Arteta beats Wenger to become Arsenal’s best manager after 150 matches

Mikel Arteta has proven to be the best man for the Arsenal job as he transforms them into one of the top clubs in England.

The ex-midfielder inherited an Arsenal squad that has underachieved for a long time in 2019.

He has gradually rebuilt the squad and his team is at the top of the Premier League table at the moment.

It is almost certain that they will finish the season inside the top four and it is because they have won most of their games this term.

Since he became their manager, Arteta has coached the team in 150 matches and has won 87.

That figure makes him the Arsenal manager with the highest number of wins after 150 games, according to The Sun.

The report reveals the win against Chelsea means he has won 5 games more than Arsene Wenger after 150 matches on the club’s bench.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta is fast becoming one of the best managers in the Premier League and we hope he can continue on this upward trajectory.

If his team wins the Premier League this season, we will have to work hard to keep him happy.

This is because clubs will circle the Spaniard and will want to make him their boss. But we expect him to stay loyal to the club that gave him a chance to become a boss.


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Arteta is as happy as us after crucial win at Chelsea…

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  1. So after 150 games Arteta is now Arsenals best manager ,I thought Wenger had won some small cups in his first 150 games ,I must be mistaken.

    1. Exactly defo still alot to go before you can make that statement of beating anywhere close to arsenal Wenger , he will always be No1 in my eyes European cup finalist we lost to Barcelona after going to 10 men ,Mr F.A cup and Mr invincible plus more ,yeah recorrert the statement please lol my options and I’ve been a gunner for 42 years

      1. Well said. Arteta still have a mountain to climb for catching A. Wenger’s state of coaching. I appreciate his current achievements but, I would appreciate more if he beats Man City in the coming match. And never the less, may be Edu is doing a great job too.

    2. To be fair Wenger’s 1st title would of seen him 4th last year on GD to Chelsea. Not downplaying his influence still 5 above us last year but different league. Year before United won the league with the record low for points in the premier league. City have broken highs repeatedly recently. Different game.

      1. To illustrate Arteta’s points haul last year would of secured 3rd that particular year. Take out Wengers Arsenal because you can’t have two Arsenal’s and he’d of been 2nd. Perspective.

  2. Arteta is getting some more backing financially more now thank god to build a better team than the last cpl of yrs and also having even the players on the bench to come on a backup and fight for positions like viera who cosy £30 million and Reece Nelson who I’ve always rated ,but to beat the man we love who took us to where we are today Mr Arsenal Wenger the professor, that will be yearsss before you can take that away from Mr Arsenal and invincible.COYG

  3. Let me argue a few small points if I may. Factually true that Arteta has more wins, but let’s give Wenger his credit in proper context.

    Wenger changed English football when he came to Arsenal, monumental accomplishment.

    Wenger kept Arsenal in the top 4 for 20 years, also selling off his best players to help finance the Emirates.

    Don’t remember the board or Kroenke opening the wallet to the degree that Arteta has enjoyed either. I imagine if Wenger spent over 250 million his final 2 years rebuilding the squad we likely would have seen different results.

    Let’s hold off on any comparisons regarding Arteta and Wenger, or Arteta and Klopp or anyone else.

    Most of us are enjoying the current success under Arteta, but let’s not forget where we cam from last couple of years. two 8th place finishes, out of Europe for the first time in 2 decades, and quite a few negative records.

    Let’s win something with this group before we start crowing, shall we?

    1. Most of these wins are in Europa league against smaller teams compared to the champions league.

      But Congrats to Arteta, I’m not taking anything away from him. He’s done us proud!

    2. Well I disagree with the picture painted. The “context” that you suggest we consider is based on describing the best of the Wenger years and then cherry picking certain outcomes during Arteta’s tenure (without context!)
      You then say we should not compare the two; clearly a perfidious attempt to undermine the current manager.

  4. I find AW ‘s supposed only 82 wins a huge surprise , esp when it included a double in his first full season, third in his first incomplete season and second in his third season.

    I don’t say I can prove it wrong but it surprises me greatly and does at first sight seem not possible. Only 82, out of 150? Hmmm!!?

  5. I love Wenger and believe he’s still our best manager, but sometimes you don’t have to make arguements blindly. The Article states that Arteta won more than Wenger in 150 matches it never says Arteta is better than Wenger. Some people even forgotten that Arteta already won FA cup with Arsenal. Keep it up Arteta, you are doing so well.

  6. @angelo we won’t forget the he has also won community shield cup for arsenal. Though Wenger is far far better going by record but we can only compare the two coaches after arteta might have gone too.

  7. Relax a bit.
    Nobody is arguing Arteta is now a better manager than Wenger.
    Let us instead be happy the stats show, we may have manager, which can be very good for Arsenal.

    1. We’ve got Super Mik Arteta, he knows exactly what we need; Kieran at the back, Gabi in attack, Arsenal on the way to Champions League. 🫶😁

        1. Yes, you have to stay fit and be available for selection to play. We have a great team and we will get better, the project is an organic process 😉

    1. Who’s doing that? It’s not what I have been reading. According to the Sun Arteta is the Arsenal manager with the highest number of wins after 150 games. If you don’t agree feel free to check the facts, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but it makes me curious.

  8. @Atangana he has given us trophy already and with the way they are progressing has a strong team I can smell more trophies coming. Keep the good work Arteta, and after 22years at Arsenal we can then be comparing both coaches to know the best has for now Arteta is progressing up up we GO. And has for me any coach that win us the champions league I will rate him more than Wenger

  9. I consider Arsene as a heart of Arsenal. He gave arsenal an identity and the direction. I don’t care what other Arsenal managers will achieve they will build on this foundation.

    1. I think top managers are few and far between
      Wenger re-wrote the script for a good number of years. There were one or two before him with a great record. I don’t know, but suspect that another will come along but AW will have absolutely his deserved legacy

  10. I think Arteta so far is doing a good job with the vast funds he has been handed. Wenger never spent like Arteta and when Arteta starts winning the Trophies that Wenger and GG come to that, we can compare. Stats are stats, trophies are trophies. How many trophies have been handed out to spuds for the last six years for winning more than us and finishing higher than us? NONE! Lets all hope we are on the path to achieve what Wenger and GG did.

    1. Oh and i haven’t forgot the FA cup that Arteta did win. That team and squad have been dismantled and rebuilt to this version, which needs to deliver. So far it all is looking rosey, lets finally deliver.

  11. I find these so called record breaking Stats a bit off. Different times and different circumstances for any given manager.

    It seems to me that sometimes people use these Stats for reactions.. These stats cause more friction between fans if presented a certain way.

    And you can tell what group is promoting what type of Stat. When a Stat is more favourable to Arteta then those on Arteta’s side will highlight or promote that stat. But when there is a record breaking Negative stat then those that dislike him will highligh or promote that stat.

    So it becomes a bit childish, petty and a cheap point scoring game..

    1. One of the reasons that this has become such a talking point is related to the level of negativity Arteta has been subjected to in his time at Arsenal.
      It has taken near-unprecedented levels of performances and results for him to be respected by sections of the fanbase and pundits.
      Even now, consider some of the disingenuous references to the money spent to rebuild the team.
      Wenger for all his greatness was not up against the likes of the recent Liverpool teams and the juggernaut that is MC in his early years at Arsenal. In fact, once Mourinho turned up at Chelsea it was all over.

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