Arteta claims anyone watching saw that ‘Arsenal won the game’

Mikel Arteta has claimed that having watched the game you would have seen that ‘Arsenal won the game’ despite the resulting proving to be different.

The Gunners had the chance to draw level with Tottenham after they folded against Brighton earlier on today, but we couldn’t take it.

We looked the better team, and while we had a number of clear-cut chances to break the deadlock in the opening 45 minutes, Fraser Forster was equal to our efforts, and we ended up going into the break behind.

We still tried to push on in search of the equaliser after the break, but Southampton were forcing us to to keep our distance from goal, packing out their back line in order to limit us to try something special, and we just couldn’t find it.

While the manager admits that it was a ‘huge’ opportunity which was missed this afternoon, he feels even worse given that he believes his side should have won the game.

“Huge,” he told Arsenal Media after the full-time whistle. “Because for somebody that doesn’t know the result and is watching the game, you know what they will tell you, that Arsenal won the game, and we didn’t.

“It’s very disappointing, and difficult to explain with words. But this is sport, it’s what makes it different to any other – because again in basketball you have 25 shots and the winner has one and you win 10 out of 10 times.”

I think Arteta is clutching at straws a little here blaming the nature of football as a sport for his side’s loss, but I personally am not happy with the side’s performance, as well as the result. Yes, Forster was in top form to deny us the win, but if Saka had have put his shot anywhere but headed into the centre of the goal we would have been 1-0 up in the opening 45 minutes. Our finishing let us down and the lack of experience and composure was what cost us in the end.

Less of this ‘if it was Basketball’ nonsense. We have limited experienced players on the pitch and it was costly. Whether the likes of Elneny or Nicolas Pepe would have improved us from kick-off is another story, but the fact of the matter is that playing such inexperienced players today was our downfall.


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    1. I am struggling to remember when last arsenal have lost 3 straight games in a row twice in a single season

      1. Could get worse in the next week Chelsea and man Utd followed by West ham…I don’t see any wins from those games

    2. We were a better team before Arteta f****ed it up. We won FA Cups, played in Europe and got to European semi and finals. But then he binned most of them players!!!!!!!!! Changed the way we play and has built a team of yes men with no personality or identity!!!!!!!!

      1. I fully agree Reggie he tore up that team the same team that won him the Fa cup and the team has gone backwards ever since. The excuses of the youngest team in the premier League is laughable considering it was the manager who decided to go down this route. Young manager, young squad very little experience throughout is a recipe for disaster.

        1. Yes Kev, we have gone backward since.
          Even spending 150mil, we have still gone backwards. Our team style is awful to watch. Mostly sideway and backward passing. Our team do not have skills to breakthrough a pack defence. And our shooting outside the penalty box is worse.

      2. Come on man. We are all very pissed off with our current 3 losses to bottom fodder teams but to say the team Arteta inherited was better is just ridiculous.
        Lets have constructive, rational, objective and intelligent criticism toward Arteta and the team at the moment, they deserve it. But just coming up with such juvenile talking points does not make one come off as very rational.

        We understand that for you and other just don’t like Arteta on a personal level since 2020 but just be a bit mature when criticising.
        Arteta was not my first choice pick and He has not won me over yet, but just being negative 90% of the time even when we were winning just come off as very agenda driven. Lets have objective analysis win or lose instead of such poor talking points.

        1. No it isnt rediculous, your statement is. What did that team achieve and what is Artetas team achieving. If that team wasn’t better then the only answer is that this team is better but the manager isnt. Dont you be rediculous. The last three defeats alone, show you haven’t an argument.

  1. Arteta’s observation is actually correct. I have said multiple times on this site most games are won by luck, a deflection, a defender error a scuffed toe poke. Football is rarely the “beautiful game” touted by an advertising agent who has never set foot in a football stadium. So after 100 minutes and 900 passes between two teams Southamptons winning goal came from a set piece, a speculative over head kick which fell for a player to poke home. Nothing to do with the owners, the managers, the players, the training, the team selection, the formation, the attitude the crowd support or leadership. Football is simply a cruel game rarely rewarding effort. Which is why most top teams set up with 9 defenders and look to sucker punch the opposition on the counter. To be fair many of our victories followed the same formular. If you can not see that you will be constantly flummoxed and disappointed.

    1. He need more goal scorers in the team. We have been struggling to score goal since Arteta took over. This is his weakness. We are such a blunt team. And he is still very timid and too conservatives in his approach, in these last 3 consecutive defeats we have started off very negative, ponderous, timid, cautious, lethargic etc. Then when the opponent scores then that when we start panicking and playing. It’s a joke..

      Back to our lack of goals throughout the whole team.

      When was the last time Martinelli scored a goal?

      Odegaard should be shooting and scoring more often.

      Laca we all know is a dead horse when it comes to scoring. The only aspect about his limited game that I entertained was his link up / all round play, even that worn off since he was made our main striker, he just looks like a proper shot journey man that is blowing hot and cold. You can see why Giroud was always preferred to him for France. He is the China version of Giroud.

      Does Nketiah even ever score goals?

      We need our players to be much more ruthless in front of goal. Score more than 2 goals on average and we will not be worrying about our opponents just needing to score first and that would be it for us. Arteta needs to work on our players lack of goals.

    2. Had White got up straight away and not roll in the grass and being told to get up by Ramsdale,he might have been able to do something about it but great acting though!!

  2. We have the youngest squad in the league. I thought many were praising Arteta for that “achievement” forgetting that you can’t win anything with kids

      1. I wrote achievement in quotation marks cos it’s a sarcastic comment. Many saw it that way but I’ve never bought into that crap. The so-called youngest squad is now showing it’s inexperience and completely ruining the season

        1. Some may actually try and use that as an excuse but it isnt. It was done by design and it isnt that inexperienced really, the squad got us into 4th place and clear and many are internationals. The way we play is to blame, it has been before and it still is. Anyone who understands football will know you cant win anything playing the way we are.

          1. Thank you Reggie. Since his few matches into his appointment, I discovered that Arteta plays a dour style that can bore you to death. A style that nullify sleek movements. Hence, you witness a great goal – drought or low big chance creation and lowest conversion rates.

            A tactical coach should have steadied the ship this season if last season was a trial for a particular style. But our conundrum continues. Last year, many teams suddenly became bogey team. Bunley, Aston villa et al, took vital point from us. We should have know that he’s less talented in coaching circle.

            Look at his style,then you will feed your eyes with dour, drab and insipid play. Slow build -up, erratic transitioning, inability to hold onto the ball for a minute. Many of our players are not improving. In our slow build -up, opposing teams would form a defensive bloc before we could muster and moves. So seeing this I knew weren’t going anywhere under him.

            I pray he prove me wrong but arteta is a lab doctor using us as specimen.


            Arsenal should bin him.

          2. Spot on Reggie,young team doesn’t equal inexperienced,as you said we have internationals some of captains of their teams.

  3. There was an article yesterday claiming how we have progress under Arteta.
    I am among the few people who disagree.
    If you talking of progress, yeah maybe Arteta is progressing but definitely not the team. Especially where it matters the most.
    Going to 3years, we still look to miss out on the Ucl again.
    I wonder how they could compare him to klopp.
    Even klopp that had a process, we never heard of it or see their fans with that slogan all the time.
    Lastly klopp never promised UCl in 3years, but somehow he did managed to win it.

    1. There is progress but Arteta just seems to he too timid. He is still struggling to get the team to score enough goals, i feel like this is why we are very up and down. No natural goal scorers in oir team.
      Our opponents would be more than confident that if they can get themeselves in front then they have a massive chance to hold on for a win.
      We are very poor and dead in the attacking department.

      Where are the goals going to come from. Needs to work that. And he needs to stop being too cautious in the first periods of the game. He seems to set up the team to not concede early but this in turn gives our opponents the opportunity to pin us back, get an early goal, seat back to protect that lead and play on the counter.

      It’s draining.

  4. Two seemingly opposing things can be true at the same time. Given the amount if chances created, should Arsenal have won? YES.

    Does that excuse the fact that we didn’t and that I looked at my son with five minutes left in the first half and said we’ll be lucky to be nil-nil at half time? NO.

    My chief concern is not the loss and it’s not the second half performance. It’s the fact that for the third game in a row we came out of the traps like we were trying to get top four in the Apathy League.

  5. Arteta was right, we should have won. At first I never believed in him but now I fully understand what he’s cooking, Arteta is trying to build a team nobody will want to play against. We need to give him time, the next window we need to spend another 200 million, he needs his own CF, his own inverted left winger, he neeeds a rb that has an adept right foot and to cap it all, he needs someone like giroud to win areal duels. Let’s give him time please. IN MR ARTETA WE TRUST

  6. Having realistic expectations has helped me through this season. For me no one on planet earth certainly no one on Justarsenal predicted top 4 last summer, no one. I predicted 5th/6th by May and I have never waivered. So I am full of hope we will reach our top 6 goal. Statistically our maximum points total is exaclty the same as Spurs and better than United’s. Spurs genius, experienced, trophy winning manager Conte just lost at home to Brighton with their super attack Kane and Son and their brilliant Jan signings Betancur and Kulusevski. Top 6 and Arteta stays. 7th and Europe he probably stays also. 8th of course he must go. Some say it’s the hope that kills you but I say it is the unrealistic expectation that kills you. So just lower your expectations a little. You will enjoy the game more 🙂

    1. Nice. I’ve said for years that the secret to being a contented Arsenal fan is low expectations. The problem is when the team puts in performances like we saw earlier this year and we begin to dream..

      Overall I agree with you Fairfan, a Europa spot and another window like last season and I’m good.

    2. fairfan, Your line about lowering expectations- btw, I say most are UNFAIRLY DEMANDING THEM , not simply expecting them – and many of us deeper thinkers are well aware that Arsenal fans sites are toxic.

      Not just AFTV but a deal on JA too. As a supporter, I firmly believe we should support.
      We can criticise but we need to also support or we are not helping the club we claim to support. The large majority of rants against MA are way out of line, unthinking, reactionary and disgraceful , coming from supposed “supporters”.

      “Proportionate” is not a word that many of these ranters even recognise.

      So I much agree with your balanced post and esp those last two lines.

      1. What’s toxic is you thinking everyone is stupid and wrong for questioning your outstanding young manager Mikel Arteta the team is a mess they have been limping by all season playing patches of good football but nothing to write home about! Your outstanding young manager has spent 250 million and the team is bang average! Sorry we aren’t all on your page Jon or as intellectual as yourself, but we supporters or real supporters want more that the mediocrity that’s served up week in week out.

        1. This a disgraceful comment. An example of the extreme toxicity that persistent negativity generates.
          Hopefully, this person will be taken to task by the administrator.

  7. Im afraid that is three defeats on the trot against teams who are not it the same universe as us and the sack word is not the wrong word to be throwing around. Yet again no goals scored our frontline barely untouched and Pepe yet again sat on the bench. Unfortunately Arteta is proving to be what a few of us thought and that is in over his head. I hope the owners are serious about getting better and getting a better manager because this little experiment has failed and failed very badly. Arteta is not good enough.

    1. Reggie am struggling to remember the last time we won by 2 goals let alone 3. Nervy low scoring games all season, the only notable improvement I have seen is the backline! The rest is mediocre and ild blame the for that, the therapitic and choreographed running thing is not working. He should sometimes allow players to express and assert themselves on the pitch. Martinelli used to do that hence why he was benched sometime back.

      1. The mention of Martinelli reminded me that this guy do score when used under Emery though the sample size is small but he was rightly tutored and the system allowed him a lot of variations to his game. This allowed his to score goals.

        Now, Martinelli’s development has stucked, he hug the touchline too much, something of out and out winger whereas variations indicate he should play as inside forward especially when the left back makes his attacking runs.

        I can’t imagine Martinelli and Saka playing under Pep or Klopp without handful of goals.

        Arteta has reached his glass ceilings hence his inabilities to crack top 4. Know this and know peace.

        1. Now you’re talking. He has reduced our good players to below average with his negative style of play. I wonder how long this is gonna continue

  8. Sadly we see the managers lack of experience, poor man management, and arrogance biting us on the backside.

    It’s not the players It’s the manager and system.

    “Deadwood” veterans got FA Cup and finished 8th. Replaced some deadwood and replaced with his players, still finished 8th.

    Spent £150 million in the Summer with 6 more of his players, now in 6th and falling towards 7th and 8th.

    FFS, it’s the manager and his system, his clear out and £250 million spent yielding the same 8th place results.

    Still can’t get HIS team to score, his players, his tactics, his style of play. Every striker has regressed under Arteta, and he has no idea how to get goals from our attackers.

    He arrogantly thought we didn’t need to strengthen in January while fighting for the 4th spot.

    Arrogantly thought Laca and Nketiah was enough to get us over the 4th place line.

    Now this nonsense about “we won” and basketball is embarrassing. We still lacked any edge to our play, lumping useless crosses into the box, and no urgency.

    Southampton showed more urgency and desire after a 0-6 defeat than us fighting for fourth.

    1. Be careful Durand you might upset Jon fox the man thinks we have no right to criticize the outstanding young manager Mikel Arteta and we are all reactionary. We should just all bury our heads in the sand like the Cognitive Mr Fox.

      1. The annoying thing is that he claims to have been a fan since early twenties but can’t fails to see the deterioration.

  9. I think cracks are beggining to show now, even though some massive strides have been made this season and they have, this capitulation is terrible. We look so poor without at Tierney, Tomiyasu and Partey, okay 3 of our top players we look ordinary and void of ideas. Then you look at the striker situation I would be scouring the world for a big strong striker without a club and give his a short term contract cause Nkethia and Lacazette are killing us.

    People will say we lack creativity but that’s complete bullshit. We do create opening put balls in the box but when you have nothing to finish them or even get on the end of anything it’s making us toothless.

    When you look at it, in the summer when you looked at our striker options you would have to say we didn’t need to get someone in. Even though Auba, after a bumper new contract, had a stinker by his expected standards the season before and then this season I’ve never seen a play as disinterested in playing for the Arsenal since Ozil. This wasmt Arteta’s fault he, was I’ll diciplined and arrogant and when he was told he couldn’t get away with taking the piss he threw his toys out of the pram. Just like he did and Dortmund before we signed him and he’s done it before that too.

    Now I’ve supported the new ragime but I think we’ve one 1 game in the last 5 by the end of the week that could be 1 win in 7. Unfortunately that is form you cannot excuse from the both the players and the manager. Emery was sacked and rightly so because of similar form and not looking like we could score even with Auba at his best. Arteta mistakingly does not want to change the system, even though we’ve lost 3 key players that makes that system work.

    Now if we’d lost to City, Liverpool, Chelsea and the like in this slump then fair enough. But we’ve lost to 3 mid table teams one of which got annihilated at home last week 6-0. Dropping massive 9pts win those were 4th 6pts clear with a game in hand and games to come against Utd and Spurs to move further ahead.

    Now, we need to beat Chelsea and Utd this week. That involves us changing the system and leaving players like Soares and Taveres out. If we don’t make suitable changes then Artetas job may be on the line and tbh should be. The players have to take their share of the blame but we need to see a bit of bravery from the man like when we beat Chelsea 3-0 and Saka Martinelli and ESR come of age. Drop the underperforming players who won’t sign new contracts and give some youngsters a chance to shine

  10. Anyone watching our games over the last two years would see that our manager-in-training is clueless, out of his depth and clearly out of touch with reality.

      1. Manager of the month for what? Best hairpiece/hairstyle?

        The last time I checked, we were paying him to win matches. How many games have we won lately?

    1. It’s sad that some people can’t see the obvious. Despite all the embarrassments we get from lesser teams, people will still be spreading their clothes and foliage on the ground for MA to walk on, cheering him as the messiah too.
      How pathetic!

  11. Goals win games.This aint uncommon.
    Since Wengers time the gunnerz alwayz had majority possessiom and many shots at goal
    Recall the game vs Hull .Arsenal shd have won but lost 2-1 similar to the Saints defeat.White and other defenders are easily vulnerable in a one on one
    With a hd l against fast moving playersArsenal will be ripped to pieces.

      1. He has wasted well over £300M shopping on average players. The players he inherited was not good enough but they won him FA cup and community shield. But with his dream team now we edging closer to finishing 10th.
        That’s absolutely fantastic. Great job from messiah Mikel Arteta

  12. NO KILLER INSTINCT, NO DESIRE TO WIN AT ALL COST! Come on Saka, Come on Martinelli, and Focus. Come on Arteta, show a KILLER INSTINCT and your selection always has a weakness, Come on Stan SHOW A RUTHLESS INSTINCT- Pochettini is NOW, don’t pass on the opportunity.

  13. Few things that are clearly noticeable to me in our last defeats:

    1. No urgency in the game in the first half. I see Arteta shouting to ramp up the tempo but players are listless. If it was tactical issue we wouldn’t see the players playing with urgency in the 2nd half. Clearly players issue, not Arteta’s.

    2. Finishing was poor. And if there is anyone who would believe that we have good finishers in the squad must be smoking some great stuff. Hoping to score with the players we have is a mistake. We should be playing with every energy we can muster in the first half and try to seal the game somehow before 2nd half, as we lack breakthrough attack to go through a turtling defense. And we can’t play crosses, don’t have set piece specialists, corners are useless, so goals have to come from free flowing passing football which doesn’t always work. We don’t have plan B, and most of it is due to the kind of players we have. That’s down to the manager getting his hiring right, but I don’t know how much of it is in his control tbh. If he is allowed to continue, his next signings will tell what kind of football are we trying to play.

    3. We lack serious quality in our squad as well. Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Nuno, Sambi, Odegaard, Gabriel, Ramsdale, all are too young and not in their prime. It’s a WIP team. Under pressure, the lack of experience are clearly shown. People say Arteta let go of Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Aubameyang, and all. But would we do any better with Guendouzi the way he was playing just before he was snubbed? Everyone was shouting at him crying how bad his positioning is, how quickly he falls and looses the ball and such. Was Auba scoring consistently for us since his contract was extended? Do you really think having Kolasinac would help us currently, any better than Nuno? Was Reiss Nelson scoring and performing when given chances? Why are these names popped up constantly? Would you play him instead of Saka or Martinelli or even ESR? We have the best players we have playing in their positions and still that’s lacking. That shows we need upgrade on players first. Changing managers won’t help at all the way I see. Another will come and snub some players out, bring some, maybe snub some of the fans favorites and we would again be asking for his head if he loses a few matches.

  14. Your perception is that we need upgrades and may I ask, where would they put those players after they have been replaced?

    If you still think Arteta is a top coach, that’s on you. It’s obvious that our problem is systemic. His system and management is not really top notch. Why was Mou able to go all the way to Uefa cup final in 2003 with Porto? He beat all the big teams there to beat. Why was it possible for him again in 2004 to reach UCL final? Remember, he was still with Porto.

    In contrast with Pochetino in PSG where he has Messi, Mbappe, Neyman et al. Why haven’t he be able to win UCL? Did he not have players? The answer is simple, he is not good enough.

    Many tried to defend Arteta that he still need players whilst he bought 90% of this current squad. Didn’t his scouting team not see the players they bought that they were not up to it?

    He spent the biggest money last summer. No European football. He exited domestic cups early. No fatigue of sorts, so where did the problems come from?

    He’s not top coach. End of! Who will instill confidence and grit in his players? Who will direct them when they are playing wrong? Is it me? No!

    He doesn’t have any excuses again. Emery wasn’t given this luxury before he was kicked out.

    Arsenal should get a better coach. Patrick Viera still better, Graham Potter is better IMHO. I’m not saying they should hire them but I’m giving you premise on which my opinion is based.

    1. Truth is Arteta isnt the messiah that some try to make out he is. The managers you mention both outwitted Arteta with lesser teams like Emery did with Villareal. Arteta brings nothing to this bunch of players that makes them perform, nothing!!!!!!

    2. Agree, Arteta isn’t a top coach, far from it. And agree Emery wasn’t given this luxury. But our current problem doesn’t seem to be Arteta to me. There is some bad luck as well. And the style of play we were playing this season before international break, is a very specialized way of playing. It requires players that are used to playing that way. And we got three out of them injured. And rest are not able to keep up that type of fluid passing play.

      And we can’t play counter attack, as we lack pace. We can’t play crosses. We can’t even play dirty as we lack that physical side, and our players are not up to it at all.

      I don’t know what would any other manager do at this point in Arteta’s place. Our squad is suited to one style of play and we have lost personnel there as well. Now there is a point that Arteta should have had a contingency plan, but the players he had loadned would also suffer the same I think. Very limited in play style. Need to sign some players that let Arteta execute a plan B instead one fails, a counter attacking setup, or a target man style play. There is nothing else currently. So, I don’t blame Arteta much in that regard, and by that I don’t mean he is top class in any way. I’m not defending him, just trying to see in an unemotional manner as possible. I know it’s frustrating, but I’m trying not to let my emotions get the best out of my logical comprehension.

      And you mentioned Mourinho and well he have had his failures as well. Of course his spell at Porto was legendary, and that team was in no way top class, same could be said of Emery in his managerial careers. But Emery lost the dressing room, and once that happens, nothing works however good of a manager you are. One reason I support Arteta is all our players speak highly of him, and that’s important IMHO. That means he is able to instill his ideas well and players believe in it. Now carrying out the game plan on the field is up to the players I think. And players have been lacking urgency in their passing consistently in our last defeats. Now I can’t imagine Arteta would advise them to play that way. Players are not doing the best they can, they have slacked off horribly. And when they start to ramp up the play it’s usually too late. Cons of having a young squad I presume, easily motivated and easily discouraged as well. I would see what kind of players Arteta signs this summer before making any decision on him personally. That transfer window will tell whether he needs to stay or not imo.

  15. True that he’s not a messiah but some hype him to the level of saviour because he was able to clear the deadwoods.

    I just wish him success. I want to see my dear arsenal in UCL. That’s all.

    1. Egbon you can keep dreaming but as long as this amateur is in charge, it will only be a dream.
      🤣🤣🤣🤣Halla Auba🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. I say anyone who supports Arteta, isnt a true ARSENAL fan!!!!!! We deserve better for our great club.

      1. Oh so when we get told the other way round, YOU SUPPORT THAT!!!! You don’t especially call that rediculous.
        It was tongue in cheek and a little dig at all the crap we have to put up with from people who knock our opinion of Artetas failings. Keep it even Admin, if you are taking sides, this side loses its credibility.

        1. Don’t dig a hole. If you said ‘only people who support Arteta are real Arsenal fans’ I would have said the same thing.

          Don’t go calling me biased when I get abuse from both sides and let you all get on with it (without insults please)

          1. But you dont reply like that to people who tell us the opposite view like that!!!! And i am not digging any hole, its fact. I don’t get why you jumped in.

            1. I jumped in because you are insulting half the Arsenal fans with a ridiculous assertion. I am the referee and my decision is mine to make.(And is final – depending on VAR)

              1. So we dont get insulted, when we get told we are not Arsenal fans because we dont hold a certain persons/peoples view on Arteta or dont support him? It was a dig

    1. Let’s say we had hired Viera instead of Arteta. We would have a different Arsenal right now. First of all, Viera wouldn’t even take a chance with the kind of players we had at the time. Even if he had jumped in, I’m positive we wouldn’t have 70% of the players we have now. No martinelli, no saka, no esr, no odegaard. He would get rid of all and get players who can take a knockout punch in UFC and still keep playing afterwards. It would be a completely different arsenal than we have known throughout history. We might even be winning games, then the fans all around will start complaining we have lost our style, omg, what do we do. We are known for a aesthetically pleasing football what have we become. We have lost our pride, we play like Burnley now, so on and so forth. We weren’t doing horrible under Emery if we analyze the results, so why didn’t the fans back him up or show confidence in him? Because they got bored. It was very boring way of playing for the taste of arsenal fans. We didn’t want tactics, we needed swagger. So Arteta comes and he got the players playing good fluid football this season before the international break, fans were delighted for a while, but let me stress again, this style of play is very player specific. Not everyone can fill in anybody’s role. Arteta had just managed to get his first XI sorted our but he hasn’t yet managed to get substitutes who would fill in the same roles as his chosen XI. And now we are again saying axe the manager. Now he has proved he can get them playing good football, he has shown that this season, type of play people want to see. It’s an entertainment business mind you. Now we have that sorted out, let’s allow him to get the kind of players he want to actually have a few options in every position who can play the way he wants. We can’t have everything. We don’t want effective tactical gameplay that looks ugly, we want don’t want to lose the pride of Arsenal, we just don’t want to win, we want to do that in style and swagger. So let Arteta build his squad to fit that. You are not going to win with swagger with average players, you need to play dirty there, go harsh on players with the ball, tackle, push pull. Every player should be in the field expecting to get a yellow card by the end of the match. That’s the alternative. Would we be happy being that Arsenal? Be careful what you wish for is all I’m saying.

  17. Come off it Reegie. You are just angry, like the rest of us, so calm down, Admin Pat is not the foe here. Good one, Pat 😁

    1. Im having a dig at people who have a dig. Im not angry, l leave that to others. Im angry at losing yes definitely. Its a bit of banter and not a personal insult.

      1. Reggie is quite right here.
        Many of the fans that shows any criticism towards Arteta or refuse to believe in the project as been told to go and support another team.
        It so bad that even our legends were being disrespected to having different view and high standard for the club.
        So I guess he’s only dishing out the same thing.
        All in all, nobody has the right to tell anyone who to support.
        Like I said in one of my comment, we all want what is best for the club.
        Some of us as choose the club as our priority above anyone else, and that shouldn’t be a problem.
        It’s totally normal if you choose to believe in the process as well.

  18. Oh wow. Shameful comment. Of we keep his atupid logic we also won a few games luckily where we were not at all the best team.

  19. Stop this crap you deluded fan. Football is not won by ifs, it’s won by putting the ball behind the net. You’ll keep supporting Arteta until arsenal is relegated.
    I’m not surprised by this results because I saw it coming a long time ago. When a manager fights his star players and forces them out of the club instead of bringing out the best in them, this is always the result.
    This is the same team Arteta is building and the process he’s asking you deluded fans to trust.

    1. Then tell me a phenomenal striker in our squad. I don’t know if you have watched the games properly but almost all our goals even before the international break have been scored by non strikers, with link up play of Partey, Odegaard, Saka, and on left flank from the link up of Tierney, Martinelli and Lacazette linking to both flank. And Partey being the most important player leading to our goal scoring. Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli all play better with security having Partey in the middle. We lost both Partey and Tierney, how do you presume we find the back of the net? We can’t play crosses as you saw against Saints, we lack powerful shooting abilities from distance, corners are useless, spotkicks are useless. Please enlighten me with your wisdom on how Arteta should manage the squad for us to score.

      And there was no way with Auba. His link up play wasn’t good. Not so great aerially, poor defensively, and with out midfield already lacking in muscle, Auba would be a pedestrian in the field for 90 mins. He is scoring in Barca because their midfield has a lot of ball holding capacity and sublime passing game. They can get the ball to him almost every time they are in possession.
      Being angry at losses is one thing, being deluded is another. I really hope sometimes the club wouldn’t pay any heed to what the fans say. We’ll never let the club settle down with any manager and find their groove.

      1. So what is Arteta doing and what’s he getting paid for?
        Non of your points holds water cos this is the team Arteta used his hands to build. There’s absolutely no excuse for losing 3 abi four straight games to mediocre teams. Is it Man U, Chelsea, Tottenham and co they’ll win against?

        Before you guys were talking about 100 games in hand that will help arsenal win the league but how many more games in hand remaining?

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