Arteta: Arsenal “should have scored four or five goals” before half-time against Villa

It is incredible that Arsenal made it look like a hard fought three points in the end against Aston Villa with a scoreline of just 2-1. Arsenal totally railroaded Steven Gerrard’s side especially in the first half when we were totally dominant,

The stats speak for themselves with our 60% possession, and an incredible 22 attempts against 4 for Viila, and we had 9 shots on target, and a few more that should have been on target but inexplicably got wasted…

But, as the saying goes, three points is three points. and they all count in the end, so Mikel Arteta was happy despite our wastefulness in front of goal. “I’m really pleased,” he told “really happy, especially with the performance in the first half. I thought we were brilliant, we were at it, we were really intense, we played with enormous speed, quality and efficiency and we should have scored four or five goals and the game would have been over.

“We didn’t manage to do that, in the second half we played in many phases, much more the game that they wanted to play – really stretched with a lot of transition moments, with a lot of duels in open spaces and we suffered a little bit more. And after conceding a goal without conceding anything, from a corner kick, we responded really well again and I think we deserved to win the game.”

“I know how this league works and you never get two halves that are exactly the same and they were going to change their approach and they did.

“We struggled a little bit more playing that kind of game, but I think the team competed really well and when we need to, we have that character and resilience to respond, I think the team was at it.

“The team responded really well and we always talked about it. This is going to happen, it’s part of the games, it’s about how you respond to it, obviously, the crowd helps massively the way they are supporting the team, so I’m really happy with the win.”

I can’t help but admire his understatement! I would say it was an ecstatic win and I can’t wait to see how we get on at Man United. Get in there!



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  1. Correct. Arsenal are going to be confronted by teams who will go physical to win.
    Its up to the mo to take the necessary action to stamp out dangerous play..
    However I dont have much faith in these guys,
    Evem with var, its not unsurprising to know Arsenal will be the losers in any decision

    1. Amazed to see no one except you and I EVEN MENTION IT. SCANDALOUS INDEED.
      Seems to me refs have been told that to get a penalty this season, A PLAYER NEEDS TO BE HALF KILLED

    2. What was truly amazing is that one of our players got a yellow card for exactly the same thing (just a little less blatant) later in the game.

    But a team that constantly makes chances and has a tight defence will win, rather than draw, a great number of games.

    I foresee our points total this season being well over an average of exactly 2 per match. If we can get eighty points , as I expect , at least, we will certainly come third, at the lowest expectation.
    IMO, CITY WILL WIN THE TITLE AND BY QUITE SOME DISTANCE. I doubt the second team will get even 84 points, so if we get at least, say eighty, we will be either second or third for sure, IMO.

  3. With the exception of Saka’s miss, I can’t fault the lads for not being clinical enough with their shots. Respect instead needs to be given to Martinez, for being a very sound shot stopper. The same can be said for Leno at Fulham. Remember, they both once played for us…IJS

  4. There were lots of opportunities that could well have ended up as a goal, but for me, not many of the chances were 100% clear cut “he should score” situations.

    Except maybe the Saka one – the speed the ball arrived seemed to take him by surprise and to be entirely fair I couldn’t really tell if it was meant to be a pass, a cross or a shot at goal.

  5. If I were to be hyper critical of the game,it would be just that,not having scored more goals after creating so many chances.i know that fans are not worried about it or mentioning it because we won.sadly, I’m afraid that against better teams,not putting those chances away could cost us.

    1. So true and great to see the number of attempts on goal increasing. However, imo the forwards need to play more for the team than for self. We lost some good chances because of this. Just my observation

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