Arteta banking on this Partey attribute to help build the ‘new Arsenal’

Thomas Partey is one of the most talented players at Arsenal and Mikel Arteta is looking to build his team around the Ghanaian.

The midfielder has struggled with some fitness problems, but he is mastering his body and will contribute to making Arsenal a top club again.

As he gradually exerts his influence on the Arsenal first team, ESPN says Arteta is banking on the Ghanaian’s quiet determination to become the new normal in his team.

The report reveals how Partey was more determined to get back better each time he suffered an injury setback.

The midfielder was reportedly so keen to get better, he focused on legwork at the gym to ensure his legs are stronger and better suited for the rigours of the Premier League.

He hasn’t enjoyed being constantly injured and he is now resolved to do what he can to stay fit long enough to be influential at Arsenal.

The report details how the midfielder has also changed his diet and is forming bonds with some of his teammates.

He hardly played the full 90 minutes last season and Arteta hopes that would change this season and he can build his midfield around the former Atletico Madrid man.

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  1. Partey is a drop of clean water in a muddy pond .
    Will get muddy in due time, if not handled with better quality mates .
    A stern Reminder of Sanchez and özil.

    1. Blaze, Gloom mongers such as you abound on this site. Welcome to the pessimism land where THANKFULLY, I choose not to live.

      Though I have harboured doubts, but no more than that, on MA, I can easily see the clear and steady progress we are now making with the raft of good signings this summer gone.
      All are making their mark and a clear strategy to use youth and bin the former and disastrous policy of signing over the hill players, even on a free, such as Willian.

      I also firmly believe that SALIBA WILL return next summer , possibly sooner and become a key defender – in stark contrast to all the moaning minnies, such as you, who are completely incapable of ever seeing anything good whatsoever in MA.
      We are all given eyes to see but only some choose to use them.

  2. there’s no doubting the fact that he’s an extremely talented player…that said, he’s struggled at times due to the tactical naivety of our manager and his propensity for injuries since arriving at the Emirates…the former of these concerns could be easily remedied, albeit I doubt a major managerial or tactical change will be in the offing anytime soon, which could lead to some rather inconsistent performances from Partey…as for the latter, there’s no easy answers, which is a rather depressing thought when you consider the old adage that oft-times the best ability is availability…as such, I can only hope that Partey rises to the challenge in spite of the tactics and likewise finds a way to stay healthy for the foreseeable future

  3. Partey is certainly a great talent but MA needs to handle him with care. The point is he is handling the central midfield almost on his own at times and that overburdens him contributing to his injury causes. Other players in the central midfield must begin to take a larger share of the role and also MA must build around Partey to get the best out of him.

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