Arteta bravely blames Giroud after awful Arsenal performance

Arteta needs to look at himself by DN

Mikel Arteta may be the Arsenal captain, well I think he still is, but he was absolutely anonymous last night in the standard 67 minutes that Arsene Wenger gives his starters before taking off the deadwood. The stats analysts Squawka gave some damning figures for Mikel’s performance in the time he was on the pitch.

Mikel Arteta’s game by numbers:

0 chances created –

0 tackles won –

0 aerial duels won –

0 shots –

0 crosses…..

Ineffective.   — Squawka Football (@Squawka) September 16, 2015

But Arteta is of the opinion that the strikers (i.e. monsieur Giroud) should have put us at least two goals up before he got sent off. Arteta’s response on was that the team that Wenger picked (including him) was good enough, but they just didn’t kill the game off: “We have so many games coming up. The manager said that he was going to make a few changes and I think that we were still good enough to compete with a Dinamo Zagreb side. We had the chances but we didn’t take them. The manager tried to create the best balance for the game but we didn’t make the most of it.”

So who do you think didn’t take the chances? And who created them, because it certainly wasn’t Arteta! He went on to say: “We go game by game. I think we created enough chances in the first 20 minutes to go one or 2-0 up. It was very disappointing to not be in that position. After Olivier’s sending off the game changed completely. We tried to get back but we couldn’t in the end.”

The problem is, like the Monaco game last year, the WHOLE team played like pants, but as always Giroud gets the blame. What about the defence which Arteta was supposed to be protecting?


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  1. Yes the Whole team played like Pants in the Monaco game but it WAS GIROUD that flopped up big time…Its all about scoring goals – he didn’t put away decent chances (which was created by who – the rest of the guys)..Scoring goals changes games and gives the rest of the team confidence..

    1. It’s not even that fact that Giroud didn’t score that’s the problem, its the fact that he got sent off for stupidity.

  2. erm why does kieran gibbs get a pass? schoolboy errors
    debuchy was carelss at times (he put a shift in tho-effort was there)
    honestly giroud cost us the game with his naivety in that second tackle that got him sent off

    but yes make arteta the scapegoat.

    1. Did you see how Giroud addressed the ref? I which he could address the ball in such manner.

  3. Why blame giroud alone? Yes he was wrong to lose his head and get send off! But why is he always made the scapegoat when things go wrong?

    1. This is what Arteta said:
      “We could have been two or three-nil up in the first 20 minutes,” the Arsenal captain said. “And after that we conceded a goal with the first chance they had.
      “We were very unlucky. Obviously with 10 men the game is difficult and different. We tried our best but we couldn’t get back into the game.
      “We haven’t managed to win three games in a row which is very important. We had two in the pocket and wanted a good result in Zagreb.

      “We have to react quickly. We’re quite good at that. We’ve done it in the past. Saturday will be a very different game.
      “[Chelsea] is a big game. We’re upset and we have to react. Sometimes when you have disappointment in the body it’s good because you find a good reaction.”

      In that conversation he repeatedly said “we” . So its very strange that someone could construe the interview to mean Arteta was blaming Giroud. That he made reference to the team having opportunities to score 2 to 3 goals in the first 20 minutes does not in any way translate into him blaming Giroud.

      These sensationalized articles are written with a particular motive in mind bash and vilify certain players.

      1. It’s the media that takes what players/managers say and makes it into something controversial…..Feel for these guys, they are soccer players not politicians yet they have to do these stupid interviews and get criticised as to what they say in them and their actual words get twisted..

          1. Yes i saw that…But inst every article title twisted in JustArsenal to create debates – i mean that’s more or less what this site about ryt…

            1. Admin does not help by not stating his/her editorial policy. Is the site following tabloid approach, or its for allowing fans to write opinion pieces for debate purposes. If it is the latter then Admin must ensure that articles are grounded on accurate facts to allow for logical debates.

              1. I allow all opinions to be posted for discussion, but I report on anything Arsenal that is being discussed in the world as well. You should all know this by now. I have been doing it for five years….

  4. the problem also lies with other players especially those playing wide they need to get more crosses in hope in jan wenger gets someone like mahrez/yarmalenko would make giroud better

        1. Leo, what do you mean “make Giroud better”?

          Nemo dat quod non habet

    1. I have no problem with your comment but this idea of putting forward of names as candidates for recruitment simply because those players have had 5 good game is somewhat ridiculous. Who knew about the Mahrez guy before this season? I read transfer stories and comments here throughout the transfer window but never saw Mahrez being mentioned as a player Arsenal should buy. It would therefore appear that your opinion about him is based on his early season form, the same way we heard name of Gomez and Andrew Ayew being mentioned after their performances against Man United.

        1. Who said the solution to a team always lie outside? Anywhere my point was and is this business of throwing around names of players whom you hardly know is becoming ridiculous.

          1. hardly know mahrez agent recently spoke about barca interest in him just because he plays for Leicester doesn’t mean he is poor player
            bendtner use to play for a big club like arsenal does that mean he Is world class a player playing for club doesn’t have anything to do with him
            no one knew who kagawa was lewandowski etc there are so many players who have joined from small clubs & gone onto become stars

            1. Why talk about what his agent said? I refer to you not his agent. You were vocal throughout the last transfer window throwing around names of potential candidates but you never mentioned Mahrez. That is my basis for saying you hardly know him yet you are already putting him as a potential candidate for Arsenal. In any case how many times have player agents told the truth about their clients’ prospects?

  5. I hear and read a lot of comments talking about Giroud or other players not being “Arsenal quality”…!!! What the f*ck does that mean???

    “Arsenal quality”?
    Arteta, Gibbs, OX, Mertesacker, Chambers and more… This “Arsenal quality” including the “less than average” manager.

    Why do you think he does not give interview in France? (I know, I am there every weekend and can watch all the football programs made during the week)… He is always or was always drilled about his situation at Arsenal and every pundits asking why is he still managing Arsenal and being so gracefully paid…!!!

    This club has 11 players at the most…
    Apart from those 11, the rest are just filling the holes and those holes are monstrous.

    Now our dear captain (how strange that every Arsenal captain have been on the bench recently… Only Arsenal can implement rubbish like that!!) blames Giroud when his on game passed unnoticed because he was so shite…

    Gibbs? Lol… What a joke? A f*cking joke and gets away with it because the manager is a joke himself, so you cannot punish your players because you know damn well that you are yourself a farce!

    As soon as those players enter the pitch they are left on their own and they are the ones who have made the results over the years, because the bench has no input (they won’t know how to affect the play anyway).

    Wenger is useless and has been for years (Steve Bold is a muppet and an hypocritical weak slime, with no purpose and courage, just another “yes boss” c*nt).

    1. There is NO need for swearing – even if you use st*rs. Please refrain in future. It’s not big and it’s not clever….

          1. What would be the point of that…Some of us are neither – and judge things accordingly…Same with players – There are times where we bash Giroud and times where defend him…
            Besides if didn’t have Wenger which current EPL manager would you choose..I would take SAF back from retirement for a year

              1. But still We ALL support Arsenal at the end of the day, if Wenger takes us to relegation even the serious AKBs wont support him..cause it should be whats best for the team and not for the guy in-charge..

              2. It does not eve matter, what happens at the Emirates is what matters. And you won’t see anyone against Wenger there. Maybe they hide too well.

            1. Lies. No one hates Wenger for who he is. Anyone who hates him simply hates him for his actions: a plethora of wrong decisions by him (my opinion). There is no fence. I really dislike Budd, but I like him very much: he would always stand up for Arsene. In fact, Budd sees nothing wrong in whatever Arsene does and he gives no f***k what anyone here thinks. But many guys here are not like that.

              There is no fence. If you hear someone ask who you’d choose in the EPL to manage Arsenal besides Wenger, you already know where he stands.

  6. Now here’s my sincere question: how do pants play? Lol!

    Here’s my carzy thought: let’s play Ramsey as #9 if Walcott isn’t playing.

    1. I’m sure Ramsey will relish playing as a number 9, although I suspect he’ll be tempted to drop into the middle too much.

      1. No. Ramsey actually can shoot and I like the thought of him alone with the opposition keeper.

    1. Third choice: “Maybe”.

      Like I once said, he’s an exception. You see him do everything to either score or create chances and that’s something.

      1. except for the fact that his conversion rate is worse than Girouds so far yet he gets no stick (admitted he puts more ‘effort’ in)

    2. No needs for thumbs up or down. Yes, Sanchez lack of goal is a concern as of now. He must come fast on the score sheet.

  7. I don’t want to see gibbs even on the bench tomorrow because he was a mess on wednesday…same with arteta,debuchy and even giroud….I would rather love to see FORTUNE ,IWOBI,WILLOCK and JEFF…..I wish it will happen

  8. Arsenal need ten new squad players as the ones we have are crap. He is thinking of playing them tomorrow with BFG ? Wrong wrong wrong. I would play Rambo next to FQ to lock up and just not lose the game. Play TW on the flank and the the OX on the right. Play ozil with free play and AS as the striker.

  9. Wenger is to blame

    All he had to do was get a striker and DM. We would not have to rely on Arteta and Giroud.

    Not only that, Wenger didn’t get another striker fully knowing that Welbeck was out till Christmas but lied to the fans saying he would be back soon.

    So not only is Wenger a cheap, stubborn, incompetent manager but he is a deceptive liar also.

    Facts are facts

    1. wait, you tell me that i am incompetent.

      what about my penny pinching stubbornness that save us emirates stadium?

      let’s be fair now.

      by the way last time i checked my coq, it’s still potent.

  10. You can’t distinguish the reality from fiction even if they hit you in your right face. What you are purporting as facts are simply your opinnions, not facts.

    1. Nope

      Fanboys like you only see Wenger with rose tinted glasses and can’t see facts when it’s staring you in the face.

      When he does something good I acknowledge it and applaud him When he does something bad I will point that out too

      That makes me more believable than you anyday
      Look at your Avatar ffs
      I do not pleasure Wenger’s anal orifice like you do.

  11. Honestly arteta should just retire n allow the young guys come in u can not possible play football all your life trust wenger another 1yr extension

    1. Don’t fire me please, just not yet.

      i must still be in charge at arsenal till we win UCL trophy.

      so then wait maybe 10 years more?

      do you agree?

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