Arteta BACK but how will he get in Arsenal XI?

There was some bad news for Arsenal on the injury front today, with both Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain not due to be available until after the international break at the earliest, so they won’t be able to help us in the Premier League against West Ham or Newcastle and will play no part in trying to overturn the Champions League defeat in Monaco.

The manager had some good news as well though, as he revealed the club captain Mikel Arteta is back in training earlier than was first thought and could be ready to play after a few weeks of training to get his fitness back.


The Spanish midfielder is clearly delighted to be back on the training pitch after missing most of this season, but I wonder how soon it will be before he actually gets back into the Arsenal teams, because things have changed in his absence.

Not only has young Francis Coquelin been playing a blinder since Wenger recalled him from Charlton, but Santi Cazorla has been dropped back and proved that he has the tenacity and tackling ability to thrive in a deeper lying role.

Looking at our fixtures from April, it is hard to see when Wenger will start with Arteta. Not at home to Liverpool or away to Burnley as they are likely to be high tempo and physical games. Perhaps an FA cup semi against a lower league team would suit Arteta, where his passing and vision would help us to set the tempo and aid our attackers.

Then you have Chelsea at home, Hull away, Swansea at home, Man United away and West Brom at home. Arteta is out of contract in the summer and will want to prove to the Arsenal boss that he should get another, but when will he get the chance?

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  1. Arteta has served us well & thank you very much but time for him to move to perhaps join Moyes in Spain.
    Arsene had promised us the Premier league within three years so onwards and upwards…cull deadwood & buy only quality. CYOR

    1. Time for Mr Wenger to put his accountant hat on and reduce the massive wage bill. Higher than even Chelski…sounds incredulous but its true!

      1. Actually our wage bill is £166.4m this year, Chelsea’s is £190.5m. £24.1m less, could fit Messi’s wages with that gap

        1. Actually £190.5m relates to 2013-2014 accounts filed with the Companies House. Since than Chelsea have offloaded high earners like Torres, Mata, Cole Luize Lampard and few others.

          It all means that the financial figures relating to this current season – 2014-15 are expected to show that Arsenal are now actually only third behind Manchester United and Manchester City in the Premier League for spending in salaries.

  2. Well short answer is that he won’t get back in to the 1st X1. But a) that won’t faze him because he is a top pro and will understand b) good to have him back as an option and as cover if we are unlucky and FC gets injured – for me MA >> MF and c) along with TR7 he is one of 2 pros I wouldn’t mind hanging round this Arsenal squad in some capacity, definitely an influence off the field, especially with all the younger Spanish speaking players. All top squads have a sprinkling of seasoned pros. Everyone has been pensioning him off but personally I think it is MF and AD to go before him.

    1. Arteta
      has been poor in the games he has played.his passing is always safe and accurate but he has the lowest tackle sucess rate in our squad.
      i think it may be time for him to play a squad role or go.
      if he was to stay would we buy a dm with coqulan also doing well?
      Real sociadad may be a good destination or even Italy

      did well in the first half of the season but has started to fall in performance.he always sees out his contract so now could be the time to go. I still feel he could be a useful squad player like Rosicky.
      Marsielle would be a good destination (marsielle>arsenal>Milan>arsenal>????)

      is the wildcard he is young enough to have 3-5 good years at arsenal but will he ever get over his problems? Chances are he would still be training with arsenal if he was released
      Auxierre return would be good for him to try and salvage what’s left of his career.

      Who should replace them?

    1. Wud put arteta in Xl with le coq, Ramsey, Sanchez and santi , with ozil coming on as sub or roaring with any of the others , put swap arteta with theo once his back to full match fitness (been a little off every time his played ) I always feel better wen Ramsey plays, offers something different and aterta us just arsenal quality, versitile and can pass the ball don’t need to argue for Sanchez le coq or santi and I think ozil will get plenty of games anyway

    2. Absolutely spot on! Arteta next to Coquelin is an excellent pairing – they would complement each other brilliantly. Arteta can teach Coquelin much…the fine art of positioning and distribution.

  3. It is kind of ironic. Wenger never bought to replace Gilberto. While not as good, he still produced Flamini (who was amazing in his first term at Arsenal), Song and Coquelin.

    People say he doesn’t understand DMs buy that is probably the position he has most success in his youth policy post invincible.

  4. I want to see 4 goals scored by Arsenal tomorrow. That will then give the belief they need to go and score 3 vs Monaco. This evening Monaco themselves, won 3-0 at home vs 10 men Bastia.

    1. “Arteta is cancer”?!! What? Surely a predictive text problem there? Even the fans with the most fervent anti-Wenger agenda would concede he appears to have gotten a little more ruthless with players in the past 6 months. You only have to look at our starting X1 a year ago and the one now to see that. Far more players on their toes now knowing there is someone waiting to step in if they don’t perform. Proper competition created in a number of key positions. Most of his decisions are looking better by the day in terms of shuffling the pack and farming players out. In particular the bring Cesc back fervour has gone a little quiet – looking at Chelsea recently it reminds me that brilliant as Cesc was he was and never would have been the “missing link” for us. Hearing lots of Chelski fans talking “flat track bully” and goes missing in the big games and the same with Costa – but they are still thankful for the head-start they both gave Chelski in the PL. It may all change again – who knows?

      I will be watching the return of MA/AR and JW with interest and how it will impact, if at all, on Wenger’s 1st team deliberations – will be very revealing. Personally, even making huge allowances for Wenger’s legendary stubborness and sometimes frightening loyalty to players I cannot see how any of this trio (and Theo for that matter) can muscle in and grab a starting slot by right any time soon. Of course injuries, loss of form, suspensions etc may change all that. I have waited a while to see 19 or 20 genuine 1st teamers in our squad and I just hope AW can hold it all together and keep everyone interested and motivated.

  5. Arteta can be rotated with le coq and be given the last 15-20 minutes to prove his worth and fitness! Coyg!

  6. He is good to be covers for cockquelin but what happens when Scnheidirlain is purchased?? He is happy to be #3?? DON’T THINK SO!

  7. If we play like we did against United it will be 5 PL Wins in a row tomorrow.

    We need to defend well though. I read some where that West Ham leads the league in headed goals. We need to defend well against crosses and corners.

    But fingers crossed we will have another day of happiness tomorrow :-))

    A win will give us momentum for Monaco (I still believe we can make a comeback).

  8. Play him as a double pivot with Coquelin in those games where we need to dig in deep. I feel he has played very well in the few games he played this season.

  9. Well, team is performing good as of now. He is good for lower half teams and should be played against them so that coq gets some rest as well.

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