Arteta comes clean on when he was informed of the Super League

Arteta: The club’s owners have apologized to us


With the activity that has happened since Arsenal played Fulham last week, Mikel Arteta was certainly going to be bombarded with a number of questions.

But credit to the Arsenal manager, who did not duck any question and answered with real honesty.

When asked about when did he find out that Arsenal were going to take part in the European Super League, the 39-year-old said, “I found out just a little bit before the news was leaked.

“Then everything was completely out of control and the world reacted in a really unified manner. I didn’t really have time to think about it, reflect, evaluate or anything because by the time it was out, a big tsunami already came on to it and basically killed it.”

The young manager then told the reporters that the players and him were not involved in the decision-making process behind the breakaway league, but understands the logic behind it.

“Vinai spoke to me and explained a little bit what was happening, the process just before that was announced, and he was very clear and transparent with me. I understand the reasons why we could not know.”

He continued, “Obviously we were not involved in the decision and we understand the logic of it.”

“I have respect for the people who have genuine intentions to do the best for the club” – Arteta

After Arsenal pulled out of the European Super League, the club released a statement by apologizing to the fans. Arteta, in his press conference, also confirmed that the CEO and the club’s owners personally apologized. “Yes. Starting from Vinai, the ownership and everybody that is involved in the process. All of them, with the right intentions to defend the club and put the club in the best possible position for now and for the future, but accepting that the way it’s been handled has had terrible consequences and that it was a mistake.”

“I really have to respect that when people have genuine intentions to do the best for this football club. But if it doesn’t happen or not the right thing to do, they can stand up here and apologise.”

The former assistant to Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola further said, “I’m speaking for myself and I think the players, staff, everybody working at the club, we have to accept that and move on. The way it’s been handled has been really good internally.”

Many Arsenal fans think that the damage done to the club is irreparable. Majority of Arsenal fans have ordered the owner Stan Kroenke to sell the club, and are even protesting at the Emirates Stadium on Friday evening at 6pm, before Arsena’sl clash with Everton. Twitter rumours are saying that Jack Wilshere will be there too!

Arsenal fans have been let down by the owners. And the disappointing fact is that this was not the first time.


Yash Bisht

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  1. “The way it’s been handled has been really good internally.”

    Arteta revealing his colours. Weak. Puppet

    #Kronkeout #Artetaout

  2. Jack your always welcome back to the Emirates but your not helping your own cause by going against the club owners, you never know what will happen in the future once your career is over and you need managerial experience, I can see you with the youth team then working your way up, JW a True Gooner 🦾

  3. We have had a lot of talk and no action, I can’t wait for tomorrow nights football so I can get depressed again it feels like ages since I was disappointed I cannot handle all this luxury of relaxation and calmness my wife doesn’t recognize me 🤪

    Sean Williams 😂😂😂

  4. I find it very interesting, that from Vinai upwards… the people who made this god awful decision… actually have no clue about football in this country.

    Neither do they understand the passion that each supporter has for their clubs AND in most cases, the respect said fans have for the pyramid system that’s been in place since the 1800’s.

    So we should not be surprised that what unfolded over the weekend, was instigated (in this country) by non footballing people.

    It has now been clarified that from the manager, playing staff and supporters/fans right the way through to the media, that it was the OWNER(S) who were responsible…. so why on earth should anyone but them be punished?

    Just as kronkie was able to buy every share from the supporters, due to the law of the land, why cannot the government bring in legislation, making it illegal for any one person to hold such power?

    Am I wrong in believing that companies have been forced to sell shares, when taking over companies?

    Nothing is impossible, as we have just witnessed, so let’s see if Boris is going to do something, or just the windbag I think he is.

    1. Ken The only surefire way to make QUICK change is for PARLIAMENT to get actively involved and alter the law. Will they though? PASS!

  5. there has been a precedence set regarding the removal of owners for actions deemed detrimental to the League as a whole, which occurred when the NBA forced Donald Sterling to sell the LA Clippers…now of course the circumstances surrounding this highly unusual course of action was vastly different, as it racially motivated, due to the fact said owner was caught on tape making racist comments, but that shouldn’t deter the EPL from looking into the possibility of pursuing a similar course

    it really comes down to the thoughts of the collective owners, as this was how the NBA found the courage to proceed…if the other owners are motivated enough to back the League in such a pursuit, they just might have the necessary impetus to push for a similar outcome

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