Arteta begins his rotations – so who will play against Everton?

We are all aware that the Christmas schedule is very gruelling every winter, with Arsenal having just played their first game of the month, with another seven to fit in before the New Year.

Mikel Arteta didn’t make too many changes last night at Old Trafford, but the big surprise was to see Mo Elneny in the midfield alongside Thomas Partey. When asked why he was chosen to start, Arteta revealed: “[To be able] to play a player like him, with that experience that he has playing in this arena. He was incredibly good last year when he played here as well. He way he has been training, and the way he behaves, and because I believe that sometimes we have to rotate things for the game.”

The fact is, with Granit Xhaka out for at least another month, and Sambi being very inexperienced, it made sense to bring on Elneny, or possibly Maitland-Niles. But, other than Martinelli replacing the injured Saka, that was really the only bit of rotation by Arteta. This must certainly change in the next game with just 3 days before we visit Everton, so who can we expect to be given a rest on Monday?

The one thing we all want to see (ok, most of us) is Aubameyang rested, with Saka returning and Martinelli playing down the centre, but I have this strange feeling that Arteta will never drop Aubameyang for some reason.

Martin Odegaard definitely needs rested, and Arteta can choose between Pepe or Lacazette to replace him.

As for the midfield, I would like to see Thomas rested, and my preference woud be for Lokonga and Maitland-Niles to face Everton.

And lastly, the question of Tierney coming back must come back into the equation. What’s the point of having two great left-backs if only one plays?

So who do you think Arteta needs to rest or rotate for Monday Night?


  1. I think Tierney will play since Tavares didn’t produce anything at Old Trafford

    The ones who produced goals and assists will also play, such as Smith-Rowe, Odegaard and Martinelli. This means Saka will be benched and maybe Lacazette will lead the front line instead of Aubameyang:

    ………………………….. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu … White … Magalhaes … Tierney
    ……………… Partey ……………….. Lokonga
    Martinelli ………. Odegaard ……… Smith-Rowe
    …………………………… Lacazette

  2. Shame we can’t rotate the manager
    Personally the back 5 Picks themselves maybe Tierney gets in to give a rest to Tavares.
    The other 6 that’s anyones guess but I’m sure it will be the usual suspects .
    Anyway talking of Arteta ,that reminds me I need to buy my son some lego for Xmas .

  3. One thing for sure, Aubameyang is just not a captain. He is not inspiring at all. Possibly make Ramsdale captain, he has fire in his belly. Clearly bring Sambi back, Elneny is not a solution. Time to give Tierney a game, even maybe as captain. Odegaard has not got the constant vibrant energy needed and he is very patchy indeed. Hopefully Martinelli will play with his youthful vigour and maybe Saka can return. I think it is game over for Aubameyang. Maybe Covid has just taken the edge from his game, he has been a great player for us but is not a captain or even a starter for us anymore.

      1. Ramsdale
        Tomi Saliba Gabriel Tierney
        White Partey
        Saka ESR Martinelli
        Laca(or replacement)

        Will never happen but IMO would be a potent team

  4. As always it will depend on who’s fit & available on Monday and what they are looking like in training between now and then

    A disappointing loss but no time for panic mass changes in my opinion, we are having a good season so far and a number of the guys who played last night are responsible for that as is the way they play together, team more important than individuals

    However a couple of changes are called for, as we are away again then I agree that Auba should be on the bench, Laca or Eddie in his spot, Martinelli had a good game wide right, give him another one there

    The only other change I would suggest is centre of midfield, Elneny had a good game, leave him there and maybe bring in Sambi or AMN alongside him, preferably Sambi as he has been part of things more so far

    Leave the Tierney change for Southampton at home with half an eye on the big one against West Ham on the Wednesday after

    So, two changes at most from the starting 11 last night in my opinion

  5. Who will play , is a matter for the Manager to decide.Who should play is dependant on many issues including fitness, but from the outside it seems to me that ESR , Saka and Partey are needing a short break.In addition ,it will be an absolute disgrace, and make a mockery of our squad system if our Captain is selected as he has contributed precious little for some time.If he has not already done so, Arteta also needs to arrange a face to face discussion with Odegaard who I mentioned on this site last month is inept defensively and has since proved his liability status.He got off with it against Newcastle but not last night.If he is selected it should be on the wing as we need three central midfielders to win the ball and defend which are two things that Odegaard simply cannot do.With all this in mind and “rotation” deemed essential this is my selection for the Everton match.

    Tomi,Holding,Gabriel, Tierney,
    Laconga, White, Tavares,
    Martinelli, Lacca, Pepe.

    1. I can not believe that more blame for this defeat hasn’t been pointed at Odergaard, the “foul” that led to the penalty was attrocious and right out of the other weak cowardly player’s (Xhakas) handbook of bad challenges. Odergaard is a disgraceful player and has taken this team back with his inclusion. Awful awful decision to do what he did against utd.

  6. Ramsdale

    Tomiyasu, white, Gabriel, Tierney

    Partey, Elneny

    Saka, Smith Rowe, Martineli

    Pierre Emerick Aubameyoung

  7. Maybe Tierney should come back to LB with Tavares pushed a place further forward. Drop Elnenny reinstate Lakonga and maybe even Partey and bring in AMN. Drop Odergard, bring back Lacca or play ESR central. Drop Auba he isnt bringing anything to the party. Will Arteta be ruthless or will he keep his chosen under performer’s?

  8. Arteta should rest Auba, Partey and Odegaard. ESR, Saka should come from the bench. While White should make way for Holding and Terney as a matter of necessity should return back.
    Tommi Holding Gabby Terney
    Elneny Lakongo AMN
    Martinelli Pepe

  9. Against Everton on Monday!
    Tomiyasu. White. Gabriel. Tierney
    Lokonga. AMN
    Pepe. Aubameyang. ESR

    Martinelli and Laca comes in for Pepe and Auba at early second Half!
    Predicts Everton 0 Arsenal 3..

  10. By all means please move ESR back into the middle, the no 10 role, his natural position. He is not a winger and Odegaard has been largely disappointing. Odegaard and ESR should compete for no.10 like Tierney and Tavares are on each other for left back.

    If Auba must play let him play on the left wing and lacazette upfront since Arteta lacks the balls to drop Auba despite his shameful performance lately.

    My team selection for Everton however will be


  11. Abuymang is still be far our best out and out forward. Laca has been more successful in a deeper roll and Nketiah and any other striker at the club is a non factor.

    That is the most glaring need at Arsenal. We get smacked around by the big clubs because world class strikers score goals. We do not have one. And have needed one for years. Our last successful years as a top 4 club our best player was arguably up front, van Persie, Giroud, Abub 4 years ago.

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