Arteta confirms Arsenal man is in talks to leave

Mikel Arteta has confirmed that Willian is in talks to finally end his Arsenal stay with the Spanish manager admitting that he doesn’t know why it hasn’t worked out for the former Chelsea man at the club.

The Brazilian has become the latest flop at the Emirates and they have been keen to get rid of him.

He has faced criticism from their fans both on and off the pitch and looks set to leave.

No European club has been impressed enough to make a move for him but he could move back to Brazil with Corinthians reportedly in talks with Arsenal to sign him.

The Gunners will allow him to leave for free and Arteta has confirmed that the club and his representatives are in talks to find a suitable solution.

Speaking ahead of their next match against Manchester City, the Spaniard admits he doesn’t know why Willian has flopped and maintains that they are still trying to get the best from him until he leaves.

“We are having some conversations with him and the agent, and we are evaluating the position that we are in at the moment,” said Arteta as quoted by Transfermarketweb

“I don’t know [why it hasn’t worked out for him here]. At the moment he is an Arsenal player, and we are trying to get the best out of him while he is here. Anything different is just things that can happen.

“We don’t know [if we will make more signings]. We’ve already done a lot of things – ins and outs – I think it is 16 or 17 deals in total, with some renewals, which is a lot of things.

“There are still some things to do in the last few days because there are still some questions marks and deals that can happen, but we will see.”

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  1. Had Willian been assigned to the left wing or CAM positions, he would’ve performed better. Because he’s not pacey anymore, but he still has great close control and tactical awareness

    Unfortunately, he has too many competitors for those positions. This is also why Maddison/ Aouar will be luxury options and Arsenal have made the right choice by signing Odegaard instead

    1. The question is why would Edu sign a player is experiencing diminishing value at 33yrs if he is no more pacey that should have been considered. Now William is leaving Arsenal with grudge.

      1. I guess they thought highly of Willian’s experience and skills. Too bad they assigned the wrong role to him

    2. only “luxury” buys due to our manager’s tactical naivety…so Arsenal didn’t make the right choice, they just enabled our manager to continually pursue his negative footballing philosophy, just like when Xhaka was retained

  2. Oh no ! Not Willian! My own sweet Willian. However will I be able to live without him! Oh life is so cruel! But I must be brave, and though I love him desperately, I must let him go. It is for his own good. NOT TO MENTION MINE!

    1. I have loads Sue. All bad though.
      Can we ask him to talk those talks quicker?
      If he talks at the same speed he played for us we will run out of time and we keep that wage another year…

  3. oh well, a non runner in every sense !.he never even tried, let edu be disgraced for this signing. just hope he is not the first of many of edus buddies.i fear our club will lose our gunners name ,and, take on the chelsea name, PENSIONERS.

  4. I have no hatred towards him and thank him for his service even if it was for a short time

    Wish him all the best if he leaves

    But it is right that he leaves. He just didn’t work out

  5. I know this is going to hurt, but was it a step down for him ?
    Same could be said for MO they won almost everything at club football level before coming to us… maybe We should take a punt on a more rugged player like Ings, Vardy types of players
    Who have a lot to prove…🤔

  6. Can’t miss what you never had. Might have been different five years earlier. Just read worrying article on Arteta’s thoughts behind the club’s current recruiting policy. I’m all for the idea of recruiting young and giving the players time to I tetgrate and learn together, but Arteta then talks about having done character and background chechmks on their families and I’m thinking this is wrong. He is working on putting together a team of robots without personality, probably to match his own. What a fascist.

    1. It could be as simple as knowing if they have a stable home life or need extra consideration from the club

    2. Joe
      I think you are being nieve if you don’t think ever club that has something about them doesn’t do this. You don’t always get it right but you got to do it.
      It would be totally gross negligence if you didn’t.
      This applies to all walks of life
      If you were buying a car a house ect I am sure you would check out the fundamentals.
      I sort of understand what you are trying to say but calling MA a fascist is way of the mark
      A fascist is an evil word but you throw it in to to the mix so flippantly

    3. True Joe – MA does have a habit of contradicting himself (thats polite talk for being a hypocrite).
      And yes – it could have been worse 1) we could have paid Chelsea money for him and 2) he could have been a genius for 8-9 games so we got used to him and THEN imploded. Far less painful to play rubbish from Day 1 so we can’t miss what we never had. Thoughtful of him actually..

  7. Grew up with a loving fascist father. They are generally not evil. Just control freaks who can’t deal with individualism.

    1. The vetting process has come under incredible scrutiny, especially in the NFL, as players, particularly those of colour, who had come from financial disadvantaged backgrounds, found themselves being asked all kinds of inappropriate questions during the pre-draft interview process, like if your Mom was involved in the sex trade industry…once it had been determined that some blatantly obvious “racial profiling” had occurred, strict measures were enacted to ensure that this dubious practice would cease and desist

      of course, I’m not sure if this type of lowbrow “investigative” work was conducted by Arteta and company, but it’s a bit disconcerting even if he’s simply looking for the most compliant players, which was a Wengerian tendency during his latter, far less productive years…Arteta was actually one of those “yes” man recruits…he actually took a pay cut to come to North London, which is unimaginable nowadays, then quickly became one of Arsene’s fine cops, like Merts…this was during the peculiar days of co-captains, which was a Wenger trick to ensure that no cliques would form that might usurp his ultimate authority…it’s clear Arteta is mimicking this rather unsuccessful tactic of his former boss…too bad he couldn’t have heeded the lessons of the pre-Emirates Wenger, when he was something to behold

    2. Joe
      I said the word was evil which is different from the person but we are talking due diligence which you seem to have a problem with

  8. So what I don’t understand is fans forced Wenger out to achieve better and more, they were not happy with coming in top four season in season out and also for just participating in UCL just for sake of it but then the same fans feel satisfied and backing the club for actually achieving less success, finishing out of top 4 and no Europe at all. So how does this make sense only Arsenal fans can understand. No supporter of any top club would ever understand this argument that you exchange better for worse in name of progress lol!.

    1. what fans are you talking about ? The first point was probably that we was not genuine contenders for the title. The second point is there are no fans happy to not be in the top four, but to get back into it ,sacrificing Europa league will massively help…this season all bets are off, Arteta as to deliver 5th spot minimum, better progressive football, and probably a cup…Unfortunately Wenger was on a downward slide and fans could see that, whilst other teams was progressing fast. I cherish the man, I would have the stadium named after him, have him on the board statues every where but he had to go, and I wish he left of he’s own accord (after winning the FA cup) The biggest regret on he’s CV was not winning the league the year Leicester won it, we was the only settled team out the top 4/5 and it proved you can win a league without having the funds….

  9. I’ll need several drinks to forget he ever played for us. Disgraceful scouting, contract, allocated playing time, performances. A total failure on every level by club and player.

  10. There goes Senor Lego head, disowning a player that he bought for his process, in public. I wonder at this point should we even believe in that process which seems to have mysterious ingredients, like a Rolls Royce or a Belgian waffle, decreasing our defensive ability shown last season, and now somehow making a player like Willian, who could have become our own, lesser version of Papu Gomez, based on his Chelsea form the season before, so useless that he had to come out and give an interview in public stating that he is having difficulties with the gaffer’s tactics. Even excusing the Man City game(which should not be done), the future prospects look way bleaker than when the season was about to start. I hope the bald fraud doesn’t come out to bail his buddy, waxing lyrical about his qualities when we get spanked at the Etihad, and say how his process is so complex that he warrants way more cash, retools, a reworking of strategies, and patience from the fans.
    Now rant aside, come on boys, let’s win at the Etihad, or at least show good performance like against the WestBrom reserves. Fraudiola is in trouble with injuries and his sugar daddies are not throwing further change at him, so I feel we might have a slight chance, with MA’s initial counterattacking strat that won him the FA Cup.

      1. Chill man, just a joke. I have seen MA being called worse here. And the fact that Admin Pat hasn’t deleted my post or banned me yet clearly shows that although my post was a little derogatory, it is still within the site guidelines, lol. Also please see the later part of my post where I do support the team.

          1. Sorry, Ad Pat. Will keep that in mind, couldn’t resist it this time. Also, I hope you won’t censor me if I call the esteemed manager at man city as Fraudiola😁😁

  11. Okay. I think it could be better for both parties of the AFC and Willian if the Brazilian player does part his ways with Arsenal this summer. But which player will be signed as his replacement in the team before the expiration of the current summer transfer window in four days time?

    Anyway, I wouldn’t know if Arsenal will actually need to replace Willian this summer in the position he plays from in the team.

    But nevertheless, I think Arsenal goals scoring efforts in the PL during this summer campaign will become greatly enhanced if they sign a big striker player of 30 plus top League goals per season to enhance the chance of Arsenal finishing in the top-four places at the end of this season’s campaign.

    I say this because I foresee the situation of the goals scoring supply in the PL this season that will come majorly from Aubameyang. Lacazette, Pepe, Saka, Martinelli, Balogun and Nkethia if he stays coming short of the quantum of goals required that Arsenal will need to score to garner enough points sufficient to make the top-four place finish this season.

    In the light of my fore sayings, I wonder if Arsenal will live-up to the billing of their signing a big player just before or on every transfer deadline day. Last summer deadline day they signed Thomas Partey.

    But on or before Tuesday deadline, which big player preferably a striker will they sign if they want to sign one? How about Eriing Halaand at Dortmund? Will Arsenal stump up the cash to sign the proven regular top League goal scorer Halaand this summer? I think they should. To achieve his signing if they are interested to do it. I can understand they will need to do a offloading of one of their current strikers to make space for Halaand. Let Arsenal do the offload then. Nkethia? It’s worth doing it for Arsenal to attain a top-four place finish this season I will submit.

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