Arteta can guide Arsenal to beat Manchester City at last

We must beat Manchester City!

Hi. We have played our FA cup game against Portsmouth and it is time to focus on our league form. I don’t know when our game against Manchester City will hold after it was postponed, but whenever it holds, we should be prepared to give Manchester City a beating and these are my reasons.

Firstly, we need the points: Every point matters for Arsenal at the moment; we need to gather as much points as possible, if we intend qualifying for Europe this season. We have lost enough grounds in the league and we are running out of time, with less than 12 games left in the league. The more points we drop, the more difficult it becomes for Arsenal in their quest for European qualifications. It is not negotiable; we need to win all our games. This is possible, all we need is to believe and the discipline to see through the finish line.

Secondly, we need to beat Manchester city again: I can’t remember the last time we beat them. I don’t think we have even beaten them since Guardiola took over! We are suffered a lot in the hands of the Citizens and we need to start getting back our pride. There was a period when Man city were not a threat to Arsenal but in the last 6 years or so, they have had the upper hand over us. I feel bad hearing some people saying we can never beat Manchester City; because I know we can. We are Arsenal and winning big games should not be that hard for us to do, should it? With Arteta managing us against his old side, I believe he will have a game plan to counteract Guardiola’s tactics. We simply have to beat them.

Thirdly, every top four contender is dropping points: When other teams drop points, we should be happy because it will afford us the opportunity to catch up with them, if only we can win our own games. Chelsea drew over the weekend, Manchester United Drew, Tottenham lost to Wolves! All these points lost won’t have meaning to us if we don’t get the full three points at stake. I don’t know when we are playing them, but whenever we play them, we should play them with the intention and determination to beat them. I believe we can beat Man City and any other club that stands between us and ending the season on a high. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I would say even if we draw with Man City it would be a good result, considering the results over the weekend. Anyway I hope we wein. Up the Gunners!

  2. We simply must win every games in order to make top4 achievable. Fight real hard in this final sprint!

  3. You want this arsenal team to beat the citizens at their ground prepare for a huge disappointment

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