Arteta becomes the teacher as Arsenal dump Man City out the cup

Arsenal have beaten Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final today, to seal their place in the final.

The Gunners haven’t enjoyed the best of seasons, with our team struggling in mid-table for a number of months, but after Mikel Arteta was brought in in December, the club has very much been on the up.

The coach brought in a whole new lease of life, and had the team fighting for each other, and that new way belief was on show for all to see today.

Arsenal have overcome a City side who were able to rest key players in midweek having sealed their Champions League qualification already, but the Premier League runners-up were not able to get a grip on the game.

Man City started the game on top, but around 15 minutes in our team had settled and was starting to get on top.

David Luiz put Aubameyang through in on goal with a delightful through-ball, but our main failed to keep his composure and blasted straight at the on-running Ederson.

We wasn’t left to rue that for long however, as Nicolas Pepe guided a delightful low ball across the box into the path of Aubameyang to fire us into the lead.

We continued to keep on the front foot for the remainder of the half, while keeping our rivals with limited touches inside our box, but we were unable to build on that lead before the break.

Both sides remained unchanged going into the second-half, and the game remained mostly the same too.

Manchester City were having long spells on the ball, but were getting frustrated as they failed to break Arsenal down, and they will have been even more annoyed when Aubameyang broke free down the left-side and cleared away from the defenders to go one-on-one with Ederson, only to nutmeg the Brazilian into the centre of the goal.

Our opponents tried to change the game by bringing on Rodri and Foden, but despite their efforts, Mikel Arteta’s defensive plan was not to be beaten.

Has Arteta finally fixed our defensive issues? Will Martinez get his chance to continue as number one when Leno returns?


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  1. Excellent from everyone! This is how you show up to a big game. Arteta is showing why he came with such a great reputation before he even managed a match. All according to plan. Onto the finals, COYG!!!!!

    1. We are so so lucky to have him. We would’ve been doomed for years if we signed the wrong coach because of the cost of replacement. Now we have someome we believe we can build a team with for years to come. Even if he loses all the matches remaining I still stand by him.

      1. His know-how of football cannot be questioned. He’s maxing out the potential of this current group of players. These guys were doing nothing a few months ago under Emery. A complete 180. Direction, desire, execution. Give this man the tools he needs to take us back to the top.

        1. Haven’t you noticed how quiet the assistant coach moaners have become? All those who quoted the stats in Emery’s wins etc against Arteta??
          Crazy RSH isn’t it?

          1. Arteta has a footballing brain is what they dont understand and I usually have never bothered responding to the doubters. It is obvious Arteta is right for the job. The path to becoming a manager is not always the same for everyone. Pep himself spent one year as Barca B coach, and then straight to senior side and created one of the best teams ever.

      2. Not just that we would be doomed for years, it’s the fact most clubs don’t get this lucky. We have a top tier manager. Unproven, but I was always sure (huge bias but still) even before Emery. We could not attract such a manger in normal circumstances. This eclipses Spurs with Poch and gets close to Liverpool with Klopp (they got him on the fairytale and similarity Liverpool share with Dortmund in terms of the city/fans.)

        Time will tell but I believe we have our Klopp and we are very lucky especially if you consider his love for the club comes from his time here where a decent portion of our fan base slated him and felt he was “not captain material” and that was a common quote from pundits/fans. Not Captain material but a top level manager lol

    2. RSH, never doubted his abilities.
      I developed mad admiration for him when Wenger spoke about him and Poch did.
      He was my first choice before Emery, buy people thought his inexperience will cost us.
      I really really hope he’s backed by the board this summer

      1. Eddie, I remember I freaked out when he was the strong favorite after AW left. I gave it one day to think it over, and I came around and remembered how much AW, Pep, had praised him. He has been working to become a manager while he was still a player. He’s an amazing reader of the game. Shame we took a u-turn with Emery, but maybe this is the right timing perhaps? Maybe it was meant to be.

        1. Arsenal made me smile tonight
          Arteta did the work of Pep today that’s why Pep was so fustrated.
          My Defense line was just smelling Luiz, Mustafi, Tierney 💪💪
          My Keeper between the stick Martinez.💪💪
          Arsenal to the world ✌️✌️

          1. I like it when arteta say we have to suffer together as a team… i like seeing them suffer and get a crucial win…

            To beat Liverpool and mancity in a short space is awesome…

            When was the last time you heard of arsenal defence is organised? Wow

    3. now city has to spend big…

      clear all their deadwoods

      spend another 2 billion and sign another 11 world class players

    4. What a great performance especially defence,I like most have been a big critic of them but mustafi Luiz Tierney bellerin and maitland miles were awesome, also xhaka I thought played excellent

  2. Do we still have people doubting Arteta is the man?!!! Do we???
    Who would’ve imagined we’ll beat Liverpool and Manchester City in the space of four days!!!
    David Luiz was prime Maldini today.
    God bless you Tierney,
    God bless you Auba,
    Arteta God bless you.
    A rating of 10 for everyone!!!
    Trust the process, Trust Arteta!!!!
    I can’t see any of the regular Doomsayers!!!
    Where are the doomsayers!!!

        1. I’m stunned 😄 Our defence was rock solid!! Even Mcmanaman was raving over them – that’s a rarity in itself!!!
          Hats off to them all….. a class performance all over the pitch!!
          Ooh to
          Ooh to be
          Ooh to be a gooner!!!

    1. Eddie my man, what a performance!!
      Right out of the top draw and with six players still out injured and one banned.

      All we need is FAITH in Arteta and the team he chooses to play, whoever they are.

      This is when every fan should be behind MA and bask in the glory of beating City.

      Shades of 2017? I hope we get Chelsea, for two reasons:
      1. The players can revenge the europa final.
      2. MA starts to have a cv that equals AW for standout results.

      What a wonderful display and result – can ANYONE find a negative from this one?

      1. Ken, brother I know you’ve always kept the faith right from the start.
        You’ve always called for solidarity between fans, I guess you and I will never understand why they don’t see what we see.
        All we have is each other man, as fans that’s ball we have

        1. 🤞👌👋sums the game up and isn’t it wonderful to read such positivity and delight?

          We are The Arsenal and we are the best – what a great set of fans AT LAST we are together!!!!

    2. I saw the win coming as soon as I saw the line up. Can we a bit positive about arsenal? I don’t think we’ll see Jon fox’s comment today because he’s made a mess of himself. So many positives except Bellerin. MA, you beauty 😘😘😘

        1. As a ‘professional punter’ he bet on City, so at least a part of him was not euphoric.
          But he’s a true fan, so I hope he didn’t bet too much.

    3. And for those bashing Pepe he is involved in 17 goals second after Auba.He delivers when required most. Mikel got the team right with AMN included, well done! Hats off to Emi for that Mahrez save. And many of this site complain about Auba, what class and presicion for the goals. We got to tie him down with an extension. Cheers everyone!! Cheers to the realists too!

      1. You’ve been questioning his abilities as a coach for a while now.
        It was just yesterday you and I had the conversation and I explained to you how Arteta is tactically sound but individual mistakes cannot be pinned on him.
        I know you still have you doubts, a few others do, especially Mogunna who keeps calling for us to get a new coach.
        I hope you all come to see that we have a gem in our hands and you give him your support

        1. Brother relax, we won! I always applaud my team and the coach and even Ozil when he walks onto the pitch. See when he selects the right combination he achieves, with the wrong combination he dosnt. That is my grief. I do not go predicting we’re gonna get spanked and that trash. My critique is post match.Cheers mate!

      2. Those criticism towards Pepe is not deserving because to me the guy is good he just need time although he has not perform to our expectations, I love him,gunners for life

    4. Eddie 2 great wins doesn’t make him a conqueror…Y’all jumping the gun too soon…Arteta has done remarkably well this past week..But don’t allow this zeitgeist to cloud your impeccable judgement..We were kicked out of the Europa(A competition weve managed to get to atleast the semis since we joined)…We have also dropped the most points from winning position since the restart…
      Arteta has the potential to be a coach in the Mould of Zidane..But no one can say whether he’s actually gon make it..
      I admonish us to be cautiously optimistic with Arteta…

      1. Fair comment and Arteta needs help in upgrading the midfield and defense, as well as the retention of Aubameyang.
        One swallow does not a summer make, but you can’t win a final, if you are not in it.
        Congratulations to Mikel Arteta and the players on two great wins in a week against quality opposition.

      2. Jimmy if you know me or follow me up, you’d know I’m not losing the plot over Arteta because of two wins.
        You’d know I’ve actually sung praise and actually screamed and called for him to be manager as I saw he could take us farther,also because I wanted a young coach.
        You’d know I’ve written articles explaining and profiling Arteta and his approach.
        The joy tonight doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been saying he needs to be supported by the board this season.
        I’m not suddenly singing him praises because of 2 wins like you point it out to be.
        I’ve stood with him proudly right before he got the job, The few on here who know me and my views will testify to that, but then I guess I see your point, but I’m not the one you should be telling, I keep a focus head and clear head mate.
        The work and turnaround only just begun, you’ll see more

      1. We should note berate Unai, we reached the EL final.We should berate Ozil who vanished in the game tbat night. AMN was solid last night, so was Pepe.Had Ozil been benched and Rambo played if fit the cup would have been ours. But that is history. The difference between Unai and Mikel is that Mikel saw the uselessness of the player and benched him before our critical games unlike Unai.

        1. Still telling us all what should be happening Loose Cannon – while forgetting what actually happened.

          Pray tell me, when we remained unbeaten in 2020 up and until the corona virus, who did Mikel select for every game?

          Oh yes…it was Ozil – I’m sure you just forgot in the heat of the moment.

          As you do say, correctly, it is history we should all be supporting MA, not harping back and getting the facts wrong into the bargain.

          1. I have always supported and complemented Mikel for showing Ozil is rightful place (away from the first team)

      2. Proud to be a Gunner!! AMN pocketed Mahrez the entire duration he was on the pitch save for the single shot on target which Martinez dealt with comfortably!!!

      3. Godswill, unfortunately Unai Emery’s lack of English communication skills was too high a hurdle to jump.

    1. 10..50 Sue… why do you want to watch those dross, mentally frail players who can’t defend? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

        1. ozziegunner, the match today showed, not only the defence organised, but the midfield as well.

          AMN was magnificent, thank goodness he has been given the chance to show what he can do in the position he was groomed for.

          The defence and midfield worked so well together and Tierney… what a player he is.

          With six players out injured and one suspended, we took on and beat the two top teams in four days – I’m a very happy Gooner my friend and I bet you are too?!?!

          1. Really pleased for AMN, as I have never understood Arteta’s apparent lack of faith in him. I just wish he got on better with his Mum.
            I still believe that Arsenal needs 4 signings at DM, box to box CAM, CB and RB. The signing of Thomas Partey would be as immense for Arsenal, as the signing of Bruno Fernandez for Manchester United. Unfortunately he may resign for Atletick Madrid. Marc Roca from relegated Espanyol is
            lower cost alternative to say a Grealish. Danny Ceballos is showing his ability now injury free and may be happy to stay. As for the other positions there is plenty of value in the market.

  3. is it wise to say that Arsenal has returned? two big clubs in 3 days? I’m in euphoria right now. we are defensively solid! the 3-4-3 has got to be our defensive foundation after a performance against a master side. no more 3-0. arteta can now work on our attacking identity. good times ahead gooners! yadayadayada.

  4. 10/10 for everyone today. Arteta gets 11/10. No complaints about the performance at all. I will single out the defense and also say Pepe did great to put in a fantastic cross from which Auba scored. We needed that goat to really set us off. Kudos to Pepe for that. AMN was just fantastic and I hope with these kind of performances he gains Arteta’s trust as to why he should be played in midfield. He’s the robust kind of player we need in midfield. I’m glad I always stuck by him. He pocketed City’s entire left side which was key to the clean sheet. Xhaka was also great today with key interceptions. Arteta is crazily talented. This season has been trash but we are so lucky to have gotten the coach right. I’m so so happy we have him. We’ve got Arteta and I don’t think you understand!!

    1. Pepe made an assist and a pre-assist, but he got dispossessed too many for my liking. Maitland-Niles was great in moving the ball forward and in defending

        1. gotanidea, it is Pepe’s first season in a demanding league. Yes he is dispossessed too often and he needs to improve his effort without the ball, but his stat’s this season have been very good on goals and assists. There is a footballer in there!

    2. AMN also was passing forwards and progressing play, even when citeh pressured him. I hope Arteta sees him in a Midfield role..

      1. Yes, our wingbacks being able to progress play and not pass back all the time is huge. AMN put in a wonderful performance. I really hope we can keep hold of him and Arteta sees a place for him.

      2. He backpocketed Foden, Mahrez and De Bruyne. He can defend, will not be bullied, can dribble and has that physicality we lack in midfield. We need a midfielder who can do that and that is why the signing of Partey must be given utmost priority because Partey will completely change this team

        1. Kev, don’t you see we already have Partey in AMN? Can MA please play AMN in midfield and save Partey’s transfer fee?

          1. I see your point but truth be told Partey is that special, proven, world class midfielder we need and if he’s available and wants to come we would be crazy not to try and get him. Niles is quite similar, in that both have physical qualities that are well distributed allowing to play many roles. Partey is not even a DM. He’s a box to box player with great defensive ability. He even played RB against Arsenal in the Europa(17/18). He is perfect for us and Niles will benefit from him if he comes

          2. Kev, I totally agree. The acquisition of Thomas Partey by Arsenal would be as, or more, influential than the impact Bruno Fernandez has made at Manchester United.
            It is not how much Arsenal spends to support Arteta, but how it is targeted. Arsenal must identify players to augment the young prospects coming through and upgrading where necessary. Four quality transfers are all that is necessary: DM, ball to ball CAM, CB and RB. Players who could be available are Partey, Roca, Havertz, Kluivert, Ceballos, Grealish, Rice, Sarr, Umtiti, Ake, Dunk and Aarons.
            Winning the FA Cup would be a great statement that the Arteta project is on track and he can sell his vision to attract the players he wants and Arsenal needs.

        2. AMN has to work on his final balls. Very wayward and poor.
          SAKA is miles ahead of him in this. He will improve with time.

    3. Praising Pepe today shows that you are not bias and that’s good of you…. You a true football fan… Although he has not perform to expectations he does in some games that show he can become a great player…. Arteta is doing a great job, aubumeyany the perfect captain and I am so happy the era of lazy players are gone, if you want to play be willing to die for the shirt

  5. Arteta’s bus and the hardworking Gunners have amazingly defeated two titans in a row. Love their commitment and work rate, but I’m afraid most of them are going to be too tired to face Aston Villa

    1. I dont think today we park a bus…we had to stay solid and resist. Only wenger was son one dimensional to try to play possesion against pep…and you know how it finished. Besides, we are eliminitating that passive possesion that is useless and had all of us frustrated and we are changing for possesion with more sense, like pep an klopp, loooking for direct football and foward passes when it requires, without fear of losing the ball (like arsene). Both goals today were very beauty collective efforts

  6. This Victory is soooooooo deeeeeeelicious.

    The win against Liverpool was good but this one is even better.

    Thank you Arteta and the boys.

    I really like Tierney. What a player……

    I don’t want to mention one player, they all did very well.

    Clinical and discipline is the way forward.

    Possession without hurting your opponent is nothing.

    I m a happy gunner today

    1. Yeah yeah 😀…… u can say that again!! 😀 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  7. Absolutely glorious result…
    Luiz was beast and Tierney is absolutely rock solid at the back… What positioning sense by him..

    1. Seriously. KDB kept popping up on the right, and Tierney came prepared every time. What a great performance from all the defenders. AMN doing his job perfectly, David Luiz MASSIVE in the box. So impressed by all of them

  8. Someone quoted this earlier on:

    “Just one request Martin; would you still be predicting we make the final if you were not a Gooner? I think not somehow, so will disregard your fan biased prediction as a triumph of heart over head. I think we will put up a decent show but lose. That is why I am a professional punter. I never let fan bias influence me. By no sober non biased judgement could anyone predict other than a City win. Sad but that is realityand I prefer reality to false hope based only on being a Gooner.”

    Football is football my people.

    1. I saw this too.. Oh how pleasing it is for him to eat his words… I love this game, I really love arsenal

    2. Funnily enough I actually had a bet on Arsenal to win today because the 15/2 I could get (8/1 in other places I couldn’t get) was clearly absurd. I had it at 4/1 at worst (personally with potential bias i had it far lower than that but at worst 4/1 would be fair) meaning I still believed we’d often lose but the price was very wrong. That is I understand probability and worked in the betting industry and placed a bet on Arsenal accordingly.

      No professional punter with a winning track record would ever make a statement seriously saying “could anyone predict other than a x win” because that is not how probability works. Betting involves getting better prices on average than the probability of said event happening not on predicting who on average will actually win. In horse racing the fav wins more than any other, you will be right on average predicting the fav will win and you would also lose money blindly backing it. Something I find simple but seems to get lost on most people.

      1. ANGUS YOU INSULT ME AND MY LONG DECADES OF BETTING SUCCESS. I am well aware of the truth of the points you make but what you cannot know is how I bet. I usually lay off in play to reduce losses, on the occasions when I make a match bet, which are generally rare and mostly bet big on long term markets, rather than backing one team, in any game. I avoided the City game altogether as the odds were not favourable and favourable odds are the key point when I seek any bet.
        I look ahead to cover all eventualities, fixtures injuries, form etc and this works far easier on long term markets, EG MAN UTD TO MAKE TOP FOUR, which I backed when Fernandez signed, and at quite long odds and have already made a substantial profit on it.
        It is incorrect to criticise someone when you have no idea HOW they bet. That is not the action of a professional in the industry, I’d suggest, in all honesty.

  9. Did you guys see how MA hugged Niles😊loved that..And also that smile from Auba hope he signs an extension

  10. What a great performance from everyone tonight. Im still in shock but well done to the lads.
    One game away from a trophy.

  11. They just have two days to rest before travelling to Birmingham. Aubameyang looked super tired, unfortunately we don’t have Martinelli who could replace him on the left wing

    1. I dont expect Auba to start. Eddie is back luckily and can replace Laca. Saka/Eddie/Pepe front three is what I expect to see. Auba is completely gassed right now.

  12. I want to read the ‘prophets of doom’ comment. MA a rookie manager, arsenal going for a cheaper, yes-man, bla bla bla.
    This performance exceed my imagination, after going 1-0 up we didn’t chicken out, nor seat back.
    The energy and concentration seems to be top notch, I believe now we are there at big team performance level, a few, addition will keep us competing with the big boys again

      1. Honestly, sueP, I dont know how people think actually.
        Just a loss in 7/8games and they are on the manager neck.
        Funny as they say he has his favorite, and has been using them.
        I dont know what the fans really want

        1. We were so good tonight even though we faced a lot of pressure
          The others just enjoy a blooming great big moan

  13. Did I see David Luiz in the team or someone that looks like him? The guy was so good today.
    The cup is ours.
    Congratulations to us.
    Arteta the real deal.

  14. And people keep bubbling about how Leno should start ahead of Martinez!!!

    If it were Leno you would have seen the crazy passing at the back.

    1. This was a very hard result predict, basing on how hard and thick our fixture has been in over 6 hard games. Great work done by the man himself M.A.

  15. That’s how we roll!
    We destroyed the Champions and the runner up championship – that’s no mean feat.
    Let the doubters continue their insults while our indefatigable coach goes on writing his CV on the field of play for all to see. Now we know who was the master between the two – communicating his players in at least three languages.
    Off to Wembley we go again!

      1. Sue I feel so good. What about you?

        Auba and Laca celebration for the first goal is priceless. The goals could have been more (if only…) unlike the Liverpool game where we had only two chances and converted them of course. But we are not complaining-we are contented with the wins.

        1. Really good, Gily!! When everything comes together like that, it’s such a joy to watch!! They all worked so hard, did everything that Mikel expected of them and so soon after doing it all against Liverpool… it was amazing!!
          All of them brought a huge smile to my face!! So much so I’m going to watch it again 😃

          1. So sweet humiliating the.two champions in quick succession😂😂😂
            We are the real deal – the original iNVINCIBLES.

          2. Gilly and Sue, yet Brighton and Hove Albion do the double home and away against Arsenal for the first time in their history. Let’s all keep our feet firmly planted; there is a long way to go.

      2. Gilly and Sue, yet Brighton and Hove Albion do the double home and away against Arsenal for the first time in their history. Let’s all keep our feet firmly planted; there is a long way to go.

        1. Oz you are the rational one amongst this bunch. 2 wins and be honest, we finally had lady luck on our side ….yes twice!
          I am still out on Arteta AND yes I did not think he was captain material but then I was spoiled by Smith and Viera.
          I am still of the belief, Arteta is too much like wenger, tactically poor, has favourites and has poor subs tactics.
          I do give him credit for his counter attacking plan but on any other day, firminho and icty would have put away our usual defensive howlers. We have the most potent strike force but what are our results against teams that also park the bus? Because he doesnt know how to break down.
          I still dont think he is good enough BUT as a supporter, will continue to support the club and will be more than happy to say I have changed my mind about Arteta

  16. Great fcking win 👍absolutely buzzing after that ,let’s not make any excuses why we won tonight from our fans ,we won because we wanted it more .
    8/1 to win 😂
    Thank you Arteta and the team ,first game I’ve got enjoyed in quite awhile .

      1. No lol , just loved the matched tonight
        ,in a tent with 2 of my mates night fishing ,pretty pissed out of our heads TBF ,no fish caught all day but Arsenal won ,made my fcking day 👍
        Roll the final 👍👍👍👍

  17. i will hold my hand up and say that i did not give us a snowballs chance ib hell tonight. i did not see the game of course, but what enjoyment when i checked the final score. my heart is happy once again, not been this way in some years.i am now a believer once again.i cannot believe this scoreline, and , more importantly how the team played tonight.something to look forward to then, bring on chelsea or united, we dont care who wins that game, just bring it on, hahahaha.

    1. gerry, Well I care, as a passionate Gooner, who wins the other semi and I pray it is Chelsea. Utd are currently a far better team than Chelsea, so to play Chelsea would give us an easier game. To not care who our opponents are means you don’t care enough my friend!

  18. I’m super excited all these momentum is coming at the end of the season. We all know how our season from time past always ends. My only hope and wish right now is that the board play their own role in the rebuilding of our great club. We finally have a good coach to build with, it’s time to complement his efforts and provide maximum support because this might be our BEST and ONLY chance.

  19. Four words – Mikel Arteta David Luiz. While all if us (me included) were criticising Arteta’s decision to offer Luiz another year, he clearly knew what he was doing. I sense that Arteta will be the type of manager that players will run through walls to play for.

    1. Agree, and Leno is in fact absolutely awesome, but it would be a crime to bench Martinez now.

      We have the best goalkeeping pair in the Premier league, no doubt.

  20. Kieran Tierney: “Aubameyang has done it for so long, it’s an honour for me to play with him.

    “That ball I played isn’t a goalscoring ball but he makes it one.

    “We are building for something big.”

          1. 2007 onwards really, before they changed the way groups worked on FB.

            Quite a few characters on there who posted very regularly and a couple of pretty entertaining trolls as well.

          2. 2007 was too early for me! Think I’ve been on here about 3 (?) years…
            Ha, good old trolls 😄

  21. I want Chelsea.
    A repeat of 2017 seems likely and ManUtd is robbed off the chance to level with us on FA Cup trophies.

    What is happening with our defensive coaching? I missed the news of the appointment of a defensive coach.

    Arteta seems to be treading Klopp’s route. Under Klopp in his early Liverpool days, he lost and drew games he should have won but beat those he was expected to lose….kinda. I am optimistic.

    Maybe just 2 signings and we will start to improve even more tremendously.

  22. I’m so so happy I was asked who am I where I had studied couching previously. Always maintained we should play 3-5-2 and here it was on display again today with the transition into a back 5 when we don’t have the ball. Also giving us the easy transition to attack I’m not here to talk about myself but about the team I liked the coutinio rumor hope it can come to reality he will slot in right at 10 and Dani made permanent watch us next season

  23. Just bring back Ozil (The Shirt Selling Genius). We miss his artistry.
    Don’t ask him to track back, defend, press etc. That’s not his game. Don’t buy a Ferrari and expect it to drive off-road.
    The Ozil cultists will keep assuring us.

      1. I just wanted to let the Ozil cultists to know that hard work is better than lazy talent.
        This is what we have been saying all a long. Talent alone is not enough. Application and hardwork is trumps over poor attitude and mentality. When talent is not bailing you out you have go to then rely on your hardwork and strong attitude.

        1. Shocking as an Arsenal supporter you bring up Ozil after just beating one of the best teams In The league and making another FA cup final.
          Pretty pathetic to just read this after a great win .

          1. Another “fan” putting player before club, just for a cheap dig – I despair at the small mindedness of these people.

            Cod and chips tonight Dan?

          2. The way we have been playing since the restart just emphasises what we have been asking for for more 15 years. Have a bit of grind and grit. You have strikers like Auba and Laca busting a gut to help defensively while you lot keep telling us how your cult hero should not be forced to do the same, Just been fed up with you ozilites labelling us as haters because we have been calling out more especially the scrounger (Ozil) for being such a lazy fraud.
            “But but just get world class players and build the team around ozil. Just don’t ask him to track back, tackle, track back, run about like a headless chicken. Just get the ball to princess ozil while he trots and strolls about in the opposition area. Surround him with world class players and may be he can turn up for 5 games in a season if we are lucky.”
            Right now everyone in the team is putting their bodies on the line for our club in long time.. Apart from your fraudulent cult hero (The Shirt Selling Genius) as always. 😊
            Watching the players work hard the whole 90 minutes while our weasel princess on £350,000 a week is still busy playing fortnite, undermining the manager, our club and us fans as always.
            That fraudulent weasel together with his cultists infuriate me so much. I hope all of them follow him out once his contract runs out next session. 👋

          3. All you Ozil loyalistd better be ready for a bumpy time from now until his contract runs out next season. He is welcome to be stealing £350,000 a week while doing nothing for us. But trust me. We are going to make it very uncomfortable for this duration of his contract if he keeps undermining our club, manager and us fans. He either works hard in that training ground and then is willing to show commitment like his teammates are doing currently or we will hound him out.
            If he is willing to just sit there doing the bare minimum while scrounging £350,000 a week and refusing to give us something back then I promise you, He together with you his loyalists will know. I am gonna be on here bashing him until he repays back our club by performing on the pitch.
            This FA semi final match just got me fuming even more toward Ozil. His so called average teammates are out their grinding and putting their bodies through the paces while our so called only world class superstar spend more time playing Fortnite and defrauding our club out of £350,000 a week and does not give a monkeys. As long as he gets his wages then not give a fack. Only undermining our club, managers and fans is what he specilises in.

          4. Dan
            Goonster was being a bit of a party pooper but he made important points. The game was played at incredible intensity for 90 minutes with every last one of the team playing their socks off. Tony Adams has described Ozil as the cherry on the cake. Last night was not about that luxury topping; it was about being the sponge layer. Less exciting but equally important to have every player putting in that gargantuan effort. I’m not sure that Ozil has enough puff to do that nowadays and this may end up with him being sidelined more frequently

          5. Goonster, you carry on doing whatever you want, it won’t stop me enjoying my club and MA – you really think that bothers anyone, especially Ozil?

            Just remember to get your facts right and I won’t even bother to answer you.

            Enjoy the time repeating yourself over and over again,
            only one season left, then you’ll find something else to moan about – I’m just enjoying life under our great new coach and his selections… it’s called club before player – try it sometime.

        2. The true spirit of the team was like a beacon. They played as one and all stood out for their performances and determination to win

  24. What makes so happy is the manner of the victory. We were full value for that win and there can be no complaints from City. I personally gave us every chance of winning but didn’t expect us to dispatch them in a manner that would suggest we should of always been favs. This is the 2nd best team in the league who won the league the 2 years prior. Something to be positive about even if we lose the final and there is no reason to lack belief in us winning it.

    Commentary annoyed me massively with the insane bias. Bellerin’s mistake was focused on despite not leading to a clear chance yet City players made multiple similar mistakes and it was brushed over. It was funny both in the 1st half where they had to finally accept we had been the better team with the better chances/less mistakes and in the 2nd where that had to accept that City were not going to score and hadn’t had many chances previously with quite literally zero glaring misses to rue. This was no let down in finishing or heroics from Martinez they just got beat. Even Martinez’s good save was one you expect a good keeper to make and was a half-chance at best.

    1. Angus, it is rare to see the Arsenal treated fairly by these so called pundits. Unfortunately too many of them still wear the bruises (both physical and mental) from Adams, Keown, Gilberto Silva, Viera, Henry and Bergkamp.

  25. I am so grateful Tierney and Niles both played ahead of Kolasinac in those positions..
    I had total confidence in Tierney doing his job solidly. What a signing he’s turned out to be.
    Arteta is the man. If this match was in November last year, there’s no way we would have pulled off back to back wins against Pool and City.
    Imagine limiting City to just 2shots on target for 90mins.
    Meanwhile back then we were conceding 31shots against teams like Watford and Brighton.

    I for one am very optimistic going into next season.
    Arteta for President ✊🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    1. Just shows the importance of putting the ball in front of Aubameyang to run on to. Solid defense and direct attack.

  26. When next season comes ohhh title challenge here we come, I never doubted this unbelievable coach, someone saw Juan talking nd pep wasn’t listening it was cus he knew obviously what he was missing out on, Mikel always gave pep a complete tactical blue print with which he then turned to win, unbelievable effect on the team with such little amount of time with the team on d training ground, churning out back to back impressive victory against d champs of england nd d dethroned one is just too Much, hats off Mikel #Trust the process

  27. Tonight was great, i mean i haven’t enjoyed an Arsenal performance like this for years (well it seems that way atleast)
    the whole team was amazing, 5* gunner performance there.
    Waht i found funny was Van persie and Rio saying we dont need to spend if we play like that every 3-4 days.
    Roll the camera back to Novemeber they we’re all saying its the players, the players are un coachable and we need to get rid of X,Y and Z players.
    Amazing what you can do if you get teh right guy in charge.
    MA you’re a GOD it seems 🙂

    1. I thought VAR was going to award a penalty for the Mustafi challenge but to be fair they didn’t 🙂

        1. Was already ranting about how absurd the decision would be 😂 So convinced in that moment we’d get shafted because history… 🙂

          1. joking aside i genuinely believe Wenger is going after the PGMOL in his role, karma in my book.

  28. 19mins into the game 1-0
    19mins from normal time 2-0

    God please make this our year again in this competition.

  29. Arteta convinced me he was a far better fit for Arsenal than Emery in just two weeks.
    Yeah, two weeks!

    There have there been challenges & he’s obviously made a few mistakes since coming on board, but what’s certain (at least to me), is that we are on the right track & we finally have a manager who has a clear vision of what he wants & how he intends to achieve it, & most importantly, the players seem to be getting the message & transmitting it accordingly, slowly but surely.

    Make no mistakes, it’s not going to be a cakewalk. The journey back to the top is going to be hard & tortuous, but for the first time in eight years, i believe we’re heading in the right direction..

    Only a blind man will tell u he/she has not noticed any change in the Arsenal team since Arteta came. While our position on the league table might not have improved in spades, the fight & desire on the part of the players has improved a hundred times over. They now actually play like they care about the badge, which wasn’t always the case under Emery.
    Also, he has succeeded in making us harder to beat & difficult to score against, unlike the recent past where we could play Watford & still concede more than 30 shots on goal.
    Not Madrid, Bayern or Barcelona.
    I mean Watford!

    He has succeeded in getting the best out of a group of generally poor players, but quality is sorely lacking in the midfield & defensive departments.
    If he gets the support he is entitled to, to bring in the right kind of players to fit his philosophy, then i have no doubt whatsoever that this man would take us back to the top.

    Sadly though, scrooge Kroenke doesn’t seem to care whether Arsenal swims or sinks & therein lies Arteta’s quicksand unless some sort of miracle happens.
    If only we had an owner who cares..

    Win or lose, Arteta has my support 💯%.
    Let’s see where this adventure leads us.
    Fingers crossed!

  30. Read halfway through comments (usually read everything before posting) but so good to see the positivity!!

    Beat two of the top five or six teams in Europe in the space of a few days!

    Arteta truly something special (always loved him) and hope the Kroenkes see this as well (regardless of criticism they have invested but maybe not enough) and realise this is the man to back!

    Encouraging signs we’ve got right man in charge to become heavy hitters again 🙂

    So proud right now!

      1. Might I also add! Loved Tierney from Day 1 and now he’s showing his class almost every time he steps on to the pitch but Xhaka! What a transformation! I’m sure the limitations are still there but in a system that suits his qualities and a manager that really believes in him, he’s become one of our most important players! Suddenly looks very intelligent and a true leader out there 🙂

        1. Tierney is sending his match-worn shirt to a cancer patient, who responded on Twitter from his hospital bed after the game…. what a guy, what a gesture 😍

  31. I may be wrong but i think thats us in the europa league ( sorry if someone mentioned it before ) win or lose the final. Great result and a special mention for Luiz again, along with Martinez, Tierney and Auba, provided the class among the grit and will to win from the rest. We were outplayed at times and we were fortunate at times but that is football and compared to the Liverpool game this was a real game with something at stake. Again, no moans from me, 10 out of 10 for all and even a 10 for Ozil again. Lets try to finish above the spuds now and keep them out of Europe.

    1. Losing finalists do not qualify under any circumstances. only way we can reach Europa League is by winning or finishing top seven

      1. Ok, i thought that the FA cup was a spot to europa and if the team that wins it is already in Europe the loser goes in their place, im sure that has happened in the past but rules may have changed.

        1. They have changed mate, that is why Wolves got into Europa League last season and not beaten FA Cup finalists Watford

            1. If we win the FA Cup we qualify and most likely deny Tottenham. But there are so many permutations it is actually quite exciting.

  32. I think Millwall we’re the last runner up team to get europa league from losing FA cup final, i may be mistaken.
    if the winner of the cup is already in europe from league position, the fa cup place gets added to teh league position, so i think we have to finish 8th to claim a spot no right?

    1. Depends on whether man utd or wolves win the europa league and where they finish and who wins fa cup, all complicated and nothing will be decided for a while yet, could even be ninth

  33. Angus, it is rare to see the Arsenal treated fairly by these so called pundits. Unfortunately too many of them still wear the bruises (both physical and mental) from Adams, Keown, Gilberto Silva, Viera, Henry and Bergkamp.

    1. You omitted that bruiser OZIL. I WONDER WHY. NOT!!!! Such a tough guy too! NOW I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS STRAITJACKET!

  34. Top Gunner, how I wish you watch the performance from Arteta boys. like Eddie keep saying ” Trust the process, Trust Arteta!

  35. Thanks, MA for building this team and thanks to each member of the team today, this is how we enjoyed Arsenal back in days and this is what we are expecting to see more in the future, Arsenal should be always respected!

    Luiz!! this is how you defend against some of the best strikers in the world!

    Xhaka!! you were the mid king today!

    Auba!! you’re killing them softly man!

    Pepe..this quality of passes that we are expecting from you more often, keep this performance and you will be one of the best players we have very soon.

    AMN deserved a lot of credit and on top Martinez who defends his goal in front of these strikers!

    Wenger’s player and Pep’s assistant .. MA is the coach we needed .. a realistic coach whose learning from his mistakes, giving no chance to anyone playing him over the team while giving the chance to all the players to prove themselves!

    Thanks all .. trust the process

  36. Ok so there is so much positivity around so i thought of pointing out what was wrong yesterday to make sure that we as gooners dont cross the line…😆😆(You are welcome)

    MA is the right man,no question there and i believe he needs time and improvements.

    First of all we had 30% possession,in other words we rarely had the ball but we were able to string atleast a few passes together unlike the liverpool game.But i dont see any control.If not for lacas hold ups or pepes trickery we wouldnt have had possession at all.

    The next thing is the way we attack,its through the flanks but we should have another trick or two to attack centrally if not we could struggle against good full backs or a system of a back 3 where wingbacks come into play.

    The next thing is the pace of the game or the tempo.We dont have a player to control or adjust.Ceballos certainly can do it but he needs support.And we should certainly work on our link ups.Some players need to work on their touches and skillset.

    The next thing is our play in the final 3rd.The cityzens are a totally different team when it comes to attacking the box.Its not just crosses that they put in but their ball movement create spaces and allows players to attack in various ways(thankfully our positioning was so good yesterday).Now for us to be creative in the final 3rd,ceballos and pepe are the keys(i cant see ozil in this system).Saka and willock are more direct,ainsley as well.The youngsters need to work on their creativity.

    The next thing is mistakes.Auba missed a big chance earlier in the match(a really clever ball from luiz)but he didnt allow that to get him.Then he scores 2 wonderful goals.Thats strong.Thats quality.While on the other hand some struggled after mistakes,i dont like to mention names because nobody deserved criticism after that kind of a performance.What i am trying to say is that our mentality needs to be stronger and for that some players need their managers and teammates support.

    The next thing and most probably the biggest thing is this is not how MA wants to play.Parking a bus and counter attacking.His philosophy is more of a possession based attack,he wants to dominate not just win.I can clearly see that.He needs a window and a good backing to show who he really is and what the future Arsenal will look like.The liverpool and man city wins are massive but momentum played a big part but Arsenal went a whole season unbeaten not just because of momentum,we had quality and MA needs it.


    1. Very good post.I did have my doubts about Arteta but what he is showing is the intelligence to fit in a system that works with the standard of players he has got.Tierney is just amazing😊.

    2. I believe your post is in good spirit, but you didn’t take a lot into consideration
      I’ll go in order.

      Possession. There’s a false equation of posession to control. We actually didn’t cede control of the midfied. Granit Xhaka had the single most important role. Keeping Debruyne quiet. You’ll notice that City kept trying to play him into dangerous areas, but the only times he’d get space, it would either be inconvenient for him, or simply inconvenient for him. Part of being a good manager is know when you are the underdog. Trying to match city’s posession would have been suicidal.

      Second. The flanks. I can’t think of any flair based team that doesnt attack through the flanks and we did come up against really good fullbacks. To help you understand why it’s a good way to attack, look at the first goal. As Bellerin is bearing down on them, Mendy is undecided on whether to come and meet him, or follow Pepe. It gives Pepe room to manuever when he gets the ball. We need to maintain overloads.

      We actually played at the tempo we wanted. We sped up when we could see a clear attacking opportunity. We slowed it down when we didn’t. They did the same.

      Most of our chances since lockdown have come from wingplay, true. However, many of the chances we created came from a through ball from midfield. Spurs comes to mind. We actually created a few.

      I can’t actually think of anyone who struggled after a mistake. Mustafi recovered just fine , Bellerin recovered well, I can’t think of another who made a big mistake.

      We agree on your final point

      Don’t know if anyone will read, but there you go

    3. Love your analysis Shakir. In as much as we are all elated by the victory, I like the fact that you’re grounded and could still see the lapses in the game. A very good observation too I might add because I agree with all you said. As happy as I am with the victory and as hopeful as I am with Arteta, I can’t help but see that we still have a long way to go. However, we’re in the right direction I admit.

      1. A great victory and a great performance but to move forward in the league, not in off cup games, we need a new Right back, two central defenders and a holding midfielder. Bellerin, xhaka, Luiz and mustaffi did well last night but they are not good enough or clever enough to take this team forward. Luckily we have two keepers, a new central defender, Tierney and saka, pepe, auba and a host of young blood coming through.

  37. What a performance! I never doubted Arteta! I knew the boys could deliver versus City! Haha..joke! 🤣 I had given up..didn’t even watch the game 😥 sigh, 7 meetings versus City we lose them all and the 8th that I skip is the one we win ☹

      1. @Sue
        Yeah, I watched the highlights! Aubameyang was terrorizing the City defence! Who do you want for the final, Chelsea or Man utd?

        1. He was awesome, QD!!
          Hmmm I’m not sure, which would be more satisfying?! Chelsea (for Baku)
          How about you?

    1. David Luis had his best ever performance for Arsenal.We may lack in ability in certain areas, but under Arteta, we do not lack in terms of effort.For 25m, Tierney is a steal.

  38. Manchester City have won ten of their last 12 FA Cup semi-final matches, with their two defeats in that time coming against Arsenal (1932 and 2017)… make that 3 😉

    I’ve woken up in such a happy mood!!

  39. Brilliant win! We where shaky to begin with but you could tell the game was turning leading up to the first goal. Arteta outsmarted pep in a battle of tactics, you could see pep knew he was beaten.
    THAT defencive display from Arsenal especially in the second half is something I havent seen since the invincibles team. Reminded me a lot of Atletico Madrid, soak up pressure and sting them on the counter. That second goal from Auba was so like what Henry used to do for us, almost made me cry. Seeing all players turning up and really playing for the badge and each other, Xhaka, Luiz or Auba as man of the match for me, all where immense in their respective roles. Laca also working really hard, dropping deep to play, linking up great with other players. Great win, two big teams dispatched, got nothing but belief in what Arteta brings to this club. And I didnt have to complain about refs this time, amazing! On to the final, COYG!

  40. Come on Auba, isn’t it about time you signed da ting and put me out of my misery!!?
    Would love nothing more than to see that smile (after scoring) for another 3 years!!
    What a player, world bloody class to say the least!!! Love him……

    1. Love him too Sue, my secret man crush haha! I hope and thinks he will sign, he is such a feel good player. I woke up so happy today, the future is bright for the Arsenal, would be great if we could win the FA and overtake spurs, that would make my season 😄

      1. 😀 the signs are looking very promising, for sure!
        That would be fantastic!! Look what we’ve achieved since last Sunday!! I bet those spuds are squirming thinking “not another final” 😆
        Isn’t it funny, the ups and downs of a gooner… last Sunday I wanted the season to end…. this Sunday I’m on top of the world and want it to carry on and on!!
        Who would you rather face in the final?

        1. What happens if Chelsea or Man U win the fa cup while they have already qualified for the champions league, does this make the gunners as runners up qualify for Europa?

          1. I just read that if the fa cup winner finishes in top 6.. then 7th place will be in Europa.
            United may win EL yet…..
            It becomes confusing 😅

          2. No, the losers of the FA Cup get absolutely nothing.

            If a team that wins the FA Cup finishes top four then the team in seventh gets the Europe League spot.

            England gets just 3 Europa League spots, that is it, usually Carabao Cup winners, FA Cup winners and 5th, however, because Carabao cup winners City will finish in a champions league spot then the team 6th gets a Europa League spot. If a team wins the FA Cup and finishes top 4 then seventh gets a Europa League spot.

            If Man Utd or Wolves finish outside top 4 and win europa league they go to champions league and so 8th is valid.

            However, if Arsenal win FA Cup and neither English team wins Europa League then top 4 go to Champions League, 5th and 6th go to Europa League and FA Cup winners.

            Confusing I know,

  41. Let’s hope Mustafi isn’t too bad, as it didn’t look good when he went off…..
    And after all those headed clearances, I really hope David Luiz hasn’t got whiplash 😄

  42. You only need insight to see Arteta is the man for the job…not crazy moaners for every mistake…who doesn’t make mistake?…only God doesn’t…MA is a created being like us and he and the players are bound to make mistakes…We true gooners we support not moan. Win or lose there is a lovely prospect cooking at the Emirates. I love football, I love Arsenal

    1. Yes players and everyone makes but the teams in the league that have players who make the least mistakes do well and the teams who have the players who make more do less well.

  43. The amount of disrespect and hate for Arsenal and its fans online is shocking. I don’t know why, as a football fan can one be so angry and disrespectful to a team who just played a massive game against a world-class side. I sincerely hope that we win the cup and show those keyboard warring buffoons our class!

      1. Yup admin. Arsenal have posted a bench cam video of the match on youtube and a nine-year-old kid was going around berating every Arsenal fan’s happy comments and gloating how manure was the best team in the world and will smash The Arsenal in the final. Guess, serves him right now, doesn’t it?

  44. Its good that we’ve beaten City, but I dont see any improvement because Emery left us at No.10 on the log and we are still No.10. Emery went to Europa final and Arteta is in FA cup final. Where exactly is the improvement?

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