Arteta commends Ramsdale’s article on his brother’s openness about being gay and Personal problems

Ahead of the Community Shield match against Manchester City, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta took the opportunity to commend his goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale for his recent article with The Players’ Tribune.

The article delves into Ramsdale’s experiences, including the criticism he faced upon joining Arsenal, his brother’s openness about being gay, and his wife’s miscarriage. Arteta appreciates his number 1’s openness and bravery in sharing such personal aspects of his life. Every football fan should take time to read it in full.

“I thought the article was great – very open, very transparent. I think he expressed what he feels about the topics that he discussed, and I think he was very brave to do the way he did it,” said Arteta.

“At the end of the day, we cannot forget that we are dealing with people, with human beings, and we are responsible to manage a lot of decisions with the players and things that can affect their lives,” Arteta continued.

“We have a big responsibility there and wherever we can obviously, we have to support and be close to them because I know how much it means. Not only me, but at the club, his teammates, everybody that supported him when they need to.”

Ramsdale’s article reflects his resilience in the face of online criticism, shedding light on his brother’s openness about being gay, and sharing the emotional experience of dealing with a miscarriage alongside his wife. Arteta’s support shows that the Gunners values the well-being of its players, both on and off the pitch.

The Arsenal manager emphasizes that football clubs must remember they are dealing with people, with human beings who have emotions and experiences beyond the game. The Spaniard stresses the importance of supporting players and making decisions that consider their well-being. He cites the responsibility to be there for the players during challenging times and the club’s commitment to providing support and understanding.

Arteta’s appreciation for Ramsdale’s openness aligns with Arsenal’s ethos as a family club. The manager believes in fostering inclusivity, empathy, and support, and he sees these values as fundamental for the club and its players. Arsenal aim to create an environment where players feel valued, understood, and supported in their personal lives as well as their careers.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. When you hear his story he deserves our full support even when he makes mistakes we should lift him up

  2. Well said,Ramsdale andArteta.Well reported Yash.True life empathy with others is so vitally important.

  3. Now that the gaffer talk the talk he must now walk the walk and don’t makes life anymore difficult for the kid.

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