Arteta believes Arsenal played well but gifted Man United in the end

Arsenal’s visit to Man United last night was certainly entertaining for the neutral observer, but it was a crazy topsy-turvy sort of game with some varying degrees of skills and errors from both sides, and a few interesting decisions from the referee and our friends at VAR….

Our opening goal was very strange, with De Gea on the floor and no one defending, but a goal is a goal! But United managed to equalise just before half-time with a good move from their strikers

After the break our defence let us down again as another ball cut through our penalty area and Ronaldo gave them the lead. We deserved to be level again as Odegaard nicely guided it into the net, but then the Norwegian made a crazy tackle in our box giving Ronaldo the chance to score an excellent penalty, which Arteta didn’t seem to happy about after the game. “First of all to show the character and the personality and the courage to play the way we did at Old Trafford [was pleasing],” Arteta told

“But, the reality is, conceding three goals at Old Trafford, it’s very difficult to get any result and when the game was there with 2-2, and we were in our best moment and had total control and dominance of the game, that’s when you have to give the next step and go and win the match and then we didn’t manage one situation, we open up and we concede the penalty and we throw the game away.

“We are here to win football matches and I’m disappointed because I have the feeling that we deserved more.

“But again, we have to be realistic that if we do what we did in certain moments, defend in our box against probably one of the best squads in the world, they’re going to punish you because they have so many goals and quality to define those moments and that’s the curve and hopefully the lesson that we have to take from today.”

But we have some easier games coming up and we are still in 5th right now, so with games coming thick and fast we’ll just have to see where we are at the end of the month…

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  1. We could be end up on 07th by the time we would play against Everton because if Tottenham beat Norwich then they will climb above us in table and Man Utd will win against Crystal Palace on Sunday who will leapfrog us on 6th..
    So we will be on 07th
    I am surprised that even after good run of 7-8 unbeaten run and wins, Tottenham is just point behind us that too game in hand..
    And everyone was saying that they are in problem… It seems we are in problems too along with them
    Why we were making such hype of our unbeaten run especially when Tottenham is just point behind us

    1. Bad start to the season. We had to make up 3 lost games on Spurs. We were always about 6 points behind spurs because of the nightmare start to the season we had.

          1. Whatever is the reason but why we were making such hype of our unbeaten run and winning matches even though we doesn’t seem to be in good position…
            We could start our Everton game on 07th in table

  2. Same crap, different toilet. Been seeing this for years. An Arsenal team with a soft under-belly. Scoring a goal and then reverting to sitting deep. It’s a dangerous game that has proven to been the same undoing in so many matches. Why is MA cannot get this team to believe in an attacking style of football with fast tempo a quick press?

    When we played a few weeks ago, it looked like every player on the field wanted the ball. In the last few games it looks like we’re reverted to a slow tempo with very little desire to tackle again?

    I don’t want to single nay player out intentionally but, what is it with Partey and his terrible passing? His lack of vision to spot the danger when the opponent is attacking. He just goes missing. I watched him more so last night because I have noticed this issue in recent games. Elneny played okay but we definitely need more quality in midfield. We should have seen Manure off last night but simple looked like this Arsenal squad just didn’t believe at times.

    Auba has lost his mojo and I’m not sure he will find it any time soon. Laca should start every game. His energy and passion to win are a massive bonus!

    1. We need Xhaka back in that team to put Partey on his toes.. If it were Xhaka who had that licence to play further afield with Elneny behind him, we would have seen more creativity in the team. .Partey is better in the Elneny role, I think
      All said, I agree that we need more quality in that midfield

    2. Arteta showed that he is a more defensive minded manager in his first season games for us.
      Just sitting back with 35% possession and hoping to nick it.

      Just watch the way we played in his first games and in that FA CUP win. Defensive.

      He is too cautious and conservative for me.

  3. Yes Man U away was always going to be tough.
    We played well and probably deserved a point.
    Need to turn the page and win the next 5 and we will be 4th place by Xmas.
    The improvement is there for all to see.
    Lets all Trust the process + get behind the team.

    1. To be fair on the team, we played Utd at a very bad time, all prematch stat and stuff point to the fact that this is a rejuvenated side and every player would try to impress the new gaffer, despite those factors we outplayed them and it was individual brilliance and inexperienced of our players that got the better of us.
      Everyone saying we play a disorganised team but this team just drew away to the table top team- Chelsea, I know the defeat is hard for us all and am disappointed we gave them too much respect and after the goal we didn’t attack them and allow them back, all the same we still have a good account of ourselves

      1. I totally agree with you Adajim.. I couldn’t have said it any better.. even a Utd fan that saw the game with me said the same exact thing.

  4. Poor tactics, poor team picks, poor shape attacking and defending, poor excuses. This was an equally poor utd, with an equally poor interim manager and we did not deserve to beat them at all. The changes our manager is making and the players he is ostracising are baffling, he is getting no mre out of his “improvements” at all. I dont get his love of Odergaard, the tolerance of Auba, his treatment of Pepe, his treatment of Lacca, the tactics or the style of play. He isnt getting anything extra out of this team, in fact he is taking away. We should be, with this squad be at least 5 or 6 points better at least than we are. We are not going anywhere special at the moment with our manager.

    1. One dimensional manager Reggie ,plain to see that the only progress was the fact so much money as been invested in him ,nothing special about him what so ever , it somehave us have been saying this for 12 months .

        1. Adjamin, i dont think utds squad is that good, they have badly invested and ours is better than the sum of the parts.

          1. Regie, Utd players are better than ours IMO, probably not in form atm, but that team could hurt any team on their day. Look at the technique of Bruno goal, the movement of their front 4 in front of goal is far superior to ours, that’s players brilliance not tactic

            1. I dont rate their defence or midfield, they are grossly overated but to be fair, Rashford and Sancho are as well.

  5. Maybe like most I watched this 9n Amazon and I must say, I am losing respect for Henry’s opinions.
    He cannot give a fair review when his agenda is to take over with the Spotify crew.
    His comments are becoming somewhat disrespecting towards people who are just trying to do their job.
    He admires ESR and Saka yet questions everyone else in the squad, as though he doesn’t think they are good enough for AFC.. he can’t agree that arsenal have shown progress from the last 3 or 4 years…

    It’s just tiring, stop talking and do something more relevant. I respect Vieria because he speaks with consideration and respect, Henry is now with an agenda. It spoils how clear his view is, and this in return spoils his character.

    Oh Henry, King Henry, how you have fallen into D grade Celeb culture like Redknapp and Co…

    1. What progress have Arsenal shown tomorrow?
      Henry is spot on with his criticism and he has no agenda because he’s had these views for the last 5 years ,he’s just a fan who as higher standards than some .

      1. The question of progress was asked by the presenter. Even Alan Shearer pipped in and said there is progress because now we talk about them competing for the top 4, which wasn’t part of the conversation with arsenal over the last 5 years…

    2. Tomorrow, HENRYS unfair and agenda ridden commments also disappointed me.

      I passionately hope he is never our manager and think it a near zero likelihood anyway, as I do not rate his football judgement intelligence as at the level an elite manager would need.

  6. We played well for the first 15-20 min. and got a lucky goal. Then we gave the initiative to Man U, as if we were going to try to defend a 1-0 lead for 70 min.
    Terrible mistake and a deserved loss.

    1. And this is also going to be classified as venting frustration or opinion or having more standards I guess.

  7. Arsenal played well but what most of us are disappointed about is the naivety such as

    Sitting back instead of pilling more pressure at 1-0
    The players inexperience and naivety like
    Martinelli should have pass or buried the chance at 1-0,
    Saka had 2 golden opportunities and did nothing with them
    ODE naive tackle that lost the game.
    These were the little details where we lost the game

  8. After games against Chelsea, City, Liverpool and United, we stand at grand total of

    4 games
    0 points
    2-14 GD

    I didnt expect much from those games but the lack of fight is same as it ever has. Our defense is not great. Our defense is just good among other mid-table teams.

  9. Very disappointed with the result but not the performance, I thought we played well as a team and that the game could have gone either way, it didn’t go our way and we lost but we are still in good shape for the rest of the season

    Elneny came in and played well, Partey not so much, Martinelli came in and played well, Auba not so much again

    We can’t wait forever for those two if it is burning points, we persevered with them both when we were picking up points but a tough decision is needed soon

    Everton next and if we play like we did last night we can take all of the points but I don’t think we can carry Auba again

    When the younger guys don’t play well and/or make mistakes it is more acceptable to me as they are the future and will improve, unfortunately Auba and Partey do not fit into that in my opinion

    1. Auba needs to be dropped along with Saka.
      Saka is absent in defence. Auba practically absent in attack.

  10. Our young players need an experienced manager to guide them. It’s that experienced leadership that’s missing from the sideline.

    Young players + young manager = results like last night.

    If the board and ownership opted for a youth movement to rebuild the squad, then have an experienced manager lead them.

    Errors and capitulation yet again in the match, veteran players underperforming, these issues still go uncorrected.

    Ruthless decisions on EVERYONE need to be made at the end of the season.

    1. Sorry but didn’t see anything in our playing this year to believe we could get 3 points at OT.

      Tactics unsurprising, seem recycled and stale. There were moments at times of directness around their box, but not consistent enough to be a regular threat.

      This has been a multi-year concern, and no solution seems forthcoming

  11. Maybe we should stick Auba in defence; he’s stopped a few goals going in lately.

    One positive is Gabi – glad to see him back, how we’ve missed that energy – we’ll definitely need it on Monday – now a massive game – the Arteta derby – I just hope we show up. We can’t end another bad run, can we??

    Oh the joys of being a football supporter…

  12. As soon as we play 💩 people shouting for Xhaka a player at his best is mediocre
    And would get on the bench for a top 4 team

  13. Aubamayang is the reason we can’t go beyond 2 goals per game. Man United where there for the taking and Arteta’s hesitation to make the changes earlier cost us the game. Top 4 was open for the taking and we blew it. This game was begging for Lacazette from the beginning and Arteta’s sentiment could not make him see beyond his nose. He won’t make the top 4 if his decisions are made on sentiments. #ArsenalPlayersLackStaminaFor90Mins

    1. I agree he has sentiments but what I agree most of is the fact that he cost us the game because he delayed the sub too long.. Ode should have been replaced by Laca from 60th minute.. Smith needs a bit of a rest so is Saka and maybe Auba.. we have good options I think Nkethia did well when he came on.

      1. Agree with your comments. His substitutuons are poor, doesn’t use the squad and doesn’t recognize when his players are running on empty . Trainee manager at a top top club. It should not really happen.

  14. Why is it that when we go a goal up the whole mindset changes, we sit back and let the other team come on to us. Is it that the team are told by Arteta to do this or do they think that the game is won with that 1 goal. This is where we need a proper captain, not our under performing Auba who to my mind needs to be dropped because he isn’t really contributing anything at the moment. Oh for a McLintock, Adams , Viera type player.

  15. Maybe our mindset changes when we go one up Marty but for sure the opponents mindset does and that has an effect on our mindset, the reverse mindset can happen when we go one down, in other words there are two teams out there trying to win the game

    Frank was an inspirational leader who affected his team mates performances for sure and that could affect the result sometimes, I believe Tone did what he did to inspire himself, that was his game, self motivation was very important for him, under George and Arsene he didn’t really need to rally the troops on the pitch very often and in between those two Managers if he did he wasn’t too successful too often, Vieira’s influence was the way he played and the effect he had on the opposition

    All three played in games where we lost at Old Trafford, in Patrick’s case we were holding out for a good away draw and he got himself sent off leaving his mates in a bit of a spot for the final parts of the game, Keown giving away a penalty late on didn’t help the cause (would Patrick being on the pitch have prevented that?) and we only had van Nistelrooy to thank to get a point and ultimately the “Invincibles” tag, it happens to the best

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