Arteta believes Arsenal are playing their best since he arrived

Mikel Arteta has claimed that his Arsenal side are playing their best football since he arrived at the club in December 2019.

The Gunners certainly appear to be in top form, and at a crucial point in the campaign on top of that. We go into tomorrow night’s clash with Liverpool on the back of five straight wins which has seen them climb into the top four at present, whilst having games in hand on all of our rivals also.

Our attack has been extremely exciting in recent weeks, with Martin Odegaard especially showing just how important a player he can be given that chief creator role in behind the striker, but our next test will be our toughest yet.

Whilst it wouldn’t be the end of the world not to win, we surely have to have our best chance of doing so given our form at present and the fact that we have a near-full squad of options available also.

The manager also admits that he believes our side are playing the best football since he took over the reigns, when asked by Arsenal Media if that was the case.

“I think with the level of consistency throughout the game and throughout a run of games, I would say yes.”

While our form to win the FA Cup in his debut season in north London was impressive, it was negative football based strongly around defence and our opponents making mistakes, whereas what we are seeing now is a strong, balances, pressing game and we are showing that we can be a menace to any side if we stick to our own gameplan also.

I have to agree that this is the most consistency I’ve seen in north London in the last five years even, and Arteta most definitely deserves praise for that, but he will truly be judged on where we finish up come the end of the season.

Do you agree that is too early to be throwing praise out with the job still in hand?


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  1. Utd out of the CL as I correctly predicted after the first leg. Bad news for Arsenal as Utd now have less games to play

    1. Less games or not they are playing poor football. Plus we are playing a game a week as well.destiny is in our hands

  2. United are poor and have a tough run-in . We have the opportunity to put daylight between ourselves and them if we can pick up 4-6 points in our next two games as they don’t play this weekend because Liverpool(their next fixture) are in the fa cup.

  3. Spurs and Utd supporters are complaining that their sides play brilliantly one game and sh#t the next game. As for Arsenal this season we have had 4-5 top games but generally we have been basic and consistent with no serious dips . No European football and playing a 12 man squad has been key. Areta is evolving a team who are disciplined and consistent performers like Simeone’s outfit at Athletic Madrid.

  4. That’s a fact period, best I have seen we played in quite some time ,

    Alex Furgeston once said he notice Wenger dont like adding and mixing his team members, the reason behind that is that they tend to develop a synergy by playing extended lengths of time together.

    Am seing that now and that’s one of the reasons a previous article throw out a question asking if Arsenal fans should be optimistic of there team, the is a resounding Yes.

    So gooners it’s not because of league position why we should be optimistic but an abundance of other positive factors

  5. Both United and Chelsea have no Premier league match this weekend so effectively Liverpool(H) & Villa (A) are games in hand on them both so we need to capitalise. Maximum points would put us in the driving seat for top 4

  6. I’m using this medium to urge you gunners to make a hell of noise to show support for our team tonight and make it as uncomfortable as possible for pool just like they usually do at their home groun.success is the best revenge,COYG.

  7. School children in England knows is the best Arsenal are playing since the gaffer in charge.

    The directions is clear , lots of room for improvement, but we are selfish, we want to be consistent and better .

    We must now add only marquee signings, two defensive midfielders and striker or strikers

  8. NO Patrick, I do not agree that it is to early to throw out praise. Threason being that he has already totally transformed the dreadul lazy and anything goes culture that was rife at our club through Wenger last years AND which still prevailed through Emerys time.

    MA has refused to bow to player power and to a harmful player in control mentality (rather than all fighting for the same cause, AS IS NOW THE CASE) and has completely overhauled and cleaned out the toxic situation at the club when he first came in.


    That you should even feel the need to ask such a foolish question is a sign of your own very youthful lack of worldy wisdom.

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