendozi done something simular. He should be ordered to repair his relationship with the fans on social media immediately since its already tarnished. If MA playes him again before Feb. Man what a clown. Verdict – ( JURY DILIBERATING)

    AMN – just deserves the game time because of his quality nothing unfair. The manage picks. If he feels xaka is better who is obviously crap.well it just shows we have a poor manager. Nothing personal – verdict ( FAIR)

    TORERIA – Love the guy and think under the right guidance he can be similar to kante. Just seems like he doesn’t love England or the club enough to commit. Go back to Italy bro. MA has not wronged him. The player didn’t want to be at arsenal – Verdict (FAIR).


  6. I agree with Shortboy, although I don’t want Arteta out. He’s not doing well but we wont go down, the bottom three are way off the pace. Mid-season is the wrong time to change manager – lets ease of adding pressure it will only make matters worse. He’s a rookie manager dealing with no funds, covid, no guidance, a bunch of overpaid time-serving players who nobody else wants and the Krankies in charge. Anyone new would struggle to fix these issues, and I dont think many top managers would currently touch us with a bargepole.
    Yes he’s made bad mistakes – he’s stubborn, slow to recognise his errors, has favourites and holds grudges (both also characteristics of Guardiola), and seemingly is not the great man-manager or motivator we expected. Tactically he’s both rigid and naiive. A long list, I know, but he should NOT take all of the blame.
    We also have: An owner who holds the purse-strings and cares nothing about the club or even football; a hard core of lazy, overrated players who also don’t care about the club, and believe they not the manager should decide things; A recent history of awful transfers involving bloated fees and salaries for poor players, invariably decided upon, engineered and presented as a fait accompli to the manager by executives with their own hidden agendas.
    So let’s spread the blame around, because there is more than one guilty party here.

    1. And that is why this is not a job for a novice like Arteta, way too much for him to handle at this early stage in his career.

    2. Hope you’re right, otherwise we are well and truly stuffed. Have to laugh though with the return of big Sam WBA’s odds to go down have lengthened what with his past history for being the go to man when in trouble.. This means that Arsenal’s odds to go down will have shortened for those who like betting on long shots. Having someone like big Sam is fairly pointless though. Practice your corners and Ariel deliveries, give the Nancy boys a kick up the bum and stack the team with good English true bloods. Basically it’s survival for survival’s sake and only stalling the inevitable. Plus the majority ( overseas players ) wouldn’t tolerate that nonsense. Arteta is a different case. He took on a job which has so far been too big for him Rather than giving his players freedom to express themselves, he shackles them with a rigid structure that he has so far refused to alter. What was that first half performance against Southampton? It had nothing to do with the players and everything to do with the manager’s personality and footballing philosophy. Hopefully lessons will be learnt, pride swallowed those useless sideline assistants sacked and something constructive can be built out of this mess. Or Arteta walks now and we rebuild for next season
      I’m open to both possibilities. I just don’t want to watch this horrible football. Nor see Xhaka, Elany, William, Pepe Mustafi, Kolasinac, Luiz, Socrates, Laca etc in an Arsenal shirt again.

  7. We do not know the real story about nothing. We feed off what the media writes, it is a soap opera. All their articles begin with “according to reports” or “as reported by the daily mail or bild…”
    As a club we are in trouble both on and off the field, but I would not believe the media because their reports are like my reports, speculation and opinion. This also includes transfer targets, when we read “arsenal’s dithering as they fail with another target”, the media speculates at best, were we ever officially after him in the first place? Hear it quoted from Edu etc otherwise its some dickhead talking through his bottom.
    Forever a Gooner but whatever happened to harmony and football the arsenal way. There is no harmony and we have certainly lost our way. I remember when we were the epitome of how a club should be run and how football should be played but we then crucified the Man that gave us this. We need change but educated change not fan and social media change

  8. This is not news you have to write here, the fans have to get behind the team and you have a role to play not writing about problems only problem of the manager with the player’s,

  9. even if you question the validity of this particular story, you simply can’t ignore the favoritism shown to Xhaka, which is even more disturbing considering everything we’ve endured with his poor play and clownish behaviour…I would find it much easier to empathize with Arteta if his actions mirrored his words…this club is notorious for overselling and under-deliverying, which is quite ironic as this wasn’t even necessary this time around…most of us were well-aware that there were some deep-rooted issues which would require some time to remedy, but instead of utilizing that narrative to their advantage, they choose to sign aging players, ostracize our younger assets and play-up the possibility of a top 4 finish…they should have actively tamped down this notion and honestly engaged the fans…when, and only when, things went south did they drag out the whole “have patience” narrative back into the forefront…this was a cake and eat it too rouse…I knew full-well after the FA Cup victory this money-grubbing club couldn’t resist the temptation to once again cash in, with the release of 74 new Kits etc…anyone who thinks our absentee landlord has actually suffered financially during covid doesn’t understand a lick about how Stan the Man and his Walmart heiress wife conduct business…in the immortal words of Trooper, we’re just a 3 dressed up as a 9, you’re only, wastin’ my time

    1. VIERALYNN, YET MORE SOUND SENSE FROM ONE OF THE SHREWDEST BRAINS ON THIS SITE. All our many problems stem from th fact thatour owner is remote, knows nothing nor cares about football and leaves day to day running to others without keeping his own eye on developments.

      Losing David Dein and bringing in Kroenke both happened in 2007. Since then the general slide has been remorselessly one way and we lost our heart, soul and brain with DD. We sold our principles out to a shark and a rattlesnake . You need to kill snakes and bring in someone who cares.


      He is our best hope,for REAL permanent culture change, and Kroenke is the sole reason why managers such as Allegri and Nagelsman will not come and work here and why we got MA.

      THOUGH TO BE CLEAR, I AM HUGELY CONTENT AND AM 100% BEHIND MA. But he needs PROPER financial help!

  10. The truth of the news is to be verified, but if it is indeed true than it is very sad. As a manager one is supposed to motivate and discipline players not keep egos and be biased. The current state of Arsenal is the worst in 4 decades and in this particular scenario the last thing our Club needs is infighting and frustration among players. One thing is necessarily clear is that something is seriously wrong with the attitude of our players. It is one thing to lose PL matches at a trot but it is another thing to be so down on confidence, self belief and thought process. Our players seem to have lost something totally and it is MA’s responsibility to fix it. It is question of trying to win matches rather than trying not to lose. Everytime the opposition gets the ball in our half they seem likely to score and our players seem to be stiff and motionless at times. Unless MA stems the rot and fast we are in for something disastrous.

  11. Being role model at individual level helps to creat good working environment to our players .so let them realize one thing that team work brings success .divided house will never stand.back to our coach ; football is all about winning games and AM should know that attitude is attached to on going situations at the him to keep on keeping privacy matters of the club by not allowing his senior players (DL) to disclose club privacy .AM need to reflect on what arsenal philosophy states .

  12. To me MA is not able manage the club we need someone experience like poch at least he will be having a good relationship with the players.

  13. Even many fans can feel that. Arteta tried to downplay Xhaka’s sending off but didn’t that benefits to others. I thinks Arteta’s problem is man management.

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