Arteta claims to have ‘a very clear plan’ ahead of summer window

Mikel Arteta spoke to the press ahead of Arsenal’s final match of the 2021-22 campaign, claiming that he and his team have a ‘very clear plan’ of what they want this summer.

The Gunners have earned a return to European football for next season, with the possibility of playing in the Champions League still a possibility if the planets fall into place come Sunday.

Regardless of how the season ends, our transfer window will likely be focused on the same areas of the team, although you could be forgiven for believing we may want a larger squad of senior options if were to qualify for the elite European club competition, and the manager insists that his backroom have a clear idea of their plan this summer.

“So we are back in Europe,” Arteta told Arsenal Media. “We don’t know where, it will be decided. Hopefully, it will be Champions League. I believe that we’re going to do what we have to do. We are going to be cheering for Norwich to do what they can do, for sure, and after that, we want to take the club to the next level.

“That’s the ambition. In order to do that we have a very clear plan again, how we want to do it and execute it, and there are no secrets. We need resources and we need to increase the quality and the depth of the squad as long we maintain in the same way who we are as a club and the people that we have next to us.

“That’s going to be the challenge the following season, but hopefully in front of our people, we can live another great day.”

I find it interesting to hear that Arteta believes that his have things clearly planned out, as I always imagine that the transfer window is anything but routine. You go into the transfer window with the idea of which players you are going to keep, and a list of players which you believe will improve your squad, only to find that certain players on your list are also being targeted by other strong sides, creating something which I would imagine is anything but straightforward.

Should we miss out on the Champions League, which at this point seems an extremely likely scenario, our window should be that bit more difficult also, but I just hope that they do manage to strengthen those key areas of our side sufficiently.

Am I misreading Arteta’s comments somehow? Could we already have the framework in place for some key signings?


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  1. hopefully it’s nothing remotely like his “very clear” January window plan!!!

    1. Tbf there was a clear plan and that was to sign Vlahovic. All the midfielders we were linked to was the media stoking up click bate Arsenal social media warriors. They have alot of Arsenal fans like a puppet on a string dancing to every word they say. Waiting for the AFTV like reactions that they get 100% of the time like when we didn’t sign Melo or Wijnaldum.

      1. It was a clear plan but not a very good one – go all out for one player who’d made it clear he wasn’t coming and leave it at that. If we’d just got someone decent, not even “world class”, we’d probably be sitting in 4th now, maybe even 3rd given how Chelsea have fallen off.

        1. Cheers Davi…it’s so interesting whenever muppets use the term puppets to describe others(lol)

  2. Here is what the BBC reported Mikel Arteta said :
    “I do not think that finishing 5th would be an achievement”,
    So let’s stop the nonsense that this has been a good season, if the boss says it isn’t… then it isn’t is it?!?!

    As for the transfers, will we be chasing players who have no intention of coming to the club, or will we be serious in trying to recruit at least five top class players we need to improve?

    1. Ken, only fools think it is a good thing. It is a failure NOT TOO finish 4th, he knows it and so do we. It is incredulous he got a new contract for failure.

      1. I also think it’s a failure to finish fourth in truth. I would rather win the europa cup to gain access to the CL. You can’t put 4th spot in the trophy cabinet 🤔

        We are in a competition to win the league, anything less must be deemed failure, winning the FA cup is a separate comp, so generally, we have done well in the last decade…..

  3. Edu has come out and said he’s excited about the upcoming transfer window and revealed the club’s plans to add, wait for it ….. 1 or 2 players to the current squad!
    Next line from him sends the interview off a cliff
    Speaking to ESPN Brazil Edu said the budget we used last summer, we prefer to use it to rebalance the squad, there was no point in hiring 1 or 2 players in January. He goes on to say the squad was not prepared to absorb two players, we needed to rebalance the squad maybe next season we can go to one or two players! Oh my this is the technical director! And fans have come out and said it’s exciting times to be an Arsenal fan? The club is ran by a bunch of amateur yes men.

    1. 👍👍

      sometimes you find out interesting tidbits of information when managers/administrators are interviewed by their fellow countrymen

  4. And maybe if i may ask, did MT or Edu either say they were going to spend 150M anywhere last summer? Much of the signings just adjusted themselves and made the two to adjust to the situation and boom… We are back in eaurope.

  5. Far too much is being read into what are fairly generic answers.
    It is quite clear that we need to improve the quality and the depth of the squad.
    Arteta and the scouting team will have players that they will be considering. What options will be available and how any transfers will be approached will depend in part on where we finish.

    1. It’s the Arteta tenure. People have been outraged by since the end of 2020. So they will hang on anything as long as it gives them an opportunity to be triggered or outraged at Arteta / Edu etc. They are too dug in that they have lost their objectivity or rationality. No nuance. It’s constant confirmation bias for some, will try to find anything that will give them any opportunity to continue with their over the top negativity.. We are all absolutely disappointed about Arteta and his team’s 4th place bottle job but the over the too negativity is very off putting.. One might be led to think that we are fighting relegation going by the vast vast majority of comments on these platforms..

      And what do the fans expect Edu to say right now “Oh we have £250 million to spend. Hope any selling club and player agents do not bump up the player’s transfer fees”.

  6. The fact we have or probably would have signed a GK, RB, LB and RW by the end of May. Should put pay to the edu statement of 1 or 2 signings comment. With Matt Turner, Austin Trusty (who may go on loan right away), Marquinos on the way and maybe Hickey from Bologna. Then there will be 2 midfielders if Elneny goes, additionally we’ll need 2 strikers. If the four afore mentioned players do sign though Edu can’t take his foot off the gas.

    There will be money made from Leno, Bellerin, Hopefully Holding, Mari, Mavripanos, Soares, Torriera, Guendouzi. Then our out of contract players in Elneny, Lacazette and Eddie reducing our wage bill further.

    I think some fans rather us run our club like Man Utd. Continously change our manager, buy expensive signings that add nothing to the team or the club. As utd have proved after spending the best part of 1.5bln on their squad and paying out 1.5million per point that splashing the cash does not work.

    The Arteta out brigade keep using 3 years and spent 350 million and he got us to 8th and were not improving under him and never will twice crap. Here’s the actual facts for you to look at just to give you a non media related perspective which some of our triggered gooner friends like to lap up. These are not my opinion they are fact read till the end it may surprise you……

    1. The untruth….. Arteta has been in charge for 3 seasons and has led us to 8th twice. The truth….. Arteta had just under half a season when he took over. Where we weren’t far from a relegation battle, sitting in 16th place thanks to the legendary Emery 😏. That season by the end we did indded make it to 8th, won the FA Cup and the Charity Shield. The following season, yes we finished 8th with the same aging, indisciplined and problematic squad, this season we’ll finish 5th. So factually Arteta has been in charge for a little under 2.5 seasons and had 2 summer transfer windows.

    Onto the next favourite nail in the Arteta coffin…..

    2. The untruth…… 350m spent in 3 years and 15 players bought The truth….. its actually more around 180 million net spend in 2 summers. 9 bought and 2 free transfers adding to 11 incomings. some people like to include the Matt Ryan loan or Odegaard and Soares as 2 transfers to make their point more so.

    And finally

    3. The untruth…… We’re not improving under Arteta. The truth……. We’ll you just have to look at the table to see that’s not true. To dig a little deeper in his first half a season he registered and Ave 1.61pts per game the following season under Arteta we registered 1.65pts per game this season and heres the biggest jump 1.78pts per game. The fact we’ve lost the same amount (which does need to be improved on) of games as last season, we have though drawn less and won more. These little snippets show were not getting worse but infact getting better. which may suprise some of the triggered gooners here.

    Look by no means am I happy we missed out on 4th that could have been massive for us. But I put the disappointment aside and look to the start of the season. To say with this squad the youngest in the Premier league compared to that of Spurs and Utd. We’d finish above one of the most expensively assembled squads in the history of football. Then take the other, with a truly world class strike force to the final day for 4th place, i would have taken it.

    I’m not a fan of Edu but he has a chance to show the faithful he’s up to it this summer. Probably one of the biggest and most defining in our history. If and that’s a big if Edu can do the business, Arteta has to prove he can challenge City and Liverpool. That’s the bench mark, that’s what will win you titles being able to stand toe to toe with those 2. Forget Spurs, Utd and Chelsea we have to compete with the big 2 then if we match them the others will fall back into line.

    1. I call bs! There was nothing wrong with our squad before Arteta and that squad is what won is the FA cup and community shield.. If you think Arteta deserves any credit for that FA cup then you are clearly deluded.. His FA cup runs in the seasons after says it all.. The players carried Arteta not the other way around.. Stop worshipping Arteta

      1. Just stay blinded my friend if you think a squad that had David Luiz, Bellerin and the like was a good squad you much mistaken. It was David Luiz and the like that cost us UCL football under Emery

    2. 1. Truth, we were in 9th with Emery, not 16th
      2. Goals conceded is worse that the Bellerin, Luiz, and Leno led backline.
      3. Same clean sheets and matching 13 loses, so defense has NOT improved
      4. Still struggle to score goals since Arteta took over.
      5. 10 players brought in under Arteta; Ceballos (loan), Odegaard, Partey, Cedric, Mari, White, Tavares, Ramsdale, Lokogna, Tomi.

      As for “loses don’t need to be i.proved on” how about the Newcastle result? We’d be 4th and 1 point up. How about Brighton or Southampton during the 3 game stretch?

      How about the numerous limp gutless performances we’ve seen?

      You have your opinions and that’s fine, and you won’t convince those fans just like they won’t convince you.

      As Ken quoted above, even Arteta doesn’t consider 5th an achievement; so why do so many fans?

  7. Technically we have improved – 5th is better than 8th.
    Realistically we are making the same mistakes as we have always made. We are as inconsistent as we have always been.
    I don’t think brining in new players is the complete answer to it. It goes deeper than that to the tactics and man management from the manager himself.
    Perhaps this season would have helped him develop that all important experience…

    1. Have we improved from emery? It’s like you take a top 4 club give it to a new manager.. He gets 10th for 2 seasons.. You stick with him.. 3rd season he goes to 6th then you hail and celebrate it as an improvement.. This is exactly Arteta’s situation

    2. I agree Leon completely I think that will come with the players maturing too. Plus physically tye boys are not fully mature either. They top team and Spurs have not only effective players but experienced physically mature players too. That has showed in recent weeks with the team looking jaded, they look knackered.

      Xhaka come and said after the Newcastle game that the players didn’t perform in the structure and the way he set them out too. Shows that the back up players are not up to it tbh. But Arteta has just over is a 2 years as a manger under his belt. Competeing with Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel, Conte (who will be sacked or leave in the next 2 seasons) Ragnick, even Solskjar had more experience and spent huge amounts more that Arteta has.

      I believe the club gave him the objective of a minimum of Europa this season. He’s achieved that and was given a new contract. The infantile argument that the football is boring is just comment made when people can’t face the facts

          1. I thought so. Just come back with its not true and the football stinks. Nice to have another high IQ discussion on here

            1. My comment was actually a response to Mr Rashid80. If you see above it has inadvertently been posted twice.

  8. So @Dave, our position in the table hasn’t improved, our average point per game hasn’t improved in the last 2 seasons, we haven’t won more games this season than last. We’ve spent 350m quid in 3 years with Arteta as manager and he’s signed 15 players all of whom are shit

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