Arteta claims Leicester’s game plan shows Arsenal is being respected

Mikel Arteta claims that Leicester City’s set up in their Premier League game against his team in their last match shows that they are getting respected.

The Gunners were beaten 1-0 by the Foxes in a closely contested game, but one thing that was obvious in the match was Leicester’s strategy.

The Foxes are known for playing free-flowing attacking football, but in that game, they were very compact and maintained their shape for the duration.

You can tell that their game plan was to deny Arsenal the chance to express themselves before hitting the Gunners on the counter-attack.

It worked for them as the returning Jamie Vardy scored the only goal of the match.

Arteta is now claiming that Brendan Rodgers plan for the game shows that what they are doing at the Emirates is being respected and claimed that more teams will do that so his side has to prepare.

“We’ve improved on a lot of things in my opinion and we have all the stats to show that,” he said via BT Sports.

“Our thinking after Leicester, the reason why they did what they did in their game plan, to sit so low against us when they are not normally a team that do that – they’ve been really dominant and play really attractive football – I came to the conclusion that we have the respect from other teams for them to do that.

“Now we have to try to change our strategy a little bit and try to train against more certain blocks that I think are going to happen a bit more often.

“We have made teams think, ‘If we do that, we’ll be in trouble so we have to try to do something else’.

“We’re going to work on that and the moment we improve that, we’ll become even better.”

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  1. OT. If we lose against man u tomorrow I would need to hide for the next few days 😂. The fan rivalry here in Africa between two teams is fierce.

    1. Oh no!! It’s a massive, must win game… nothing but 3 points will do!! I hope for your sake we do it!!

      1. I hope the same for you Sue. The good thing here is there are no spurs fans 🙂 proves theyre a small team haha

  2. What is he going to say after he was beaten tactically out of the park?
    Let’s see what master stroke he comes up with tomorrow because if we get beat again I am sure the excuse Monday will the same.
    I would rather win and not get any respect Arteta.
    Isn’t that what counts ? The standing have no respect column.

  3. At the moment in PL Arsenal is no better than a year a go..buying one expensive player is not a solution.all players on the field need to own up & win the tough games.losing to m-city & Leicester was not a good sign of improvements.

  4. A nice piece of tap dancing by Arteta!

    What the game showed was that Arsenal were hoist by their own Petard.

    Leicester played against Arsenal the same way Arsenal had played against Liverpool and Man City on their way to winning the cup last season.

    It appeared that Arteta was the only person watching that game who did not know what Leicester’s game plan was!

    Just when you think Arteta knows what he is doing, something like the Leicester game happens.

    However, I would like to say, having spent the transfer kitty on the defense, it has just highlighted even more how weak the Arsenal attack is.

    Unfortunately we cannot play Dundalk every week.

    I fear that Arsenal will not even finish as high as 8th this season, unless Auba gets his finger.

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